The Signs as College Majors

Aries: Journalism

Taurus: Business

Gemini: Public Relations

Cancer: Psychology

Leo: Political Science

Virgo: Pre-Med

Libra: Communications

Scorpio: Criminology

Sagittarius: Philosophy

Capricorn: Information Technology

Aquarius: Sociology

Pisces: Education

7 Advantages of Waking Up Early for Students

1) Earn Better Grades

In a 2008 Texas University study, college students who identified themselves as “morning people” earned a full point higher on their GPAs than those who were “night owls” (3.5 vs. 2.5). Good grades help students secure better career opportunities.

2) Be More Proactive

Harvard biologist Christoph Randler discovered in 2008 that early risers are more proactive. They were more likely to agree with statements like “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself” and “I feel in charge of making things happen.”

3) Better Problem Solvers

Randler’s research also revealed that “morning people” are more likely to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently.

4) Better Planners

Early risers report using their morning quiet time for organization, goal-setting and planning out their days and weeks ahead.

5) Healthier Individuals

Many successful people get up early to exercise (before the family is awake and their official work days start). Regular exercise boosts mood and fitness, provides energy on the job and helps create deeper sleep cycles.

6) Get Better Sleep

Sleep experts say that if you go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, your body will be more in tune with the earth’s circadian rhythms, which offers more restorative sleep.

7) More Optimistic

Various studies have shown that morning people exhibit character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness. Night owls, while linked with creativity and intelligence, are more likely to exhibit traits like depression, pessimism and being neurotic.  


The Signs as Types of Learners

Aries: Linguistic learners. Opinionated and needs some help being enlightened to other ways of seeing and thinking about things; but has a passion that drives them to great lengths through reading, writing, and sharing ideas and stories.

Taurus: Procedural learners. Needs to sit down and really focus on one thing. One track minded, can’t multitask; but when focused, very systematic, task-oriented, and determined to get things done.

Gemini: Spontaneous learners. Interested in and open minded about everything and therefore spontaneously gets to know a little bit about everything. May need to narrow things down to truly get into the depths of a subject.

Cancer: Resourceful learners. Very curious and detail-oriented.  Know where to look and are able to find things on their own. Personal experience and collection of information is the best teacher.

Leo: Naturalist learners. First, seeks guidance and likes help. Tends to overthink, so may need directions to start, but are then very thoughtful in their work. Able to come up with insightful analyses on their own through connections to real life examples and situations in nature.

Virgo: Logical learners. Likes things laid out in front of them.  Need guides, formulas, outlines to make sense of subjects and then experiments and exercises to work things out and observe patterns and relationships.

Libra: Visual/spatial learners. Being artistic, appreciate visualizing concepts and situations to help make sense of the world, and then drawing, building, designing to really interact with different ideas.

Scorpio: Intrapersonal learners. Needs time alone to concentrate. Investigative by nature. Talented at exploring the depths of a subject on their own and don’t necessarily need or want help. Resourceful and good at connecting the dots. 

Sagittarius: Straightforward learners. Reliant on being told how things are and having things laid out in front of them to follow. Needs reassurance and guidance from time to time but great at systematizing things and applying rules and definitions. 

Capricorn: Interpersonal learners. Enjoys study groups and discussions, bouncing off others’ ideas and contributing to one collective effort to progress an understanding of an idea or situation.

Aquarius: Auditory learners. Great listeners and collectors of information in this way. They care and that is what drives them to put time and effort into learning how to do things the right way.

Pisces: Tactile learners. Needs to be kept busy with tasks and projects to keep them on track and to apply what they learn to truly feel like they understand it. Goal-oriented and hard working.


Dear Tumblr people, 

My name is Maria Monterrosa, I am currently a Junior and I attend Ramon C. Cortines School of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) in Los Angeles California. I am a disabled student who uses a power wheelchair that weighs about 200 - 300 pounds. An incident happened on March 18th, 2015. Right after my 6th period class, I was heading downstairs to go to my next class. I had class in the music building of my school, where there is only one elevator available for me to use to go up and down stairs. The elevator had a malfunction and it stopped working. 6th period ended at 2:00 p.m and I did not get downstairs until the police department arrived at 6:00 pm. I was stuck up here for 4 hours. I let all the administrators know, everyone from the staff in the office. They came to check up on me 20 minutes (2:20 p.m) after this happened. Two assistant principals of my school Mr. Ken Martinez, and Mrs. Sheri Henderson came upstairs to check up on me notifying me that they were doing something about the issue. Where were they when school ended at 3:20 p.m. They we’re gone. I waited up there until 4:30 p.m and at that time everyone was gone. All the administrators left. They left and they left me up stairs. They called the elevator mechanic and he showed up downstairs. He was missing a key to work the elevator, so he just decides to leave school and not do anything about it. Why? Because no one informed him that I was still stuck up there, and he thought there no one upstairs stuck in the hallway. Like always no one knows anything. The school doesn’t even have an emergency plan for me either, it is mandatory for any disabled student that attends any school. This has been an issue ever since I began coming to VAPA 3 years ago. This is truly unacceptable. No one should be placed in a situation that I was currently in. I need to do something about this. Not for the benefit of myself, but for any prospective disabled students. This has to seriously stop because it’s just getting pathetic. It’s not the first but the 3rd time this has happened. Please help me fight for this because this is truly unacceptable. In order for there to be a change, we have to start the change ourselves. Please help me. My principal Ms. Kim Bruno always says, “Everyone at Grand Arts should stand out”. Apparently it’s different for me because they are always neglecting me. Help me by making a stand against all the administrators. Then we’re going to take this to the district. I’m going to speak to the district, and win this fight.
If you want to help me win this fight please take a picture holding up a sign with the tag #StandOutForMaria, and tag the picture also to show your support and spread out the word.
My goal is to get the attention of social media and be the change.
Please follow me for some updates.
Thank you.


Students are the most valuable and least consulted education-policy experts in America. Before they graduate, they spend roughly 2,300 days contemplating their situation, considering how their schools and neighborhoods could be better—or worse. And unlike many journalists, teachers, principals, and school-board members, most couldn’t care less about politics.

Principal orders student with Down syndrome to stop wearing varsity letter jacket 

A principal at a Wichita, Kansas high school is accused of ordering a student with Down syndrome to stop wearing the varsity letter jacket his family gave him. KSN News reported that student Michael Kelley — who has Down syndrome and autism — doesn’t play on one of Wichita East High School’s varsity teams, but rather on the school’s special needs volleyball team. (X) (X)

Contact this school and make sure they understand that we will not tolerate this kind of ableist abuse. 

Address: 2301 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67211 | Phone: (316) 973-7200
School District Facebook page  and Twitter account.
Superintendent’s Email: John Allison ~ (316) 973-4580
Principal’s Email: Ken Theissen (316) 973-7200

I absolutely will not stand for the mistreatment of students in schools, whether it be racism, ableism, Islamophobia, etc.