What I wrote on the desk today/what it says:
Fuck School
Everyone is self centered pricks.Teachers don’t see what each student struggles with everyday.When that boy puts his head down in class he may be tired and a lot of other things. When that girl laughs for too long she’s crying on the inside. That student that’s being pulled out of class constantly is struggling with depression and anxiety. The cuts on their arm is not always the cat. I wish teachers would take notice in their students but they don’t know any better. Their just as fucked as the students all because of society. Were all mad here. Just suicidal kids telling each other suicide is not the answer. Not a poet just talented with words
-anon student
Ps.hopes someone reads this and understands

I got bored and I don’t like that class (choir/piano class)

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money saving tips?

We’ve got a few posts specifically about money. Here’s my favorite:

5 Easy (and realistic) ways to save money in college

Here are a couple more really good posts:

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Do you know some Fresh Open Office tricks?

That’s kind of vague, so I’m going to give you a variety of things:

1. If you’re not using shortcuts, you really should. It might not seem like it saves time, but trust me, it can save a ton of time over your collegiate career, especially if you can make a habit of always hitting CTRL+S. Here’s a link to open office shortcuts.

2. Open Office has most of the same features as other paid versions of the same software, but they might not be in the same place. If you can’t find something in Open Office, just search for the feature location online. Check out this blog: OppenOffice: 7 Things you didn’t know you could do

3. If you’re having problems with your professor or friend being able to open your document, just save it as a PDF instead. You won’t have to deal with any version or compatibility issues as a PDF.

4. Here are a couple of tricks for when professors assign papers with minimum lengths, (because I think minimum length assignments are stupid and devalue conciseness and basic educational values):

  • Follow your professors rules for margins and font size, but make your periods (no more than) 1 font size bigger than the rest of your text. They won’t be able to tell, but the spacing will make your paper longer.
  • Instead of using the standard double space, you can play around with the spacing options (formatting/paragraph) to add slightly more space than the standard double space between each line.
  • If you have your name and date on the top of every page, always put an extra line between that info and the actual text of your paper.
  • Don’t go overboard with these tips, or your professor will notice.

Umbrella Movement , Occupy Central
Im so proud to be one of the Hong Kong people
Not only adults but students come out to protest peacefully
Tear gas, pepper spray, rainstorm wont stop us and our heart
Im so proud too to be in one of them, to be titles the most polite protester in the world
We clean the road, we clear away the rubbish, we gave out free foods and drinks to one another
And not even a single store is damage

Hereby I call on the world to raise the awareness, we are fighting for democracy, for freedom

Whether your home is tiny or you just want room for more rad stuff, these lifesavers are for you. 1. A Strainer Meets Cutting Board 2. A completely flat folding chair folditure.com 3. A freestanding table tennis net that doubles as a heat mat…

My gosh, students out there check this out. These are so perfect for dorm/university/student life.

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Can I get a few pointers for a beginning college student as myself? I'm only taking 11 units total but I'm new and stuff and I'm scared of failing.

Everything is going to be ok.

College really isn’t that different than high school. You will probably have to study a little more and your professors may not baby their students like in high school, but you will adjust pretty quickly.

Here are a few blogs we wrote with freshmen in mind. I think they will help:

Hi! My name is Ally, I’m 19 and I’m currently in my second semester of college. That’s me and my mom in the picture, on my graduation day. I was so excited to attend college after graduating, but I realized very quickly that it wouldn’t come easy. I’m from New Jersey, but I have always wanted to live in Florida and attend a college there. So, for my first semester, I attended a community college in Jacksonville in an effort to save money. However, I knew immediately that community college wasn’t right for me. I had trouble making friends because of the age difference of the students in my classes, and I found the courses to be unchallenging. I’ve always wanted to have the best education I can get, and I dreamed of attending a university ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to experience life on campus with other students my age, challenge myself in my courses, and to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse in order to help people in the world after I graduate from college. I was accepted into the University of South Florida in Tampa, and I was so excited because it was my dream school. However, since I moved to Florida from New Jersey on October 1st, 2013, I did not qualify for in-state tuition for my first semester. Although I officially became a Florida resident on October 1st, 2014, the school did not make an exception for me; I will have to pay the full out-of-state tuition cost for Fall 2014. I was awarded all of the financial aid that I could recieve by the school, and now my only option left is to take out another loan under my mom’s name. This isn’t a possibility for me because my mom has already taken out loans in her name for her own tuition, and she is still paying them off. So I am left with the balance of my Fall tuition, $7,406.16, which is the total after the financial aid has been applied. I was also depending on financial aid to supply me with extra money to pay for rent and my own expenses because I do not live on campus; I live on my own. The amount I hope to raise, $15,000, will cover my tuition as well as rent and expenses, at least until I am able to take out another loan next year. I’m hoping I can get just a little bit of help to help me fulfill my dream and continue to attend college and become a nurse. Thank you for reading my story. Even the smallest amount will help me greatly.

Here is the link to my GoFundMe page if you’d like to help.


Thank you for reading, and if you can’t help, please share and reblog this post so that it can reach people who may be able to help.