27.05.2015 // 3:12 pm //

Studying together again! My sister is studying for her test in social science, which’s next week. I’m still studying for my chemistry test which’s on Friday, but that’s because it’ll decide my grade in chemistry this year 😬 Both of us are actually struggling in our own way, but we won’t give up! Wish us good luck, guys, and good luck with your exams and tests too!


4:34 PM //

• Still at this! 😭 Yes I’ve taken accidental tumblr and texting breaks that have gotten me off track but for the past couple hours I’ve been really on point.

• I’m on question 18 out of 27. I’m only 9 questions away from getting to play Pokemon! (Also my boyfriend should be getting home here pretty soon! 😍)

• Also I really dig studying by an open window with all this great natural light!