Students of Autumnus Academy - Part 1/?

Name: Matthew Fletcher

Age: 14

Birthplace: South Australia, Australia

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: May 15th

Clique: Nerds

Hangout: Nerds

Matthew is my MC who’s me. Literally me. I've wanted to use that for a long time. He’s a nerd and the founder of Autumnus Academy. He’s really shy but once you get to know him he’s really affectionate. He enjoys playing video games and blogging. He’s also a member of the Autumnus Academy Choir.

Matthew’s brother, Nathan, and cousin, Carly are both soon to be transferring to Autumnus. He gets crushes easily and has his eye on a certain jock MC.

This is my first one of these so I apologize if it’s a little messy. Just thought I’d start introducing my OC’s.

Not-So-Awesome Project Update! - 1/25/15

Alright, what the fuck is going on?

  • Pilot Episode Writing: 5% / Treatment Stages

Some interesting stuff is happening for the CotS Project, and I hope you’ll understand why the fall back from 15% to 5%. 

For the next few months, I have a course called Screenwriting Workshop, where you write a feature-length screenplay. It’s very self-directed and what is produced here will be developed for Senior Project. Last Friday, I presented some ideas to my professor and one of them was CotS. Although my professor writes for low-budget  films and documentaries, he has received fantasy stories from students and he can work with that. Plus, he likes how much development I’ve put into it and wouldn’t want me to scrap that. So I will be writing Children of the Sky for Screenwriting Workshop.

Because of that, there’s going to be a change. Instead of a thirty minute episode, it will be a two hour pilot, which has been done before. It will combine the first three planned episodes into one giant package and it’s going to be insane.

Right now, I’m beginning to write the treatment, which in essence is a lengthy piece of prose (10-25 pages) that covers every aspect of your concept. Usually screenplay ideas fall apart when writing this stage, mainly because the writer just doesn’t like it. It’s also what pretty much sells in the industry. People don’t have the time to read through your 120-something page screenplay? They’ll ask for the treatment. Well, that’s the gist of it. If you’re more interested in that kind of stuff, please Google it. I don’t think I’m the best at explaining it as I’m still learning it.

But anyway, giant pilot episode.

This project will take top priority, which is just what I’ve always wanted. 

  • Drawing concept art in the meantime.

You’ll be seeing a lot of this. The art and writing kind of goes hand in hand for me.

  • Episode 1 Script: Completed!
  • Episode 2 Script: 50%

Due to recent developments for the Children of the Sky Project, Parasyte Abridged is in danger of coming to a complete standstill.

Long story short, I need help. I can’t do the writing, directing, and editing all by myself now that I’m focusing on original work.

If you’re interested and you really love Parasyte, contact me or aisling07! Be prepared to share reels or portfolios. If you don’t have any of that, share your latest work. (Comedy skits are a plus, seeing this is an abridged project.)


Diabolik Lovers Abridged 
On the back burner. I have most, if not all the lines. I just need to edit it whenever I really feel like it. It all comes down to motivation, really. Sorry!

Free! OMST
Announced not too long ago. Hardly any development. Please don’t think about it too much. I’m sorry!!

A while ago, I’ve completed the video editing for the first episode which will be premiering in February. I hope you like it. Right now, I don’t have an issue with editing. You’ll see the video is rather simple. The tedious part of the editing will be the subtitles, but that’s really it. In terms of voice acting for that series, I’m mainly playing extras, which I don’t mind.

Surprise Small Role for a Visual Novel
I’m super excited and honored to be a part of my friend’s visual novel, but I REALLY don’t want to reveal much. I just got done recording for it yesterday. The VN releases this February, and like I said, it’s a small role so keep your eyes and ears open!

Short Tokyo Ghoul Audio Clip
I played Kaneki for a little something with courtneytheva and it turned out great! Go check it out!

I don’t have anything planned, but I’m looking into some anime, like Nanatsu no Taizai, Assassination Classroom, Parasyte, and some other ones. If you’d like me for a fandub, please feel free to ask me! Although it may seem I’m incredibly busy, I’m always down for a fandub and I’ll try to make time for it.

I actually have something planned for song covers. I just need to find the right time to record it.

I think that’s it. I don’t know if I’ve missed anything.

Before I go, here’s a little bit of advice…

Take a closer look at that snout.


Architect Student Converts Old Bus Into Luxury Rolling Home

Architect student Hank Butitta has a new home, although its on wheels. He made it with his own hands, and a little help from his friends, from an old bus he found on Craigslist.

Butitta got tired of designing buildings that didn’t exist for imaginary clients in school and wanted to work with his hands on something tangible. So he bought a bus off Craigslist and, with help from friend Justin Evidon and brother Vince, they spent nearly 14 weeks converting the run-down old bus into a sleek, modular living environment complete with a kitchen, bathroom, beds, storage, and even a floor made from wood panels stripped from an old gymnasium.

Now that Hank’s bus is finished, the group is embarking on a 5,000 mile tour around the U.S. which has just about reached its halfway point. You can see more photos, video, and follow their travels over at Hank Bought a Bus.


One day the dog met a girl dog. The girl dog marries the boy dog. The dog has a fever. Very soon, the dog died. The girl dog is very sad. The girl dog had a baby dog. The baby dog died. The baby dog’s name was Minecraft. The baby dog’s mother was very, very ugly. She died too. A beautiful girl dog came. The girl dog’s name was Chocolate. Because she was black. Chocolate died. She had a baby. So, her baby died. Finally the boy is very sad. He was dead. One day, another dog came, very soon this dog is dead. The boy is dead too. The boy’s family is very sad. His mother is dead. His father is sad. So he died too. His grandma has a cat. The cat’s name is Lily. At last, the cat had died. The boy’s grandfather has a boy cat. Finally, the cat and the grandfather are dead. So, the grandmother is too sad. She is dead. Ok, the story is over.
—  I challenged my class of chinese students to write a story, with each student adding 2 sentences. This is an exerpt from “THE DEAD FAMILY OF DEATH EVERYONE IS DEAD.”

Our final tour video, including the most epic lipsync that we have ever completed, as well as four incredible student stories from the road.

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When you do a love triangle rather than just the issue of a love story it just makes it more complex, makes it more difficult. It has more layers and I think it is more identifiable in those various dynamics because the antagonist is not outside. It’s not like a villain. It’s something that everyone can feel for more deeply because of the difficulties involved. I think that’s what makes it attractive.

Dolores Umbridge: willfully abuses students; the majority of the fandom hates her.

Severus Snape: willfully abuses students; a good portion of the fandom makes excuses for him, and loves him.

" My brain is a universe. I have yet to discover galaxies and have yet to create new stars "

-confessions from a college girl


Hi gayboops!!

Here is our first selection of student stories from our travels…with a dash of lipsyncing to remind you that we still love to be idiots.  Stay tuned for more next week!!


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