“They are not fighting organized crime. They are fighting organized people.” Democracy Now! speaks with relatives of 43 Mexican students who went missing after they were ambushed by local police in Iguala in September 2014. The relatives have criticized U.S. support for the drug war, saying Mexico is using the aid to kill innocent people. Watch the interview at democracynow.org.

After three wonderful years as a tutor with my university’s writing center, this morning marks my last official shift. I might still take one or two more shifts during finals, although that depends on how my schedule looks. Here are some of the stickers we give out to tutors and students. Although I didn’t always practice what I preached, I loved my job and it was the one of the few things I felt fully and completely committed to at college. Beautiful writing is beautiful thinking, and there are few things I enjoy more than helping someone express their thoughts clearly and precisely.


Do you turn everything into a mnemonic device? Can you pronounce the word “mnemonic?” Then you might be a teacher. Watch our new video that gives you 12 signs there might be a teacher in you! #TeacherAppreciationWeek #MakeMore

Some of Cal Newport’s popular study tips, summarized in one page. Since the artist didn’t write his/her name, I’m not sure who to credit – it just floated into my Pinterest. The chart seems to be aimed at high school students, although some principles are universal. Enjoy (and if you know who the artist is, let me know and I’ll credit). 

Ask everything you want to know about the teaching profession and how to become a teacher. Join the National Teacher of the Year 2012 for a Reddit AMA at http://www.reddit.com/r/teachers on May 6th at 3pm EST. 

“Lately I have been thinking about what life essentially is. I have been having thoughts like if no one remembers me there is no difference from me just not existing. What would be the difference between me not being remembered in my time and place and me not existing there? So I’m going to live a life in which people remember me.”
“How will you do that?”
“When I’m with my friends I say, ‘let’s make sure we remember the things we do together.’ So…I’m a senior in high school, but today my friends and I cut our evening study session and came out here to hang out!”

“최근에 인생은 본질적으로 무엇인지 생각해 봤어요. 누구도 나를 기억해주지 않는다고 하면 사실 나는 존재하지 않는 것하고 마찬가지 아닌가 하는 생각이 들더라구요. 제가 있는 시간과 장소에서 제가 없었던 것하고 다름 없잖아요. 그래서 누군가가 절 기억해줄 수 있는 삶을 살려고 해요.”
“친구들하고 ‘우리가 함께 있었다는 것을 꼭 기억하자’ 라고 되새겨요. 그래서…..고3 인데 오늘은 친구들하고 같이 야자 빼먹고 놀러나왔어요!”