stuhning said:

a few weeks ago i went to this meet and greet sort of thing for aaron paul, and when it was my turn to talk to him i was like "hey, so i have to ask you something, but keep it lowkey.. can you hook me up with that crystal?" and he actually pulled out a packet of the fake crystal they use on the show and gave it to me! it was the funniest and most amazing moment ever and i just needed to share it with you haha

AHHHH that is so completely adorable

I’m so jealous!!

thank you for sharing this with me, hahaha :D

stuhning said:

giiirl dont even worry! just wait a day and if its still red/hurts tomorrow morning then go out and buy some eyedrops for pink eye. i bought mine from whole foods :)

ook thanks! yay whole foods is right next door to my school

stuhning said:

the same thing happened to me! my friends and i were right at the front and everyone was shoving, and crowd surfing, and it was crazy. There were so many drunk guys and it was just a sweaty mess, but it was still fun because i love flume :) haha

ya exactly that, it was so crazy but ya agreed i luv harley hehe and glad that you had a great time too!! sad that he didn’t play star eyes tho lol :(

anonymous said:

What does Lorkhan think of love?

[As far as unconditional love, Lorkhan would give absolutely everything for the mannish races and probably the merish races as well. And he did. 

Friendship? It’s clear that Lorkhan had close friends. Tsun and Stuhn were his shield thanes and died for him. 

Romance? Well, Kyne obviously. No one will ever replace Kyne.]