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I'm on my winter break. Before the break began I had huge plans on how much I'll study. But I just lost all the motivation. I'm really tensed!! :( Please help!

If you need to take some time out then do so. Your health is more important than anything and it’s important to remember that. There’s honestly no shame in relaxing for a bit if you need to do so as you won’t be able to learn anything if you’re over tired and stressed anyway *hugs*

Then, when you do get down to studying, try breaking it down. Rather than saying that you’ll study a whole chapter of something, start with just a page. Then have a break if you want one and then do a little bit more. It’s better to do little bits at a time and still relax then not be able to do anything at all. Set a few small goals each day and just aim to achieve those, if you achieve more then that’s a bonus but try not to feel guilty if you don’t.

Remember, mental health is more important than school and relaxation is really really important too *hugs*

  • me a week before exams:im gonna study so hard and get an A and go to an amazing college and be the top in my class
  • me the night before exams:success and failure are human constructions and aren't real. i am less than a speck in the entire known universe and all of time. time is a construct of humans. we are all going to die.
Original Chronodex: A4 template journal (tutorial!)
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Chronodex 1: A4 template tutorial 

I personally don’t use these anymore but I found the Chronodex the easiest  to understand.  Most people print out templates on sticker paper or glue them down. Some even have rubber stamps but can fetch quite a price.

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Have you had any AS mock exams yet and if so what did you do to prepare for them and what grades did you get?

Yep I had my first mocks at the start of December and was actually really pleased with the grades I got although I hope to do better in summer.

I got an A and a B in my two exams which worked out at just an A when they were combined. I prepared for them by making lists of key facts/timelines and learning them as well as writing out essay plans for lots of past exam questions as well as writing out others under timed conditions for practise.

I got two As in these exams and I revised for them simply by learning all the key facts, doing some reading around the topics we’d done and then doing a couple of past exam questions in timed conditions (although I will definitely do more of these before the next mock)

English Lit
I got two As in these exams. For the Victorian context exam I made sure I learnt as many quotes as I could, memorised the AOs and the percentage of the marks they gave and then did some related reading to strengthen my contextual knowledge. For the Tennyson’s poetry exam I couldn’t really revise as it was unseen so I just looked at the percentage of the marks given to each AO and did a couple of practise plans with other poems.

I got an A in my Biology mock and to prepare for it I did as many past exam questions as I could because exam technique is what I usually struggle with and then learnt as much of the knowledge as I could in detail. I also practised applying this knowledge to real life situations as that is something they do a lot of in the exams and I often am thrown by this.

I hope this was helpful!