*breaks art block with shippy shitty humanstucks*

I apologize. >_>  I just wanted to throw something at my art block by drawing people with a new brush I found and the first thing that came to mind was cheesy romantic shit and here we are.

Maybe some day I’ll post actual finished quality art.  IT IS NOT THIS DAY. 8I

since my day was full of school stuff I’m going to leave this Grima!Lithety here. Time to go to sleep


Some sketches and WIPs - wich I’d like to finish someday.

I’m also working those colour pallette challenges (thanks for the asks btw!) but I start with my thesis now. It will take my life for two months or so. It will be my last school work so I wanna give my best shot! After that I continue with other stuff. How English todai %I


Its really been awhile since I’ve given Syndara such a polished picture. I was kinda going for the “dramatic hair blowing in the breeze anime opening” kinda look haha.

Its been a struggle for me artistically, I don’t even want to look at my tablet somedays. Even this picture took me 1-2 months on and off, and that makes me sad on a whole nother level. Hopefully, with me finishing this, it can help me move past that a little bit. 

I want to go back to drawing more again. Even if it takes me a little bit c:

some idea idk

I’m thinking about continuing my comic as a novel… Because I want to continue and finish the story and share it but I’m really tired of drawing it, I’m not really into comics anymore…

There’s already like 100 pages of the comic online, and I would switch to text in the next chapter. I would upload every chapter on tumblr. The most important scenes will be drawn though, but the majority would be text. I would also upload strips with jokes and stuff… So I wouldn’t completely get rid of the comic format but I want to speed up sharing the story by switching to text, so hopefully I’ll finish it someday….


I finished this today after about a week of it just sitting around. It’s one of my dear Characters, Will, That nobody knows because I don’t post a lot of my own stuff and am a slow terrible unmotivated butt. 

But it looks good even if I am slow. and it feels good to finally finish something after so long. Sorry about my dreary comments. I’m not in the best place in my head.

He may be a Sagittarius…. uh. You can ask questions about him if you want? Distract me. <3′s

thepunmastersupreme replied to your post: thepunmastersupreme replied to your po…

:( I’ll be your best friend and let you buy me stuff someday!

cries i’m so mad because i genuinely wanted to not spend your money and buy it for myself i’ll feel so bad

i have that food certification thing on monday and sometime after i finish that class thing i’ll run through the plan with my career coach and see about groveling to papa john’s i’ll pay u back

(i hope u remember to use the 25OFF coupon btw)

anonymous asked:

I'm a cis girl and I play with my clit all the time but I just can not get myself to finish and I've tried vibrators but I guess not the right kind for me because I have never gotten there. So yeh I jerk off but I'm very bad at it :'(

Oh that sucks n I get it, I need to be really turned on if I want to cum or get orgasms, get lost in the fantasy but sometimes im like “shit…im bored D:” n that really frustrates me ughhh

And you’re luck for get a vibrator, i rly want to move someday to my own place only because get kinky stuff for myself.#nsfw


Hey der! My name is Hannah and the picture at the top with the title of this blog is really me. That’s kind of all you need to know, unless you have questions, or I just tangent about personals when reviewing.

I am currently still reading and maybe finishing a new book; I took a couple days off to transition to a different book and do other things, like draw Audrey Hepburn on a plank of wood. I do have another blog that I post… eh somedays. Just my art stuff and stuff. If you want to follow that blog as well…

Be back as soon as I’m done. I won’t say what I’ve read until I’m done, that is, unless you see me everyday and know me and stuff.

Good day. :]

Alisto here.

Taking a break from my routine to post on the blog. Cecil gave me the password for some reason. Im not totally sure why, maybe he just wants to give me a way to vent. I dont really vent by typing, but i feel like posting right now anyways.

So Cecil didnt really finish the story. Thats okay I think, maybe the rest of the night isnt totally worth telling about. Nobody died so i guess thats what matters. Thats Cecils job to make hypotheses and stuff like that, not mine. That Delivery Boy seems really familiar. Probably Nick idk. Fuck Nick. He needs to listen to time. Little brother is older than me it doesn’t even make sense. He needs to sit his ass down someday and realize all the bullshit hes making for everyone.
Actually, you know what, maybe it wasnt Nick. Nick doesnt have the mental capacity to negotiate with dangerous people.

Cecil saw me typing and laughed his stupid little laugh. He told me to “properly introduce” myself. i think thats stupid, he doesnt want me disclosing anything that might give away their identities, so why even ask me to do something like that? Echh, then again, I guess my identity isnt too secret. thanks for the discretionary alias, dumbass.

Anywhore….hi. I am Joseph Alisto. I am seventeen years of age, give or take. My body is about nineteen years old or so. I am missing my spleen. I still have a bruise on my forehead. I talked to a mask once, and things like to look at me when Im not quite aware of the fact. Life is stupid. This town is stupid. I officially do not exist, thanks to Cecil. I am fascinating, for some reason. I think the governments just stupid or theyll tell me that im fascinating and important and stuff, and then theyll shoot at me or inject me with some experimental chemicals or something, i dunno. Shit like that.. Fuckin stupid. Thats how I lost my spleen.
Emerald says my hair looks like a hornet nest, but i dont really care. i dont may attention to that stuff, it just seems irrational and just sorta whatever.
Im a little late to the party apparently. Emerald and Cecil and a couple other people who Im not allowed to mention have been bunkered down here for way longer than i have.

Cecil stopped me right there. Apparently hes monitoring me or something. What a fuckin weirdo. He didnt even invite me in for dinner when we met, and now hes treating me like Im a close colleague or something.