We finally got around to a photo shoot of the jackalope this weekend! Instead of posting everything at once I’ll post a few photos here and there over the next few weeks/month. ;D

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Resin base was a modified one from Dream Vision Creations, everything else by me. 


The tabby is finally up for auction, hooray!

Video of it in action here:

I realize the auction details are all mooshed together and I can’t seem to fix it, so here are the details over again:

Welcome to my auction for the realistic tabby cat partial! This listing includes a head, hands, and a tail. Please check all measurements and details before bidding, and only bid if you intend to pay. Thank you for looking! 

Video of the suit in action:

The head was built to fit up to 24 ½’’ horizontally around the forehead and 27” vertically around the head and underneath the chin. If your head is slightly bigger it will likely still fit but will feel tight (and if your vertical measurement is bigger the jaw may hang open a bit). If your head is smaller please let me know and I’ll tighten the elastic inside for free and send you padding to put inside. If your head is smaller even by an inch there is a chance it’ll slip a bit without padding, so I’m more than happy to adjust it for you.
Hands are one size fits most. It has a 6’’ wrist with elastic on the end, and was made to fit an arm that is roughly 9 ½’’ around 6’’ from the wrist. If your arm is bigger it should still fit because of the stretchy elastic, but may feel a bit tight depending on your size.
Tail is 30’’ long and has two belt loops.

Details & Features
-ear vents
-fan in muzzle with an easy to access switch in right ear
-all sewn with airbrushed details
-built on a resin base from DVC
-lined and padded inside with elastic straps that go over your head
-tear duct vision
-extra long zipper in back with flap to keep hair out of it when zipping and unzipping
-hand sculpted & painted apoxy eyelids, nose, and lower jawset. Please note there is no upper jawset to allow for better ventilation and a fan
-follow-me acrylic eyes
-moving jaw
-plastic heat formed ears for a thin look that won’t sag over time (please note these are rigid, but they still have give if accidently bumped or pressed on so they won’t snap off. Regardless, if traveling with this suit you will want to have a container that doesn’t keep the ears bent for a long period of time or they may stay in that position. Also, with all fursuits, don’t leave it in extremely high temperatures like a hot car for long periods of time or the plastic base and ears may warp.)

-features my new pattern that gives paws a short “nubby” finger look
-silicone pawpads made from my own mold
-quick claws from DVC
-airbrushed markings

-long 30’’ gray tail with a sewn black tip
-aibrushed stripes and blending

Payment Plan Available
If you are interested but can’t pay in full upfront, I do have a short payment plan available. I’d need $500 within 48 hours to hold the suit for you and the rest can be paid off in chunks as long as it is paid in full by March 31st. I can’t hold it longer than that because I have limited space in my studio and need to keep things moving to free up some room.

If you plan on paying in full up front I accept Paypal and money orders (if you go this route I highly recommend sending it via FedEx where it can be tracked, because I won’t be responsible if it gets lost). I’d need it within 48 hours if you go this route as well.

Shipping All buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping. Domestic shipments will likely be around $50, but that’s not a guarantee. International bidders should know that shipping will be high, and you are responsible for any and all customs fees. If you’re concerned about shipping just email me at and I can figure up a rough price.

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking of commissioning an avian fursuit, but I'm pretty nervous about it not coming out right, seeing as birds, especially owls and parrots, aren't as easy/common as some other species. Do you know of any good fursuit makers that have done owls or parrots in the past?

Definitely not enough good bird suits out there. However, despite there not being as many as there are other species, there are some good ones out there! 

First off we have SavageTurtleStudios. They have made a crapton of owls. It seems they fill the toony owl niche for the fandom and theyre good at it! 

Next we have StuffedPandaStudios. Theyve done a few parrots and parrot like critters in the past. Their work is solid and wonderful. They could be a good choice for parrots! 

 Another i could reccomend is Crystumes. Theyre proficient at making a large variety of species and their most recent suit is a falcon. It turned out really great, so i figured they are worth mentioning! However, they do not open for commissions very often. 

Last maker I can reccomend is Nambroth, they have made the best realistic birds I have ever seen. But Im not sure how often they take suit or mask commissions, it seems very sparse.

Im sure if I dug around, I would find a few more, but I decided I would go with the most notable examples I could find!

Hope that helps some^^

Followers! If you guys know any feel free to chime in! 

Normally I don’t post small parts, but this took so darn long I had to! XD This is part of Elaki’s free reign half suit. The painting was a total experiment and I’m so glad it worked out the way I wanted. When I first started painting it looked reaaaally strange and I was about to restart - glad I waited it out. I put the before and after painting shots up on my Patreon page. Enjoy! :)


Video here, watch on HD if you can:

This costume is for :cinanagaicon:! :D She took a long time to make, but I’m really happy with the result. Tear duct vision, moving resin beak, follow-me eyes, fan, and poseable “tufts” on the back of the head.

This was made with my own resin base, but note that it took some extra work to get a smooth shiny beak like that. If you’re interested in buying one I can let you know what you need to do to achieve that look!