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On Learning To Treat Yourself Without Ruining Your Finances

For a long time, I didn’t have much money. I was a broke college student, then a broke student-slash-nanny living out of the country, and even if I went crazy on my 80-or-so Euro per week stipend, there wasn’t much I could do with it after the necessities were taken care of. Like many people, I lived the years between 18 and 22 viewing cheap vodka in a Deer Park or boxed wine as the stuff of fun nights out, and scanned the menus at restaurants furiously to make sure that I was getting the absolute most out of my 15-dollar budget (on the rare nights I actually went to a restaurant). I dreaded being in a position to spend money, and was always the “cheap” friend who had to decline invitations, or ask that we go somewhere less expensive.

Before that, growing up, my parents were always extremely conservative about “extra” spending. We never wanted for anything, and received generous gifts for Christmas and our birthdays, but our regular lives were ones of frugality, sensibility, and humility. No fancy labels, home-cooked meals nearly every night, always shopping on sale, and extremely conservative use of credit cards were the philosophies that dominated our home. While I can appreciate, looking back, the good sense and long-term values this instilled in us, as a teenager you only desire the nice jeans, or the fancy summer vacations.

Between my frugal childhood and my broke college years, I always found myself longing for spending money the way a hungry person longs for a steak dinner. It was something I had seen all around me but never experienced, and I naively imagined the beautiful and fulfilling ways my life would change if I only had a few extra bucks a week to go out with. And though I don’t miss the feeling of not having a “treat yo self” budget, and always having to do my shopping at the cheapest possible option if I wanted anything new, I do sometimes miss the circumstance-imposed limitations on the damage I could do to my budget.

When I first started making “real” money — and at the time i wasn’t much, but it was enough to have my own small apartment and life, with a little left over each month — I was still living in Paris, with the same friends and boyfriend and surroundings, but suddenly with the ability to actually spend money. No longer bound by the constraints of my school payments, or my small (but totally fair) weekly stipend, I found that the city opened up to me in ways it never had before. I used to write bitterly about the perceptions we had about Paris as this macaron-filled, upper-middle-class wonderland, when it was so far from the experience I had gotten to know. And nearly overnight, though I was still nowhere near upper-middle-class, I began to see what the city could really look like to someone with a bit of disposable income. I could go to restaurants, I could order multiple courses, I could take taxis, and I could shop at places other than thrift stores and H&M occasionally. It was an entirely new world, and the first time I’d ever been faced with an “adult’s” budget.

Since that point, and particularly since moving to New York over a year ago, I have seen my income steadily increase, but for the longest time, my savings remain largely at a standstill (which is to say, barely anything). I had, at best, a month or two’s worth of emergency fund, but nothing near what I could have, particularly considering I had sold a book and done a few other projects which lead to (relatively) large windfalls of money. At least some of those checks could have gone into savings or investments, but somehow they never did, always either disappearing in a poorly-planned tax season or somewhere undetermined along the way. A big part of the reason why I started this blog was because of this precarity, and this shocking inability to save, no matter how my financial standing improved.

I realized fairly quickly, when I began paying closer attention to my money and really analyzing why I was bad with it, that all of my smaller answers really folded into one: I didn’t know how to treat myself. Or, rather, I definitely knew how to treat myself — I did it all the time — I just didn’t know how to balance it with a financial life well-lived, or to keep some sort of measure on it as I went. Yes, I could calculate the exact amount that went into taxis, or a glass of wine at the restaurant instead of water, or the skirt I bought on a whim and only wore once, but all of those decisions individually come back to a greater theme of treating myself without rhyme or reason, because of some totally irrational belief that “I deserved it” at basically all times.

And it’s more than just a refrain of Aziz Ansari in my ear, encouraging me to buy the cashmere sweater I don’t need. It’s the fact that, between having no money five years ago and having more than enough of it at age 26, I never actually learned what it meant to work “treats” into an otherwise-healthy budget, and stick to it. I was the hungry kid who ate too quickly at the dinner table, and then just kept on eating because “pacing myself” was never part of the vocabulary. And while I don’t think that indulging myself too often and for no reason is a moral failure on my part, I do think that it stems from a culture of self-indulgence that is, if not capital-b Bad, hurting us in very real ways.

I hear, like most people my age who frequent the internet, mantras about “treating yo self” and “self care” and “taking care of yourself.” I hear about how we should de-stigmatize the purchase of a nice candle to make ourselves feel better the way we de-stigmatize the choice of cheese fries over a salad. We’re only human, after all, and it’s crucial for us to feel loved and indulged to function properly. We need to realize how great we are, we think, and give ourselves all the wonderful things we deserve. It’s viewed as not only a crucial part of self-love and preservation, but a sign that you are happy enough with who you are to truly demonstrate that love. We look at the girl who only eats salads, or the man who never allows a penny to be spent on his own happiness, and feel pity. Life is short, right? They should be happy.

But just like with a diet that is more pizza than salad, whose concept of a “treat” goes unchecked until it becomes the new norm, a life of financial excess can only end in sickness. If, like me, you begin looking at “treats” as something that happens on a daily basis, something done without thought or planning, something that exists in a magical bubble outside of the daily reality of your finances, you are almost sure to find trouble. A month of treating yourself always ends in a confused review of your bank statement, wondering where all of that money went when you were basically good? It’s ludicrous, logically, to not think of the 10 dollars here or 30 dollars there as part of your “real” money, but it’s often how our brains work when we are indulging.

We soothe ourselves and give ourselves a tiny internal pep talk about how we “deserve” it, and we buy the lipstick or the cheese fries. We feel that encouragement from the (half-consumerist, half self-help) culture of treating yourself, and we convince ourselves that we’ve been “good” for a while, and therefore deserve to squander a little hard-earned money. And when we’re fixing some sort of emotional wound with a bit of shopping, where we might sometimes fix it with unhealthy food, the idea of spending becomes something almost like therapy, where we justify the hit our accounts take with the brief moment of relief felt at the register.

For several years, I never kept track of my “treats.” I spent frivolously often, usually in small enough sums that they didn’t even register on my radar until the end of the month, when they were all collected neatly into one sad, scary pile. I was just so excited to live a life where I could buy the things I wanted without having to agonize over each purchase that I never stopped to consider if I should. I “treated myself” into zero savings for years, and even worse, tricked myself into thinking I was doing something good for my soul along the way.

I hate the term “cheat day,” whether you are talking about a healthy diet and lifestyle or financial savvy. I don’t like the idea that we are cheating on something, when indulgence can and should be counted into the overall idea of health and balance. Everything in moderation including moderation, etc etc. But just like you still need to keep track your calories and macros when you’re having a big pizza-and-wine dinner if you want to stay on your healthy lifestyle, you need to look at the 20 dollars you’re going to spend on that impulse buy and factor it into the rest of your budget. Is it worth 20 dollars less in savings? Would you rather save up five of those buys and get a new pair of shoes at the end of the month? What about saving up for six months and buying a plane ticket somewhere? These are all important questions and should not come at the expense of treating yourself, but rather make it a smarter and more fulfilling activity.

Because when you’re constantly giving yourself what you want, it isn’t a treat anymore, is it? It’s just the way you live.

You know the cat video recreation Jensen and Misha did? Of course you do. Answer me one question, friend: Why isn’t the fact that this is essentially a video about Dean coming out of the closet to touch Cas all over my dash?

Dean is coming out of the closet to touch Cas.

That is literally the whole thing


It’s Transgender Day of Visibility and I thought this would be a nicemoment to look back.

In the past few years, a lot of stuff happened and I am coming closer and closer to being myself again. I feel more like I used to feel when I was little, before puberty happened, when life was easy :)

Lots of great things happened to me. My friends accept me, as do my parents and my family and my wonderful partner <3 The orchestra I’m in even crowned me Mister AJSO (that’s the name of our orchestra) this year! I’m on the waiting list for hospital consults about transitioning. I told almost everyone that is important to me. I can finally always wear the clothes that make me feel comfortable x3 And last of all, I can just be myself. Which is pretty relaxing, I have to tell you. :)

I haven’t started transitioning yet, and I’m not sure if I will, but I know I’m going the right way. It’s not an easy path, but it is a path that will bring me happiness. I hope that other kids who find out they’re transgender also find the courage to fight for themselves.

Be strong!

Captain Mini Me!

Bought the little guy a Captain America shirt and he absolutely loves it. He was running around the house this morning yelling I’m Captain America and jumping and rolling. He told my wife that Daddy is Captain America and he is too and he was going to use his muscles to do stuff. When I dropped him off at daycare he told me he was going to tell his friends he was Captain America and they were going to be super heroes today. Haha… it’s the best feeling in the world when your kid looks at you like you’re a super hero, totally made my morning!!

My friend stayed with me at the library where I work until I was done my shift at 9 and then we went dumpster diving together for the first time ever!! The only grocery store in this town is foodland and there was barely any fruit in the dumpster, it was mostly just baked goods and donuts and stuff which he didn’t end up taking because they’re just really unhealthy. But still it was so cool how easy it was to do, and if it were any other store than foodland I’m sure there would have been way better food options in there! It’s so nice to actually have a friend that doesn’t think you’re completely insane when you say you want to go dumpster diving and it’s even nicer to have a friend who is like “let’s do it now!” Which is exactly what he did.
So anyways that was such a scary walk home because I live out of town so there’s not even any street lights and I just use my phone as a flash light so cars don’t run me over. Now it’s 10:30 pm and I’m going to eat cereal because im hungry

anonymous asked:

Hi Marc :) what is your opinion on secular music ? My parents aren't controlling about it and don't make me listen to Christian music only, but they often tell me to be careful with what I'm listening to. I totally understand that, but where do you draw the line because I may listen to horrible stuff and not do the things mentioned in the song and someone else could see me listening to it and justify their actions because ' a Christian is listening to that stuff so it must not be that bad.'

hey friend! good question. Where is the line???

i personally listen to many types of music. for me, pop music is awful - even if it does not have outrightly sexual lyrics - it still perpetuates values and morals i don’t agree with. So i have definitely strayed away from it in the past years. Obviously t-swift is still awesome. but generally never listen to the radio. i’ve also found so many artists that just sing about good things, good values, good lessons, even if it’s entered around heartbreak and relationships it can still be good. I have definitely just moved towards more worship music cos it feedz my soul

Here are some artists I listen to:

Brooke Fraser (even tho she’s a writer for hillsong, her other music is EXCELLENT), Rivers & Robots, Kings Kaelidoscope, Citizens,  Tori Kelly,  Angus and Julia Stone, Birdy, Cloud Control, for king and country, the royal royal, odesza,  Haim, The Head and The Heart, The High Highs, Bethel, Hillsong (y&f, united and live), Imaginary Future, Kina Grannis, Ingrid Michelson, Lorde (love her), Kodaline, vampire weekend, vance joy, bryan and katie torwalt, all sons and daughters, house fires, trip lee, lecrae, beautiful eulogy, phil wickham. 

anonymous asked:

my friend who is into music but not really 1D texted me: "Zayn went from the top of the Billboard charts to SOUNDCLOUD and for what? To make a song that sounds just like all of 1D's other stuff? And that Naughty Boy is an asshole of a producer. Na na na came out amazing because Penatonix covered it and also SAM SMITH. Nothing to do with Naughty..." YIKES. I hope they have some more promo up their sleeve because... YIKES

I really really hope they’re not fucking him over. :(((

To anyone able and willing please. This horrible little shit harassed and is harassing my dearest friend. If you could just message him frequently and stuff. He tried to force her to do multiple things (sexual). I’ll also be messaging him. Apparently its not the first time he has done this and he needs to learn his lesson.

Playing on an undergeared little baby Dragon has actually been highly fun and educational.  No outgearing, outdpsing stuff in bawss raid drops and perfect stats.  At that level it’s all about build tuning and rotation.  I’ve learned a LOT. 

I’m never going to be a theorycrafting expert. I read what other people say, consider it, consider the wheel on my own, then just do trial-and-error testing in the dummy room and/or during live runs.  I’ve sometimes talked a bit about what I’m doing or shared builds during group runs with friends who are also gearing up, but I never know if it’s rude or welcome.  Or even if I’m just babbling nonsense. 

I usually wait to be asked for advice (if I have any) but I’m always glad to help if I can (and there is plenty I don’t know, as Tima can tell you).

I was thinking a bit that if anyone ever wanted to work specifically on their DPS, I’d be happy to set up a time and put our heads together to find something to work for them. Consider their build, gearing, and watch them shoot dummies to help suggest the optimal rotation.  I could afflict and/or weaken targets to help them properly test builds, and run ACT to help them analyze what skill is specifically doing what.  

I’m not an expert, but I’m reasonably caught up on current game meta (more or less) and I would say a faintly-above-average DPS (not high end, but able to shoot things dead), and if you feel that you’re struggling to get where you want to get, I would love to work together.  (Also, to be selfish, I learn a LOT helping other people and researching solutions for their problems, too.)

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I threw a chair at my friend and then say on her arm until she let me sit in her seat.

why couldnt u just sit in the chair u threw oh my gosh
but okay the most terrible thing i have done is probably set up a fake tinder account with two of my friends and catfished several people
contrary to popular belief it is actually not satisfying at all and there are better way to kill time and i genuinely wish i hadnt done that because this stuff isnt healthy and some of the guys were very lovely
in all seriousness: never catfish anyone its a really shitty thing to do and keeping in mind that april fools is coming around dont play emotionally manipulative pranks okay

thepostmodernguy asked:

Hi, I'm so annoyed because a friend of mine thinks that being aromantic and asexual is like being a very shy or repulsed heterosexual. She knows that I'm ace and what it means, but often they focus on my sex aversion rather than on my lack of attraction. Every time I say how I like a female friend, she asks me questions like "so you're not asexual now?" or "she's so cute and sexy, I know why you like her eheh". What can I do to explain that I can be ace without being an alien robot or lying?

Try explaining the different types of attraction to them, and and when you like someone, say “I like them aesthetically” or something like that to make the difference clear. Maybe start acting like she should know this stuff, so the teasing becomes less fun for her. Basically, be honest, and don’t stand for that crap.


spot-the-difference asked:

Okay so I'm very sad because I've always wanted to meet you and buy some of your art in real life to say how much I admire you and of course, I'm not going to SakuraCon this year and it looks like you'll have a booth there. I'm really bummed out about it, but do you think you could make a post with some of the prints you'll be selling and possible prices? I'm giving my friends money to go buy some of your stuff.

Hi! Most of the stuff that I have in my storenvy will be available at Sakura Con, as well as some of my older SessKag prints from my Deviantart page:

All 11x17 prints will be sold at the con for $15 each and 2 for $20!

I will have some much older prints available for clearance at $5 each as well.

I’m sorry I won’t be able to meet you in person. Maybe next time!

I met up with my friend Abbie for like the first time in 5 years!! We just did all the injokes/traditions in a short time. We do this thing where we like compliment eachother but in an insulting style

“The views so pretty”

“Like your face”

and we were just raving about all the injokes and stuff, it was really nice to see her after so frickin’ long

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes.

ok 99% of the time I HATE ‘chain mail’ stuff and ignore it but THIS ONE I’M GONNA DO cause like, I love you guys and positivity and stuff <33

jnine71 WIFEY HOW DO I LOVE YOU. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. You love bollywood with me and that’s RAD cause like, none of my ‘irl’ friends ever got into it when I made them watch it and it’s SO GREAT to have someone to squeal about hrithik with :P also you love hockey and you totally put up with me calling sidney crosby prince william and insinuating that the blackhawks are more attractive LOL danke for that and your gorgeous and hilarious and brilliant and I just want all the best for you in life <3

sylviaplathski LOL you aren’t even gonna see this cause you NEVER CHECK TUMBLR but O WELL :P We talk on facebook and sometimes on the phone literally every day lately and you’re coming to visit me in nashville in a couple months and we are gonna have a GRAND OLD TIME stalking olan rogers and eating southern food at the blues bar and taking you to hustler XD XD Love you bunches :D

revosrightnipple QUEEN OF ALL THINGS OLI :D and you love takarazuka too which is SO RAD cause takarazuka is the BESTEST as you well know :P and I’m SUPER jelly that you’re going to see chienene because when I saw them I had b level tickets and no binoculars so DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKES D: (it was nova bossa nova tho and that show is….sort of visually loud enough that it wasn’t so hard to see XD) AN-Y-WAYS. You also like spn and you read my dumb liveblogging and lots of times I make posts that I think ‘oh that MIGHT be a tad too weird for people or too dark or something’ but YOU NEARLY ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK because we share a brain and also you agree that there are some people who you just want them to punch you in the face so you can say thank you and I’m getting a bit TMI here but the point is ur rad as hell 

rionsanura OMG BABE. BABE. WHERE DO I BEGIN. You’re like. So damn talented. You sing all this really cool stuff and you make jewelry that’s so out of my price range but I covet it so hard and you’re REALLY good at like linguistics and shakespeare and man I wanna sit down with you sometime and have a really great lunch and pick your brain for like three hours about like, EVERYTHING. And you ALSO watch bollywood with me and were the only one who came to Omkara which was SO MUCH FUN (but sad but in a fun way…you know what I mean) And you keep inviting me to come live with you which is SO SWEET and idk about moving but if I ever get my shit together I am TOTES coming for a visit because SERIOUSLY

mynameisuntold We don’t talk as much as we should and this makes me SAD cause you’re SO COOL. You like the builders and the butchers and you were the ONLY person to get my reference so like, ALL the points to you :P and you REALLY like Constantine/Hellblazer and I’m so so SO gonna read it like, really soon so I can come and cry to you about it. And any time you like or reblog one of my things I get really happy that I made you happy :3

oh my gosh dinner is ready so I have to cut this short, but here have a few more really quick shoutouts 

of-cannibals-and-kings BABE AND YOU KNOW IT. <3 HOPE THE TOOTH IS DOING OK. :(((((((((((((((((






Ok food now. Goodbye friends. You beautiful beautiful nerds please never change :’D

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Good morning! My best friend lives on your podcast recommendations, and I was wondering if you could update your list of recommended podcasts if it's not too much trouble! Thank you and sorry for the bother.

Really?? That is super flattering. Here’s my current rotation:

  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me
  • Oh No, Ross and Carrie!
  • Sawbones
  • Judge John Hodgman
  • 99% Invisible
  • Radiolab
  • Welcome to Nightvale
  • Throwing Shade
  • The Adventure Zone
  • On the Media
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  • Serial (when it comes back)
  • Stuff You Should Know (though I’m way behind, it just doesn’t really do it for me anymore)