Take a deep breath.

It may be hard to started, but once you do I promise it gets easier. I promise it’ll be all worthwhile. Just think of how proud you’ll feel to see your well-deserved A on that essay you’ve spent so many nights on. Think of how many times you’ve kicked yourself, regretting the days when you decided to put assignments off till the last minute. Keep all these in mind..

Now look back down to your assignment. Take another deep breath.. And start.

Quick reaction of Florida High School senior saves boy’s life

It started as a normal first day of spring break in Florida, but quickly escalated to a lifesaving experience for Alec Taczala.

The Mukwonago High School senior was standing in line to get ice cream with a girl he met. When she pointed out a shadow at the bottom of a nearby pool, Taczala, 18, stepped closer to get a better look and realized that “shadow” was a boy at the bottom of the pool.

Had it not been for Taczala’s curiosity and quick reaction, the 6-year-old boy would not have survived, police and firefighters told him later.

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Chocolate orange tray bake 

This ones great as the cake it’s self can be made in one bowl and the icing is super easy, but full of flavour. If you’re a fan of chocolate orange this one is definitely for you, but it is extremely moreish. 

I love making traybake, especially when i’m at uni as they’re great for sharing. 

I made this one during our deadline week to get us through.

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I feel so nervous because one of the partners today asked to see me – which isn’t unusual if I’m working on a file that they’re directly reviewing.  But he asked if I was interested in going to the client’s tomorrow for a condo audit; just the two of us.  I’m happy to be getting the audit hours, but it’s making me feel really anxious because it’s my first and I have no clue what I’m doing and what I have to ask the client for when I’m working on site.  Going to an inventory count was different because I feel like I had two co-workers who really took care of me and the work was done back at the office.  AH, but still…
it’s going to be so awkward, and everyone tells me that this client is a real a**hole.  Oh joy.

THINK POSITIVE, KIMI. You are getting audit hours<3
(This btw, is a huge deal, because my other coworkers had to wait 1.5 - 2 years before even touching a condo audit.  I felt guilty because I could see their faces change when I was asked).
omg, kimi, think positive. you’re going to be great. like. so awesome.



Today hasn’t been a great day so far. My mood has been terrible but I know i’ll be fine :) I had my cleansing tea in the morning with vitamin D, B & C supplements to keep my immune system running smoothly. Being sick recently has also given me a chance to focus on getting the vitamins I need into my body to help me recover and get back to 100% health. 

For lunch I made a 2 egg omelette with turmeric and a side of veggies & avocado. It was superr yummy and yet so filling! To spice up the omelette I’d recommend adding some veggies or ham into the omelette but my fridge is looking very empty today so I decided to just had a little kick of turmeric. 

N x