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Is Living at home vs. leasing an apartment better for undergrad?

Living at home saves you a lot of money.If you’re not self-motivated having your parents around is a pretty good reminder that you should be studying instead of procrastinating. Also, you don’t have to deal with feeling homesick.

Leasing an apartment gives you more freedom. This isespecially nice if your parents are the overbearing types. And trust us, you’ll miss them and recognize their good intentions after you move out. Getting an apartment can also shorten your commute to class. You get to decorate and socialize as you please but it can also be overwhelming being away from the support of your parents. Being away from home is part of the “full college experience”.

Living in a dorm is a great way to make the transition from living at home to being on your own. Dorms give you some guidelines and restrictions that can help keep you from feeling to overwhelmed. Dorms also eliminate commute, they usually have study rooms, and they have social events. 

Here are some good blogs to read about housing in college:

Personally, the only semester I got a 4.0 was when I lived at home during the fall of my junior year. But my mom drove me crazy. Also, I was able to maintain a 3.75 GPA away from home. It really all depends on you.

If you do decide to move out, read this blog about college roommates.

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