Bernie Sanders has ALWAYS Helped Working Class Americans

It is nearly impossible to get a full time job for numerous reasons. Most of them have little to do with a lack of need for more workers. The fact is that unemployment figures are thrown around quite a bit, but the figures themselves are distorted for political reasons. Millions of Americans work hard all day for minimum wage and barely scrape by. They work 34 hours a week, or some other arbitrary number below 40, in order to keep them from the benefits full time employment provides. This only adds to the burden created by lack of medical care, child care, and all the other expenses working families encounter. For young people getting a job out of college is nearly impossible and with massive amounts of college debt those high interest rates make the situation even more dire. Something needs to be done, a lot of changes need to be made. So far nobody seems to want to make those changes, except Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has consistently fought to bring meaningful employment to Americans through government work programs. On top of that he has also consistently advocated for meaningful change in health care, education, and increase in minimum wage. All to benefit the average worker. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Laverne Cox Affirms the Marsha P. Johnson Black Resource, Outreach, and Retention Center, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 12th Laverne Cox was brought to UCI as a part of the university’s larger project, New Narratives*. During the Q&A BSU Co-Chairs and Demands Team Members Cheryl Flores and Mia Ogundipe-Tillman asked Laverne Cox to publicly affirm the naming and creation of the Demands Team’s Marsha P. Johnson Black Resource, Outreach, and Retention Center, referring to the first demand listed in the Team’s Institutional Resources for Black Students.
When asked to confirm if she affirms the Center, Cox replies, “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.”

Find the transcript of the entire conversation between Cheryl, Mia, and Laverne here.

*”New Narratives: Conversations on Identities and Cultures” was birthed from Black students’ suffering and political activism in 2013 after UCI fraternity, Lambda Delta Theta, released a promotional video in which a member performed in blackface. New Narratives is deployed as a mechanism both to quell Black student anger and to portray a fictitous  “diversity” and “inclusivity” on campus. Various speakers, films, and panels, and events make up the project. Black students were not consulted for this series.


Bernie Sanders’ free college bill really should win him every millennial’s vote 

On Tuesday, the independent senator from Vermont introduced the College for All Act, which would make attendance of any four-year public college or university free of charge for any American student who can meet admissions standards. t’s one of Sanders’ biggest issues — and smartest bets.

Quebec Student Protests

Hey so I just got this email from a friend of mine in Montreal:

“I know some of you are aware of the situation in Quebec at this moment, with a second wave of striking students mimicking the massive 2012 student uprising that toppled the government and rolled back tuition increases.  We are still in the early days of this new strike, pressuring the government to roll back austerity measures against universities, social services, and the environment.  Like 2012 students have already been severely injured due to police aggression, with one student recently shot in the face with a tear gas canister at point blank range.  Others have already faced administrative intimidation and expulsion for simply participating publicly in the strike.

Today, police stormed the University of Quebec at Montreal, violently assaulting striking students and arresting many. Brave professors formed a human chain around students to prevent further violence, and currently there is still a stand off at this very moment! Over the last three weeks there have been countless protests and night marches with thousands and/or tens of thousands of students in the streets–but we know little is being reported outside of Quebec–in part because we are a French province and anglos don’t know/don’t care what’s going on here.

So I’m writing to you to you all so that we aren’t disappeared and because I know many of you would stand with us if not in the streets, at least in spirit. So please, share the news about what is happening in Quebec with your friends, colleagues, and students. And to stay in the loop if you’re interested, you can always see what’s going on at this website which acts as a clearing house for anti-austerity related information.”

I hadn’t heard ANYTHING about this until they sent me this email so spread the news!

Bernie Sanders has long been a proponent of gender equality. Equal pay for equal work and doors opened for all regardless of gender. Bernie has been a genuine supporter since his early days in congress and would continue to strive for equality as president. Bernie Sanders 2016!

There were 13 officers who fired shots, and 64 officers were found to have violated their orders — but none of them were suspended for more than 10 days.
—  Alice Ragland, an activist with the Ohio Student Association, which has led a series of protests around police brutality in Ohio. On today’s Democracy Now! she responds to the acquittal of Officer Michael Brelo, who was one of 13 officers who fired 137 rounds at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams after a chase which began when officers mistook a backfiring car for gunshots. On Saturday, Brelo was found not guilty of manslaughter for the fatal shootings of the two unarmed African Americans. Watch our report at

The University of Auckland Vice-Chancellor, Stuart McCutcheon, earns $650,000 to $660,000 a year in a remuneration package, making him the highest-paid public official in the country. His pay package increased by $20,000 from 2012 to 2013. If there is not enough ‘public funding’ to place a freeze on fees or to pay workers at the University an adequate wage then why is there enough to pay Professor McCutcheon’s salary?

How is this kind of salary possibly justified for any public official when between 500,000 and 750,000 people in New Zealand are living in households with incomes below the poverty line? As New Zealanders, we bare the unfortunate statistic of an estimated 270,000 children living in poverty. How does the University of Auckland contribute to the perpetuation of poverty? Cleaners at the University of Auckland are paid a minimum wage, some of whom have worked for the University six days a week for 30 years. Wages are out of step with the cost of living and an institution bound to be the conscience of society cannot defensibly continue paying below subsistence wages.

At present, the real danger on campuses is not from plaintive student demands for safe-spaces and trigger warnings, but the systematic and often concerted efforts to avoid or prevent protests and demonstrations, to shame and bully radicals into silence, into acquiescence with their seniors and presumed betters. While for decades patronising old lefties have bemoaned the lack of radicalism and political consciousness among students, now many of the same old lefties bemoan its very existence.
Students occupy University of Manchester over government cuts

Students have begun an ‘occupation’ of a building at the University of Manchester in protest against government cuts.

The demonstration started inside the Harold Hankins Building at Manchester Business School on Wednesday afternoon and the campaigners are refusing to leave.

A group called Free Education MCR have claimed they set up the occupation as a stance against five more years of ‘Tory cuts and privatisation’.

A statement on their Facebook page, posted on Wednesday evening, said: “The University of Manchester is in occupation. We are occupying because we know what five more years of a Tory government means.

“It means the hopes of millions of young people and workers shattered by cuts and privatisation. There is talk of another rise in tuition fees, funding apprenticeships through 24 cuts to further education, and scrapping the disabled students allowance once and for all.

“We know what the market does to education, and we know we need to fight it. We are occupying to reclaim space from the university’s corporate projects - and to use it to educate ourselves freely.”


Watch on

There is massive amounts crap going on with student politics at my uni, and a guy who used to be a student wrote this and fuck I think it’s amazing. Even if you just ignore the student political undertones I think the general message is one which rings so true. So yeah, this shit matters - why did you come to university? 

Why did you come to university?

a) to get a good job

b) because all my friends were doing it

c) to get drunk and or high, play sport slash video games and meet aesthetically pleasing members of whatever sex i’m attracted to. 

But what about d? The idea that maybe it might be nice to learn something once in a while ,god-forbid expand your mind find someone who disagrees with you and have a serious rational conversation about something other than fashion or football teams. University is supposed to be somewhere where people learn to think, instead we learn to drink and judge people by how they’re dressed, as though the test of a persons character is whether they can form instead of how they perform in cognitive colosseums. We’ve turned tute rooms into mausoleums, where new ideas go to die, crushed by a culture of doing the bare minimum.

Get the grades, get the job, get the money. Get the grades, get the job, get the money. As though getting wisdom ain’t worth the time, as though standing out is a crime, as though speaking out is uncool as though this shit doesn’t matter when it does.

This shit matters because right now power hungry wannabe politicians have hijacked student politics and lobotomised campus culture. This shit matters because it’s your money their spending, this shit matters because of the messages it’s sending, this shit matters because corruption is a slippery slope and if we let this side we have little hope, because the ropes woven today becomes the nooses of tomorrow and we chastise our state and federal politicians but where do you think they learned their dirty tricks in the first place?

A wise women once said that democracy isn’t taken all in one go. They do it slow, sowing weeds, seeds of corruption grow until one day you wake and find yourself asking how come is was allowed to happen, who is making these decisions, why is no one listening, why is no one listening, why is no one listening, why is no one listening.

A word to the wise - they stopped listening when you stopped caring. And yes I know there are so many things we’re told to care about but right now we need to care about this, because a culture which tells students they should care more about toga parties than the quality of their education is the first piece of a puzzled, passive, primitive population. This shit matters because mental stagnation is rapidly reducing our classrooms to criteria sheets, our campuses to advertising billboards and our degrees to scrap paper.

So why did you come to university?