Chloe Perrin Shares Highlights From the Venice Biennale

Perrin Paris’s creative director Chloe Perrin is no stranger to Venice. “I lived in Venice for a bit of time when I was a student working at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum,” she says. “I’m lucky I found a room to rent from an old Italian architect who guided me through town to his favorite local spots, away from the countless tourists. I have been going back for the Biennale - this is my second - ever since, and walys make time to go back to my favorite places.”

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21.May.2015 // In my first semester of my masters starting in September I’m taking an Advanced Literary Theory course, and the one I chose is on I.A. Richards’ Practical Criticism. I took a class on his theory in undergrad and found it difficult, so I decided to make a little study book on large notecards on each theoretical chapter. I’m definitely channeling Hermione’s know-the-material-before-start-of-term attitude! Also re-watching Downton Abbey :)

American Economic Policy Is Counter Productive and Inhumane

Social Security and free school lunch used to guarantee a modest standard of living for many Americans. Unfortunately these programs are often blamed for our economic woes, they’re declared wasteful and promptly cut. In order to have a strong economy we need strong workers, students, and elderly people who are well taken care of. We need people who can afford to spend, but more importantly we need people who can afford to live. The United States is the most wealthy country on the planet during the most wealthy time in the history of the world. The idea that we cannot afford these programs is ludicrous. The idea that we can’t afford these programs, but we proceed to give billionaires and multi billion dollar multinational corporations tax breaks, that is INSANE. Bernie Sanders has consistently fought for the working and middle classes and has never bowed down to Wall Street or corporate interests. Nobody else running for president can say that. Nobody else will help change the status quo for everybody. Nobody, except Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders 2016!

21:54 - First of all, sorry for the lack of pictures/updates, my phone is dead and I have another phone instead, but it doesn’t work that well either…

Today, I did archery with my economics class, because my school organized a a sports week. It was my first time doing it and I really liked it. Tomorrow, I will have to run with the whole school and I am not looking forward to this at all.

Futhermore, we will maybe have an economics test tomorrow, because our teacher doesn’t announce the test anymore, since there was a lot of absents in my economic class… This really sucks. I couldn’t learn last week and this week, because I had really important mock exams… I don’t know how they want us to manage to learn for our baccalauréat if we have like 8 exams + oral exams etc. a week… My French Literature and Sciences is the 12th June and I barely started to learn correctly for those… I can’t find the time to also study for my bac. 

My Study Routine

Today I’m going to share with you my study routine. Since I am basically clueless on what to share right now, I decided maybe sharing with you how I study wouldn’t be so bad.

Prior to studying, I drink a glass of water.
I’m not sure if there is a scientific study about it or if other people do it too, but personally I find that it works for me. I live in a tropical country and right now we are experiencing a hot climate. I wouldn’t want to feel exhausted while doing problem sets because of dehydration. It also helps condition my mind into thinking that it’s time to study by doing a small ritual as such.

I also listen to music while studying.
I have no idea why but I think I have now conditioned my mind to focus whenever I am listening to music, classical music in particular. I listen particularly to baroque music. Without music, I tend to feel agitated like I can’t stay put. Although sometimes I listen to my favorite songs (The Used, anyone?). If you want to listen to baroque music, you can always listen online in sites like Spotify. But if you’re like me and you prefer keeping an offline stash of your music to save in your pc/music player/smartphone, here are some links where I download mine (don’t worry, it’s not from torrent sites. I find that there are legal places to download them, too):

  • Baroque Music Library from Arton has a LOT. I plan on buying an album from them someday to support them!
    • Contemplation - Has 20 tracks from various baroque composers. It’s the first album I downloaded from them and I love it to bits!
    • The Barocophile - 158 minutes worth of Baroque music! Contains a lovely concoction of baroque pieces from various composers. Know that some tracks aren’t as they are named to be: I wonder why?
  • Complete Mozart Piano Sonatas from the Internet Archive
    • Although it has been proven that Mozart’s music does not really increase one’s IQ, his music is still good. At first I do find it “noisy”, however I learned to adapt and I believe it has helped me focus as well.
  • Vivaldi’s Four Seasons from the Free Music Archive

I’m pretty sure there’s more out there, but personally Arton’s collection is enough to keep me occupied :D

It’s going to get repetitive, but I do pomodoros, too.
I use the app pomodairo. It runs on all systems that support Adobe AIR. Other than being a timer, it also has a list and a counter for how many pomodoros you’re going to do per task and how many you have done. It’s lightweight, can stay on top (useful when it’s break time!), and the timer can be customized. Personally, I set my timer to 30 minutes work and 10 minutes break when doing problem sets.

Here’s a screenie of my desktop when I study:

As you can see, I keep pomodairo on the upper right corner. Here I’m just showing you my music player. When I study, sometimes I keep it that way and other times I keep it minimized.

There you have it! This is how I study. Feel free to share me yours~!

Oh, it's that time of year

Mom: My daughter is very upset about being pulled for additional help from her study hall class. This is unacceptable.
Me: You called and asked me to start pulling her last week for fluency. Would you like to cancel that intervention plan?
Mom: No. She needs the support.
Me: So you’d like me to work with her on fluency without seeing her?
Mom: Yes. Well, no. Clearly, that’s impossible, but pulling her is unacceptable.
Me: Clearly.

Mom: Can you tell my son that the reason he can’t have two electives next year is because you’re requiring him to take this reading class? I don’t want him to be mad at me.
Me: No.

Oh, please tell me I am not alone pushing through the crazy.