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With the fact that 20% more women graduate or whatever, do you think that maturity plays a level in this, because scientifically, men grow faster physically while women grow faster mentally. I dunno just something I heard the other day and was wondering your opinion on it.

Actually, that’s untrue. What happens is that our schools almost exclusively cater to the strengths of girls. No, seriously. This is something we’ve known for some time.

It gets worse, because not only do our schools cater to girls in how we’re teaching and structuring those schools, but female teachers are WILDLY biased against boys:

new study on gender disparities in elementary-school performance — the first study to examine both objective and subjective performance — found that boys were given lower grades than girls, even in cases (such as math and science) where their test scores were either equal to or higher than the girls’ test scores.

In fact, the only time those little boys actually get grades that match those of little girls is when they act like little girls.

 teachers didn’t downgrade boys who had identical test scores to girls if they seemed to share the girls’ positive attitude toward learning

Then, when you couple in such things as a notable absence of scholarships for males.

This is from

Scholarships available for women today are amazing in their scope and variety, because as a woman you are no longer locked into any stereotypical idea of what you should do for the rest of your life. A hundred years ago a woman really had two choices – she could be a teacher or a nurse. Not so today!

and from

Grants for women are commonplace among groups who work to bridge the gender gap, especially in traditionally male-dominated fields of study. The American Association for University Women (AAUW)awards both fellowships and grants to expand educational and professional opportunities for American women.


Female grads now account for about 60% of U.S. bachelor’s degree holders.

At every single level of education the deck is stacked against men… and now we’re starting to hear the “Well, it’s because males are mentally inferior”. Or they’re just lazy.

It can’t be something like by the time a boy has reached highschool graduation there’s roughly a roughly one in six chance he’s being drugged the fuck out of his mind or anything.

And on and on and on. This is what you get from a Feminist education system.

It also helps that we’re significantly more likely to send young adult and teenage males to prison than we are females.

Happy Thursday things
  • Tonight was Meet the Teacher and I had to fill in for a pre-k teacher who has yet to be hired. I had a lot of fun interacting with the families.
  • Seeing former students. I don’t care if they’re third graders. They still get the biggest of spinny hugs. And they fucking loved it.
  • One of these kiddos kept coming back and chatting with me and finally whispered, “Ms. Keser, you haven’t met my dad have you? He’s right there…I want you to meet him, but he only speaks Spanish.” I asked if he would introduce me, but he just shook his head and ran back to his mom. He came back to me a couple more times just to say, “That’s my dad! I want you to meet him!” His mom intervened and translated for us. It meant so much to me that it was so important for us to meet even though its been over a year and a half since he was in my classroom. <3
  • My Elsa costume came in for my niece’s birthday. Amazon was quite speedy! Elsa apparently doesn’t lift. The sleeves don’t like my biceps. Not sure if I should size up or just go with it. 

Now, there’s glitter all over my apartment. I’ve tried sweeping twice, but holy hell…that costume…it just covered everything. Marley the Cat and I will likely be extra sparkly for the forseeable future.

Two 15-year-old school boys have developed a device that will enable a shoe to charge a mobile phone while walking. Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Bhalla, both students of south Delhi’s Mount Carmel school, have invented a compact attachment, which, when attached to the heel of the shoe, will automatically act as a portable mobile charger.
Named ‘Walkie Mobi Charger’, this gadget generates electricity up to six volts, as against five volts released through a plug point and ensures that the phone battery is charged at a faster pace. So if a plug-in charger takes half-an-hour to charge a phones up to 25%, the walking device will charge 40% of the battery in the same time………..
The device functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The compression and relaxation caused by walking creates pressure on the sponge attached in the middle which produces electricity.Two LEDs, blue and red, indicate the supply of electricity and battery charging, respectively.The device is equipped to charge several models of phones. All one needs to do is connect the charger to the shoe while the phone rests in your pocket. “This is an effective way to utilise an alternate source of energy and is also a healthy way to decrease your electricity bills,” they said.


Joshua Broomberg and Saul and Sam Musker had their photo taken at the World Debating Championships in Thailand wearing keffiyehs to show solidarity with Gaza. They received a lot of hate messages after the image was widely shared on social media, including: 

“To this [sic] fucking retards that support the Palestinians … Me … Poczynski born in Argentina and Soldier at The IDF [Israeli army] i hope that these people does’t [sic] ever come to my country [Israel] because i will shoot them with my M16 and empty all my bullet [sic] on them!”

"you guys think that you are super bright wise kids and talking shit will win any argumant in the world . I CHALANGE YOU WISE ASS BRATS TO COME LIVE ON KIBBUTZ on the gaza border, its a free holiday, it wont cost you anything and when you have 15 seconds to get shelter i want you to stand up and convinse the enemy that you believe in humanatarian rights and in your opinion it goes against what you believe in. and before you shit yourselves and cry for mommy see how far that argumant is going to get you. A DISGRASE TO OUR BOYS puting their lives on the line to protect us!"

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