I have ME/CFS and it’s affected my life a lot. I can no longer go to school or do a lot of the things my friends can. I’m tired all of the time which limits what I can do by a lot. Walking (and standing, etc) is difficult and extremely tiring, so I use a wheelchair.

I know that me using a wheelchair isn’t the defining feature of my disability but I thought I’d focus this post around it!

My wheelchair has given me so much freedom and allows me to do so many things that I wouldn’t be able to do without it. When I have the energy I can spend time with family and friends, I can go outside and see the ducks, and so much more. Without it I’d never be able to leave the house.

My wheelchair allows me to occasionally take breaks from just spending all day lying down, and it’s wonderful!


[things you said at the kitchen table]

Ravi moves in with her after a very long (and completely unnecessary) conversation with Major and Peyton that leaves Liv in desperate need of (a) a friend, and (b) a roommate—the morgue does not pay well enough for downtown living, and a girl has needs, okay?

Ravi and Liv start sleeping together about a week after that.

Needs. And like—science. Liv is totally into doing things for the sake of science. She’s a scientist. And also, Ravi does this thing with his tongue, and she may be the new undead, but science tells her that there are absolutely some body functions still firing at full speed. Female anatomy for the win.

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Be strong my friend, I am still fighting my way out of the monstrous pit known as FMA BH, we can escape anime hell, we must so we can be productive and do... STUFF! ...okay I'm staying in anime hell, but good luck on getting out ^^


I totally forgot about FMA for a second… No, I’m in too deep…. I can’t go back to that againit will destroy me…

And thanks for the good luck wishes… I’ll most certainly need it.  You hang on too pal. *nods head towards you in respect*

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So I've been thinking about transferring schools, but there are NO good ones in my area and I really don't want to move. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the homeschooling environment. I've been thinking about homeschool and I was just wondering if you hunk it's a good way to learn stuff.

I’m not behind in what my friends are learning atm, and i get to do it on my own time (11 pm). You get as much time as you need before moving forward. If you think that you can push yourself to do work and not sit on tumblr all day, it’s good to think about it. :)


Me and my Daddy travelling round Arizona when I was 7. My dad has gypsy blood and we spent every night at a new place. We went to Tombstone, Boothill Graveyard, Tucson, flagstaff, Phoenix, saw the meteor crater, stayed with native Americans at a camp, crossed the border to Mexico and got a macdonalds and had picnics in places Americans would have had more sense to. I think this stuff is boring for Americans but for me it’s a world a way from where I come from, I love the desert and open space. I’ve been in the south of America three times now, the last time travelling round Arizona, Colorado and California with my American best friend. It’s like my third home. Next time I go will be with my British kids I think and I’ll do all the same stuff 😅
My dad has travelled EXTENSIVELY I don’t know where he gets the energy, but he says he feels itchy if he’s in one place for too long.


Hello everyone…

Thank you to the fifteen people (hwurising-moviestar, thomasorsonhunt, nintooner, spark-of-h0pe, bluespyy, hss-sarcasticace​, chaoskonami, alli-ann-seville, and some anons and friends on kik) who’ve replied to my last post or sent me messages over the last few days asking if I’m okay and stuff like that. I know I haven’t been on tumblr in about five days now… Sorry for making people worry.

In short… No, I’m not okay. I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do. Things are pretty bad right now in a lot of aspects of my life and I’m having a lot of trouble coping. I don’t really feel like talking about it…

I’ve specifically been avoiding tumblr because of the negativity here. There’s often drama in the fandom and when there isn’t, there’s always some kind of post going around that make me feel crap about something about myself (usually my gender, tbh…). Every time I’ve tried to come back in the last few days, it’s just made me feel a million times worse.

I don’t know what that means for the future. This isn’t me leaving, but… I think for now I might not be interacting that much. I’ll still post, but… I don’t want to get any lower than I already am, so I’ll probably just stick to posting about the games and that’s all (I have a lot of screenshots from the last few days, anyway). Maybe I’ll get back into everything in a few days. Maybe sooner, or maybe it’ll take longer. We’ll see.

I’m really sorry that some people have been worried about me. I do really appreciate that people care, though. That makes me feel a little better. So… sorry and thank you. I hope everyone else is having a good day. Go be happy and do some things you enjoy :)

- Ashton xx

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GMS: I'm a pretentious, delusional hipster. I pretend that I'm evil and want to take over the world but in reality I'm just a huge nerd. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my friends. I'm talkative and good at making stuff up. I love science.

aquarius. defs aquarius.


I’m mad at my sister and everyone thinks its because she told me off but honestly im just pissed that she’s yet to realise how dumb she is and how right I am when I tell her stuff. it’s sisters intuition she doesn’t even trust me what do I do now make new friends? she’s my only friend how sad

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imagine michael getting nipple piercings and a lip piercing

imagine me deleting my blog, selling all of my stuff, giving my cat away to my best friend, converting religions, and then becoming a buddhist bhikkhuni, because that’s what i’d do if that ever happened.

The day of silence was always so shitty like at my school specifically we’d actually do a little meeting to talk about stuff but eeeeeevery person who talked would try to be ~the good ally~
And be like “I said some hurtful things to my gay friend a few years ago… I’m here to make things right” like can every non lgbtia+ person not try to make these shifty protests about them

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okay so im pan and im out to my friends and stuff, like i have a girlfriend and we've been together for about a month now, but my parents still dont know and like i dont know how to tell them, any advice?

You only have to tell them if you’re comfortable doing so and would be happier by doing so. If you do want to tell them then explain first that you’re pansexual and what it means, then bring up the subject of your girlfriend. 

Photo by Kat Raines

100 LARPing Ladies #20: Rachel

Hello! Introduce yourself!

I’m Rachel aka Samyania aka @whollyunnecessary.
I’m 25 and from Salt Lake City, Utah originally, but I live in Seattle

What was your first LARP?:

SLARPO aka Epic Journeys, in 2004! I was at a convention
with my friend and we ran into two LARP groups promoting their stuff
there. One of the groups had a half-elf she wanted to hang out with,
but her mom wouldn’t let her go alone, so I got shanghaied into going
as her minion, and that character lasted me about six years.

List: your top 5 favourite things to do at a LARP:

1: Sing. I am an attention-grabbing prima donna. Unfortunately I am
currently also a Stone Elf Scholar, so that’s on hold, but I’ll be an
Entertainer soon enough and that’ll rock.
2: Take notes. I’ve played two characters who can’t read or write, out
of about… Twelve total? I keep finding completely incomprehensible
notes written by old characters, and they’re a delight.
3: Deadpan, low-key stealth humor. I can’t help it, it just happens.
If being a Vulcan-sassy Stone Elf is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
4: Bait plot. I can’t believe nothing truly horrifying happened to the
character I named Lavinia.
5: Plot underhandedly. Unfortunately my long cons tend to be longer
than the campaign, so I need to learn to get the ball rolling once in
a while, but there’s nothing better than having a hidden agenda that
absolutely nobody knows about.

What was your favourite LARP moment in the last year?:

I actually felt a little bad about the last event I went to, at the beginning of March, because it was full of such awesome for my character. I got to talk to a
long-dead fellow Stone Elf and perform a resurrection alone in the
middle of a battle. The best part was that the big boss of the area
was basically conditioned to obey Stone Elves, of which I am the only
one around, which meant that my fragile little level four grad student
got to stand in front of the creature that had been beating the living
daylights out of the seasoned adventurers and tell it to go to its
room, AND IT WENT TO ITS ROOM. It might not have been undead, but
laying enslaved spirits to rest is basically her life’s purpose, so
that was the best thing ever.

Go on, brag. Tell us something awesome you did in a LARP once:

Epic Journeys had a thing where if two bards sang two
different spells, both spells would be doubled, and so on as you add
more bards. By the end of the campaign there were therefore a whole
lot of characters who had a few levels of bard. At the campaign
finale, we all decided that before the big boss fight, we’d all sing
“We Will Rock You,” each casting a different buff, and everyone would
be awesome. So we’re put on a walking hold while the GM and NPCs
prepare for the fight, where we can stay in character and fix things
but not move forward. We started singing, and pretty much immediately
the whole party were stomping their feet and singing along, and
everyone just… Forgot they were on a hold and charged up the hill.
We rocked so hard we broke a hold.

Here. Have a soapbox to stand on. Tell us about an issue very close to you, related to being a lady who LARPs.

I know it’s rough being a LARPer. Everyone looks down on nerds, and even nerds look down on us. This has an unfortunate tendency to make us really brittle, prickly people sometimes. Whenever we get the idea that someone might be at our events to make fun of us, we tend to react badly, and ostracize or otherwise drive them away, even if they might have been trying not to show us up, but to show off to us. And we, being what a lot of people see as the bottom of the nerd ladder, sometimes to turn up just to show we’re better at least than those other, less cool LARPers. And that needs to stop too. Let's all be weirdos together, yeah?

What are you most looking forward to in your LARP future?

Playing a pink, glittery bard again in Dystopia Rising! Learning more than I should in Alliance, and using that knowledge. Maybe visiting other chapters of both games, which still sounds strange and amazing to me. THE ALLIANCE LARP NATIONAL EVENT 2016, WHICH WILL BE IN SEATTLE!

Finally, one bit of advice for LARPs:

Don’t play a loner, and don’t be a loner. Whoever you play, play someone who will aggressively befriend, or at least aggressively be-acquaintance, everyone she meets. You’re out there doing this with a bunch of other people, you might as well enjoy it.  

Interested in being featured in 100 LARPing Ladies? Details are here!

Five Things About Me

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1. I play guitar(shoutout to Taylor for inspiring me to start playing it, and to Colbie Caillat bc the first song I learned was Fallin For You)
2. I’m the tiny 5'2 friend that people always ask, “how do you eat that much for being so small?”
3. I love old, vintage things and old fashioned stuff in general
4. My dad is allergic to cats, which totally kills my desire to have a house full of them
5. I overthink too much when I should really just focus on the simpler things in life like mac n cheese and waffles(which I have an obsession with)


Life Lately xx (March 30 - April 12)

This is a bit late though, but I ain’t care. Haha. However a lot of awesome and unexpected things happened to me lately of course Adventures with my wonderful friends and Bonding with my family is on top of the list. 

Here it goes: Warning this might be a long post–well sort of.  

  • 1st photo // It was a sunny day when the bipolar family decided to chill and spend some time together at Arvy’s house also to celebrate his puppy’s birthday. We stayed at their balcony just talking about Pokemon and stuffs. Fangirling with Patricia about Game of thrones (oh yea, I started watching the series and damn I’m in love with daenerys and her dragons) taking photos and just doing the usual stuff. Then we decided to go for a swim–well except for us. I was not in the mood to swim since my right hand is wrapped in a bandage and I can’t move it well. 
  • 2nd photo //  It’s the day we are all waiting for. Our 2 day trip at Miag-ao with b’friends. We arrived at Alvin’s house around 11 am. After taking a rest for like 20 minutes we ate our lunch and also we explored Alvin’s crib before taking a 3 hour nap. The sound of waves crashing on the shore made me sleepy though. Around 3 pm we went to UP Miag-ao and damn I was super excited to explore UP (Fun fact: UP is one of my dream school but unfortunately it remained a dream. Lol) I was amazed on how big their campus is, fudge their school buildings are on top of the mountain and you need to ride a vehicle in order for you to explore the whole campus too bad we were just walking that time. After walking around UP we ate at SULU a japanese restaurant, It was such a cool place. I love their potato wedges! AAHH I want. 
  • 3rd Photo // Bonfire with the crazy people! It was hella fun. although our bonfire looks funny. We decided to swim at night cos we are weird like that. We also roasted some marshmallow! We stayed until 12 am outside, talking about our life and such–but really all we talked about is our love life which I clearly don’t have. Haha
  • 4th Photo // Before going home, we took some individual and group photos by the beach. It was a struggle tho since we just set the self timer.  Hahaha. 
  • 5th Photo // Unexpected swimming bonding moment with cousins. It was fun. We took some Instagram worthy photos. We also ordered some calamari and fries and it was one of the tastiest calamari that I ever tasted and we decided to order another plate of calamari and fries again. Lol
  • 6th Photo // Attended my college classmate Reygine’s debut last April 10. We were required to wear red dresses though. in fact we keep on laughing cos we all look like we are celebrating Chinese new year. Hehe. She had a concert theme debut, since she loves to sing, it was also nice seeing my college classmates again! 
  • 7th Photo // Went biking with my cousin just around the neighborhood. It was nice to go out of the house for once in a while, also we were in the mood to shoot. My cousin had a new camera and he wants to practice using it. We were also looking for some cool place to have a fun shoot. The sunset on that day was beautiful and It was nice that I was able to capture it. 

Well, That was not that long as I expected it to be. So this is like a summary on what happened to me for the past few weeks. Wow.