hi hello! i was ridiculously bored and decided to avoid doing an assignment due tomorrow because i’m such a responsible student but anyways, out of that boredom came my first ever character psd, woo!! anyways, i thought it looks pretty cool tbh, and it’s probably best for any superheroesque rp’s but really, you can use it for whatever it’s totally up to you. the font that i used was arial (bold italic) so you won’t have to download anything fancy shamancy. oh and the coloring that i used was not my own so a very special thank you to both dokinps and hipstaps for the fab coloring psds. just a fair warning you may have to play around with the coloring depending on the png you use but other than that it’s fairly easy to use, all you’ll need is 1 png and you’re good to go!!

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//The Purpose of Education//

A senior at the Lawrenceville School, in Lawrenceville NJ, discusses the question, “what is the purpose of education?” Her response is both insightful and elegant. 

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Random story time

When I was in high school we went on a 2 days trip to Paris. Luckily (at the time) my girlfriend happened to be in the same class than me, so we went together. The night came and we went to an hotel, the rooms were for two, four or six person. The teachers knew we were a couple, and there was only the for two bedroom left, so we grabbed the key and ran straight to the elevator under the death stares of my Art and two History teachers (my French teacher, my favorite at the time, was just trying to hide her laugh). Once in front of our room’s door, one of the History teachers just walked behind us and opened the room next to ours. She glared at us and said really seriously "Don’t do anything stupid and go straight to bed girls", I replied "stupid like what, babies ? I think we are good on that issue m’am don’t worry, g’night !", laughed and entered the room.

And this, kids, is one of the only things I’ll brag about about my teenage years.

bonus : the walls were so thin we could hear the two teachers grumbling about having two gay girls sleeping in the same room. My girlfriend then started hitting softly the walls while faking moaning, I laughed so much I fell of the bed. In the morning everyone gathered at the cafeteria for breakfest, we went down holding hands in our pjs, and walked next to the teacher table, saying a polite hello. I will never forget the look on their faces when they asked us to hurry eating and go fold our beds and my girlfriend said "Oh don’t worry, we only used one and the sheets are already folded.

Debate couples at tournaments


The best proof of love is trust.

I’ve been rewatching old episodes of The Closer, and in this scene (s7e19) really stuck out. Brenda asks for Sharon’s advice and then actually follows it. There is no doubt that at this point, Brenda trusts Sharon unconditionally. Then they slyly smile at each other before Sharon heads out. Also in the last GIF, you can see Brenda trying hard to suppress a smile, but it’s clearly written all over her eyes. Brenda has reached the point where she can’t help but smile because of Sharon.