No matter how long it takes, it will get better. No matter how many tears there will always be a time when your eyes stop crying and your eyes start shining again. Just know that everything will be alright no matter what you, he, or she thinks. Because life is nothing but a big elastic band. Stretched to one end, it will always bounce back the beginning, in the end.


This one is not jokes but rather trying to explain my thinking behind how to do everything? I hope it’s okay that this one is less jokes and more real talk.

OK!!! i know i don’t really talk about my ocs, and i haven’t answered all of those oc asks, and the tags got cut off in the one i did answer because they were too long, and i will never finish them because i am a lazy bum, BUT i have a loot of thinking about my ocs lately and i wanna share what i have w you all! theres a lot of new stuff and changed stuff and w/e but i’m gonna start with a timeline. under the readmore i won’t subject all of you to this

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let’s talk about all the awesome stuff Splatoon does right:

-original, inspired take on the competitive shooter genre

-bursting with style and personality

-gameplay that lends itself to a variety of play styles and strategies so that every player can feel helpful and have fun

-rewards for contribution and trying (ground covered) not for kills or skill

-Makes individuality as strong and important a component as teamwork

-Allows players to directly contribute to/interact with the game world in amusing and entertaining ways through Miiverse

-Inklings are genderfluid and their appearance can be changed at any point in time

-short matches keep things fresh and exciting and maps/weapons are balanced so that the tide of a match can be turned in a matter of seconds

-encourages longevity/replay value through the depthy abilities system, giving players a long-term goal of assembling dream wardrobes that accentuate their individual playstyles

-Fast matchmaking and entertaining minigames

-the music. ALL OF IT.


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Hey~ Pretty nice stuff! I find them very inspirational! Can you post a pic of your journal/journals' covers? Just curious haha

sure! heres the first four, and I posted a photo of may’s cover if you scroll down to the start of my may posts x


↳ No suns, no lights, such as mess all over. Don’t kill your hopes. You make me realize who I need. I’ll be be there hold on. They’ll change you somehow. So where are you now?

argh really I feel stuck when I try to draw on the computer lately > q < (been drawing on paper instead – it’s working out ok……ish haha)
recently I went to buy a bunch of sweaters even though summer is coming (but they were like $15 each so why not!!? n w n ) and saw some cute shirts ahh I hate shopping so much but needed new clothes so I got some XD
and I’m happy with having longer hair cause now I can try more braiding and doing up-do’s Q'u `Q


E D W A R D  III - Father of the English Nation  [insp.] 

Holding power for over fifty years starting in 1327, Edward III was one of England’s most influential kings and one who shaped the course of English history. Revered as one of the country’s most illustrious leaders for centuries.