Hey kittens~ i just ordered this little guy (well hes acutally rather big!)
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Made a crochet stuffie replica from a doodle a little girl made.

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A Package!, Part 4
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

I didn’t want to come out of my new snuggle cave, but then Mommy told me there was one more present in our package. Beautiful Mango sent me her very own Monkey to be my stuffie!! Isn’t she the sweetest, bestest tort ever? <3

I love Monkey! He is a great listener, just like Mango said. Plus, he is super soft, gives wonderful hugs, and keeps me comfy during naps!


Taking a break to show you guys this.

Meet Lavender Lamb. When I was 13, I had extremely extensive surgery on my spine and rib cage. I was in the hospital for 10 days and at home recovering for two months. One of the recovery gifts I got was this little stuffed lamb.

As you can see in the dissection picture, her stuffing is funky. That’s because she’s microwavable/freezable and is stuffed with a lavender and rice mixture. This is an amazing sleep and comfort aid for children and adults alike. Though she came this way (well, I’ve replaced the stuffing a few times), I imagine it wouldn’t be too tough to turn other stuffies into something similar. 

I just wanted to show you all.