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NEW VIDEO: “Joining A Boyband - let me know if you love this one, it’s a bit different than what I’ve ever done. Reblog if you want me to stalk/follow your blog! :]

"It’s not my fault. I never wanted the fame involved. That’s a totally different story. I think Paul Stanley (of Kiss) once said something, like, "The only thing that money gives you is the relief of not having to worry about money." Only thing I’d really like to do with it, is to invest in some bands that I like, I don’t wanna start my own record label cause God, I know I couldn’t do that. But I’d like to give some money to some labels who’re putting out great music, help in that way. And um, probably gonna buy a house. Hopefully we can have a recording studio too a little 8-track recording studio, so we can make good demos. And those are pretty much the plans and just get some new shoes." - Kurt Cobain.


Eveleth Font by Yellow Design Studio (huge discount 82% off for 1 week).

Eveleth from Yellow Design Studio is a premium high-resolution letterpress family with exceptional realism and vintage charm. It features 3 different sub-families each with its own unique printed texture. Each sub-family offers six distress options per letter and 3 options for all other characters allowing incredible control and customization. Bonus “spurs” have been included in every weight to add retro flair. Other features include a complimentary Thin weight, a shadow layer, a set of funky icons, a collection of useful shapes and emblems, and clean (non-distressed) versions.

The font package includes character maps for the Icons and Shapes plus instructions for adding spurs.

The normal price of this font is $49 but now you can substract $40 bucks and take the whole family for just $9

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From PBS Studios’ Blank on Blank series, a cute animation of an unheard audiotape of Michael and Janet from January 1980 

Tumblr Of The Week: inprnt

Allow me to introduce you to a goldmine of illustration. Jump on over to the Inprnt blog and then click on their archive. Brace yourself, you will be blown away with all the outstanding illustrated works! Every single piece that’s posted on the Inprnt blog is truly a masterpiece. This is a great Tumblr for anyone who’s interested in seeing what the masters are working on. Or if you’re like me and you love to look at art and illustration for inspiration then you’ve come to the right place. Also, visit the Inprnt website @ and you could purchase a lot of the works that are featured on their Tumblr. This is another great blog that you guys should add to your growing list.

Artwork By: Ericka Lugo erickalugoblog