so…….i keep….telling myself i need to do this but i keep putting it off……..

basically i want to go on an unfollow spree. 

anymore my dash is filled to the brim with things i don’t care a lot about. it might be because i’ve moved on from fandoms and it may be because others have moved on from this fandom. anyway. i want more tolkien on my dash and not wading through as much other stuff because i am no longer multifandom. 

i used to be multifandom. i mean i still post the occasional misc other fandom from time to time. i used to enjoy having 84392474634 different things on my dash. but now i’m pretty much purely a tolkien blog. (well basically pretty much a bagginshield blog, but yknow). 

but this obviously means breaking some mutuals. but to be clear: i’m not unfollowing people because i hate you or anything. we’ve gone our separate ways and that’s cool. if you want to keep following me go for it. don’t feel like you have to stop talking to me either if we’ve talked before. again, if i unfollow you it’s nothing personally against you. i just want to make my dash a place i enjoy and i’m sure people can understand that.

this is also a psa, message, sign, etc. to any other mutuals who don’t feel like they’d like to continue to follow me. again i understand we’ve gone our separate ways. or even if we are still in the same fandom if you don’t want to see nonstop bagginshield please don’t feel like you have to continue to follow me. honestly. i’ll be ok. you’ll be ok. we’ll all be ok. ok??

i will still be keeping long-time good tumblr friends and a few fandom blogs i still enjoy seeing on my dash from time to time but i am cutting down a lot on the amount of blogs i follow

this will probably be a slow gradual process over the next couple weeks to couple of months. but this is just so there’s a heads up that i’ll be doing this. thanks!! ♥♥


I think you know who that is. And who his friends are, who his captain is. I think you know what this will provoke. I think you know how dangerous the consequences promise to be, and I think you knew that before you took up the knife. I think I know why you did it, and I don’t think it had anything to do with him or with her or with gold.

Hello, if you have commissioned me before or any other digital artist, they probably use paypal. The most correct way to pay off an artist is to use the “send money to friends and family”. Why? because most digital artists arent sending anything through the mail, which the “pay for goods and services” needs you to type in your tracking number, and other shipping label stuff to send off through via mail. There’s the problem mostly because DIGITAL ARTISTS ARENT SENDING ANY REAL TOUCHABLE ART THATS ON PAPER OR ANYTHING IF THEY DO DRAWINGS ON THE COMPUTER. I have gotten 2 of these already and it’s ticking me off since I cant get my money from it without shipping something out (which I cant because no materials or anything to ship out anyways). So please do keep up in track that it’s better to do the send money to family and friends option rather then the pay for goods option, because I wouldnt be sending you anything through the mail, only on the interwebs

please oh please do remind yourself next time of this, because I’m ticked off about it and I cant get my commission money I need.

Thank you~ - NexyButt

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i need makeup advice

hi friend! here’s some general stuff i already covered:

if you have any specific questions feel free to ask <3

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I suck at Math, seriously, and no matter what I won't get better, only if I dedicate at least a whole week to it, and my teacher just taught us about statistics, and the examples were easy, but then she signed us homework and it was 20x harder, I can't solve the exercises all alone what should I do? I suck!!!

Ask for help! Maybe your teacher can give you some more exercises do to? Or you could ask a friend, maybe your parents, maybe your brother/sister. I often don´t understand math in school so I have to learn a lot on my own by using videos or websides that explain stuff. Don´t give up!

do not know how much longer i’ll have my phone n internet access and stuff so wish me luck friends! be back soon! xoxo


If you read the type of stuff a lot of my friends read (anarchist theory, CrimethInc, the Situationists, et al) you’ll hear all kinds of pumped-up, inspiring rhetoric about how you should quit your job and not have bosses and be an “ex-worker.” That’s fine, but no one ever tells you what to do next. Reading Days ofWar, Nights ofLove and Raoul Vaneigem got me fired up and I did quit my job and I did pledge to live lawlessly, but then, “Yeah, but how do I survive?” Not everyone is the dumpster-diving type. Not everyone wants to squat or steal. I don’t even dress punk, much less identify with the subculture. I wanted my own version of free.

Unless you come from money, most of us have to work to earn

a living. This is no anarchist, post-civ utopia we’re living in. This is now, today, and there are certain rules you either ignore, follow, or look for loopholes out of.

The goal for people like me is this: run your own business. Whatever it is: an Etsy craft company, a bookstore, an organic farm, a zine publishing house, you as a freelance writer, as a carpenter for hire, as a screenprinter or a movie-maker…figure out what you want to do and then come up with a plan to do it.

The bulk of my money comes from writing books and zines. I work on them all the time and I stay prolific enough to pay my rent. You have to stick with it and be persistent if you want to live like this. Slacking off is not an option.

Whatever you choose to do, start small and make your money on your own terms. If you have to work a shitty job while getting your dream off the ground, do that, but get the wheels in motion now and let it build up naturally and be smart about it. Working a shit job won’t crush your soul if it’s a means to an end and you know what that end is.

Of course there are one-in-a-million dream jobs out there, and some people will make money by singing a tune so seductive that the world will buy into it and feed them forever. That’s not something to depend on. You can’t wait for a fantasy.

The best way to live is beholden to no man. Be your own boss and figure out the thing you love best and scheme until you have a ground plan. After that, work as ethically as possible and don’t fuck over anyone in the process. Look at people who’ve made it on their own (respectable) terms and learn from what they’ve built up. It’ll be hard, but you’ll feel better about yourself at the end of the day. The combination of hard work, extreme diligence, and strong, smart decisions does not fail. Slip up in any of those three and that’s when things go south. You won’t make it happen if you’re sleeping in or doing a bunch of cocaine or working with people who steal from you. Stay on top of it and your dreams will come true. They might not be the dreams you set out with, but you need to remember that dreams change. Just make sure you’re happy with what you get. If you’re not, go back to the drawing board.

  • me driving yesterday:i want to dye my hair that really dark brown i had that one time remember? it made me look colder and more unapproachable
  • mom:?????????????

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If you have a facebook, I would post and share furry stuff.
Your friends will notice and if any of them are furries they will let you know. Thats how me and gryphonbutts met each other, now we are like best friends. I also met about 5 other furries at my school that way.

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like i understand yyr impuses n stuff i get thhat but what ddid bubs do???????

they literally tried to get my friend to dump me over a argument between me and someone else i think that stands for a lot

There’s a difference between refusing to acknowledge a person’s achievements and telling them that they can do better. I know there’s this stigma now, this belief that we need to tell children “YES EVERYTHING YOU ACCOMPLISHED IS THE BEST” but like I grew up with parents constantly telling me “yes this was good, this was praise-worthy, but what if you did better? can you do better? I think you can do better!” Which was super motivating and challenging and I think of all my other smart nerdy friends who grew up in an environment where they could afford to be lazy and still get told “yeah that was an excellent job!” endstop and I think about how frustrated they get now with the idea of having to work hard as if it’s this admission of lower intelligence and skills and it’s just like damn, I am SO GLAD my parents were able to a) acknowledge the fact that there were some things that came naturally to me and b) know where my limits where but still have faith in my ability to improve if I set my mind to it.

It was just as gratifying for my parents to celebrate me passing the bar the first time and getting into law school as it was for my parents to rejoice in the fact that after getting the right treatment for my ADHD I was able to get B’s in Math and not have to worry about failing anymore. 

i don’t care about my exams coming up loke i really cant focus on that stuff right now im so miserable all the time and everuthing is so difficult i dont have time for that stuff

So I hung out with a friend today who i’d casually told in the fall that I wasn’t sure gender mattered in a dating partner and I could probably fall in love with the right girl (which was a big downplaying of the situation but whatever), and she’s straight and I kind of figured she’d have written it off thanks to heteronormative bias and the SUPER casual way I said it…

But she asked me how my love life was doing today and didn’t use ANY gendered words for a whole conversation!! So that was neat.


Remember at the prison when we would sneak out of our cells at night to stargaze, but all I could look at was you?  Then Woodbury happened, and we didn’t do it anymore.  You got a boyfriend, and I got fertilizer and a litter of sick pigs.  Then the prison was gone.  So were you.  A lot of people died; I didn’t think of you as often.  

When my dad went to go save you from that hospital in Atlanta, I thought maybe it could be like before— not exactly, but –you know: looking at the stars sometimes, watching out for each other and stuff.  I thought—

But there is no you anymore.  

I still wish I could believe in heaven.  You know, I actually looked up tonight?  But there was still no you.  There’ll never be anything but stars.

For imorca.  Dialog from this deleted scene.  

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Hi there! I really want to get a pixie cut, but this other girl I know did and all my friends make fun of her whenever they see her (they say really horrible stuff, like that she looks like a dude, or that she's going through a weird lesbian phase) and I know they wouldn't say it if they knew I wanted to get a similar haircut. Still, I'm scared that if I do it they'll start saying stuff like that about me behind my back. I really want the haircut, but I'm terrified of what they'll think.


alrighty so friend, i kind of responded to an ask similar to this earlier (where it deals w/ what you like and the opinions of others) so i also recommend checking that out here for more advice on the subject

but i’m going to tell you that if you really want it, then you should totally go for it, like if it’s what YOU want, then its going to make YOU happy, and your own self happiness is what should matter most of all, regardless the opinions of others

like i know you may be afraid of their rude remarks, but frankly you shouldn’t let the opinions of others confine you to who you truly wanna be or what you desire to look like; because when you do that, you’ll always feel like you’re missing something about yourself .. you’ll always want certain things appearance-wise but you’ll always be to afraid to actually go for them, and when you do that you’re restricting yourself, you’re restricting your own confidence, and you’re even restricting potential happiness that you could have if you just went for the things you want/like

l mean for me w/ short hair.. i was scared of what my dad and brother would think when they saw it..I know they would disapprove but I reaaaally really wanted it, so I didn’t care, I told myself that I would just do this for me and deal w/ the comments when the time comes; and I ended up being half right, my dad  totally digged the haircut and supported me, whereas when my brother first saw me, he told me I looked like a straight up lesbian and literally said ew every time he saw me, sure it was rude, but I was completely satisfied with my haircut, in fact i felt even happier with myself than I ever was before.. but see i never would have known that if i didn’t just go for the pixie

like if your friends do end up making rude remarks about the haircut, just be outspoken about it and tell them that you think it’s really rude and that you don’t appreciate it, like if these people really are your friends then they’ll respect that and they’ll respect how you choose to present yourself

my final point here is that not everyone is going to agree w/ what you like to rock, but as long as YOU feel happy and powerful about it, then the opinions of others don’t really seem to matter anymore, alll because YOU’RE happy with the way you look

so friend, i would totally recommend going for the pixie, everyone I know who has done it has told me it’s the best decision they have ever made B) (including me ayyye)

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how can I stop giving a fuck? you seem like you know how to distance yourself from stuff without becoming a completely incensitive pig. teach me your ways please!

lol just make a joke out of it. like if you don’t give a shit about w.e that person has to say just whisper to someone ‘omg…i literally do not care where is the closest kfc’ & just laugh. none of my friends take my cursing seriously because i laugh afterwards & you know how sometimes you laugh so hard you induce laughter & your friends start laughing but they don’t find the joke funny, they just laugh bc u are laughing. i tend do that often mainly bc i find myself rly funny & i like listening to my own jokes. 

& idk it’s not like i woke up one day & realized that i don’t care anymore it just gradually started happening when i became too drained & i would wear shin ramen socks over my leggings & walk out the house bc i don’t care how people view me anymore. i just stick to my own business & make funny jokes about things i don’t care about. i joke around a lot…like a lot, almost every single day i laugh & i look in the mirror & anywhere there is a reflection to check my hair in public & i just……enjoy being who i am & doing things that i am comfortable with. when you’re happy just being yourself, you radiate a rly joyful vibe & all those negative shit that u don’t care about just leaves bc u are 2 bright for them. 

Today is the YEAR anniversary of my blog ShannonLikesStuff. I am so proud that I kept up with it consistently and will continue to do so. I am very grateful that I had an outlet to share my experiences on and also love seeing everything you all share.

Thank you to all those who interact with me and share my blog to others! My followers and tumblr friends are my fave <3

xo, shannon

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I'm 14 and I've had a bunch of older guys catcall/shout rude stuff out of cars at me and my younger friends get it all the time... I'm seriously so fed up with how people are treated. I hope you're okay.

It’s literally disgusting like

I am 16 years old

how do men think it’s in any way appropriate to harass teenage girls who are not of the legal age to even have sex

we are not legally allowed to have sex