I’d like to think I wasn’t a bad person during my younger days. Well, except for that time I tried to stab a boy with a carving tool in pottery class (he had been making fun of me for months but he probably just liked me???) that led to a school suspension. I also served a bunch of detentions during high school (usually for chewing gum or writing on my hand or wearing clothes with too many holes in them). Oh, and my best friend (who I haven’t seen in nearly 15 years) used to sell drugs in the park by her house and her boyfriend was in and out of jail (guess what for???). But all in all I was a pretty decent kid who just happened to be hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was like Lindsay Weir on the tv show Freaks and Geeks. Hey, at least they’re more interesting, right?

Anyway, I am glad I didn’t grow up in Germany during the 1600s. Private jail cells, known as studentenkarzers, were designated rooms the size of an apartment to punish unruly students. They were once the norm at many German universities between 1778 to 1914. One survives in its original state at Heidelberg University. Up some rickety stairs, visitors can see a graffiti-covered room with its original fixtures, like iron frame beds and wooden tables. Every inch of wall is filled with family crests, fraternity house symbols, scribbled spontaneous poems and silhouettes of the captive student’s faces capped with the red cap of the University uniform. Friends held together would line their faces in a group portrait, usually with signatures and the date of confinement. There is a door (now locked) that once allowed student prisoners to enter the Old University for classes during their stay. Imprisonment usually lasted from a couple of days to four weeks. Over time, being jailed in the studentenkarzer became a rite of passage for many students. Eventually visitors were allowed and the jails devolved into party rooms, where the locked-up students would invite people over to celebrate their incarceration. The Heidelberg Tourist Office describes “the much-coveted stay in the ‘Student Prison’ for such offenses as disturbing the peace, womanising, unruly drunkenness, and setting the townspeople’s pigs free.” Today the prison offers a brief glimpse into student life pre-World War I.

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Despite the rain, it was a good trip out to Waterloo (about 1 hour’s drive west of Toronto) to one of the best guitar shops I know, Folkway Music, where I found this lovely vintage 1966 Fender student model called the Musicmaster.  

The price was right and my credit card needed a workout (he’s been spending most of his time stationary in my wallet lately…it was time to get him out for some exercise! 

It weighs in at 6 lbs 11.5 ounces, so it’s not featherweight, but it is still well within my limit on schnitzengruben…er…I mean “weight”!  Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben. 7 lbs, 8 ounces is my limit on guitar weight!  :D

Tips for test taking

Mindless Auto thoughts can help limit stress. As humans, a lot of our day to day interactions are actually mindless thought engagements. Such as when you think of a pretty girl and all the things you want to do to her, or when you are at a restaurant and the waiter says “Enjoy your meal!” and you reply “You too!” 

Some mindless auto thoughts can help reduce stress and even help you on an exam. If you selectively choose your thoughts. Music can give you that feel good vibe and make you more confident while you’re taking a test! Flooding your stream with serotonin and dopamine. Thinking about masturbation and sex during an exam can greatly limit your chances of feeling stressed during an exam, after all, we are just humans! The exam is just a test of life, and an experience as is everything. If you fill your subconscious mind with positive experiences, you are more likely to do well on your exam. 

Also, if you memorize some of your notes to songs it will greatly increase the chances of you memorizing the answers that will be on your exam. Music activates several areas of the brain at once, so you’ll create a much larger neural network.

Environment can play tricks on your mind causing you to feel like the test is more serious than it actually is, especially if your walls are gray and the ceilings are high, and the carpet has brown swirls over a blue background. It can cause our subconscious mind to think that this is a very serious environment and somewhat unfriendly, it’s not colorful like in Kindergarten, which never gave any stress at all. It was all fun and games.

As well as two professors patrolling the class, just knowing that they are thinking of possibly taking your exam away can make one feel stressed and when we feel stressed we are likely to choose incorrect answers on our exam. It is best to remain calm, besides; if they are to take your exam away it is because you have finished your exam and you’re confident enough with your answers. The test is over. You see? Some people might think it’s suspecting that you have cheated and they will take your exam away, just change the scenario in your head and do not feel stressed. 

Power poses can increases serotonin and dopamine. By raising your head up towards the sky which is a sign that says you are confident and is a position towards success you can increase the likeliness of doing well on your exam, it’s like a double shot of coffee. As opposed to slouching over like a hunchback and as though you have a daunting task to perform. Make yourself comfortable, make that exam your bitch.

I sometimes like to think of the professor as a raid level boss that the class has to defeat together. There is a lot of brain power between the entire class that is wasted on certain unnecessary experiences such as the thoughts we mindlessly think about, or choose ourself. Instead, we should combine our psyches for the answers that we have studied for and brainstorm! Test taking is actually like brainstorming. 

Perspective helps a lot when test taking, so does the way that one acts. Don’t you see that we tend to BELIEVE the way that we ACT? What if you reflected some of your nervous energy at someone who was more confident in what they were doing and acted like them, you might just do well because you are now also acting like you are performing better. 

Enjoy, and good luck on your exam!

anonymous said:

Do you know any online resources for fashion & photography studies?

You should look up MOOCs. It stands for Massive Open Online Course.

You can take courses in areas of study for free. It’s not accredited obviously, so you won’t be getting a degree or anything. But you can learn a lot.

Khan Academy is a really good one. Open2Study is another one with photography classes. There are tons of sites that offer classes though. Just search for MOOCs.

There are also some who charge a little money for some classes like Lynda and CreativeLive. *Don’t give anyone any money online though unless you know for sure it’s reputable.*

An educational institution is like a mold, a student is like the raw materials that will be used by the mold to shape it and turn it into a ‘finished’ product. No matter how high the quality of the raw material is, if the mold is broken, it will still affect the product. So if you truly want a ‘perfect’ product, please think wisely and creatively and spend some time to fix the mold and ‘perfect’ it.

Because seriously, you can’t simply say the product is broken because of the deficiency of the raw material when in fact it was your mold that is broken in the first place.