All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.

Fossils Of Technology

Get a head start on the burgeoning field of mechanical archaeology by studying the intricacies of the modern future fossils. Unearthed in various basements across the country, it’s a first hand look at the ancient relics that once roamed the shelves of electronics stores.


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Sam was looking at you with such interest, intent on every word you said, that you were lost in him, and you startled as the alarm you’d set the night before began to go off.

“Six am? Did we really talk all night?” you asked, silencing it quickly. Sam gave a soft laugh and nodded.

“I guess so.”

“I’m so sorry I kept you up, Sam. I didn’t mean to take over your entire night–”

“Y/N,” he interjected. “Given the choice, I’d pick talking to you over pretty  much anything else.”

“Even sleep?”

“Even sleep,” he laughed.