Fire Glass :O

Fire glass produces more heat than real wood, and is also environmentally friendly. It gives off no smoke, it is odorless and does not produce ash. You are able to stay toasty warm without cutting down trees and the specially formulated glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.

When everyone else crumbled from the outside, bit by bit. Her apperance remained, in tact and unscratched. So she reached outward with all of her branches to piece together the crumbling beings around her.

All the while, the pressure mounts until her limbs are torn from her trunk to release whats been building inside, ripping them from the barely standing stuctures around her.

Is she selfish to piece herself back together?
Is she defected for not being to handle what had already crushed the rest?

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The Frozen Theory-
●Rapunzels parents are related to each
●Rapunzel is older than her two cousins who are Elsa and Anna
●Elsa and Anna’s parents wanted to go to Rapunzels wedding but couldn’t then there was a storm and they got lost which leads to the Ariel and the Tarzan Theory
●The King and Queen had a baby in a jungle which lead to the tarzan theory
●Tarzan is the youngest of the royal family
●tarzan also looks like the Queen of Arindelle (I guess that’s how you spell it) and king (because of face stucture (I guess that’s how you spell it)) also looks like Rapunzels family

Demolition Inc

Demolition Inc Control: Use mouse to place bombs. Click detonator to blow it! Description: You have been hired by Demolition Inc for 30 days. Complete the daily tasks the best you can in order to keep your job, and finish the month with more money than the other workers! There are three type of task: Demolition: destroy the stuctures and keep all the pieces under the line. Recycle: put in the truck the waste to be recycled. The minimum weight is stated in a signpost. Rescue: save the worker by making him fall on the firefighters’ life net Use your money in the shop to buy accessories and dinamite pieces.


Embellished by Abandonment and Neglect

This temple served as a Buddhist monastery and university and was build in the honor of the king’s family. It was originally known as Rajavihara which literally means “monastery of the king”.

After the fall of the empire, it was then abandoned and neglected [for centuries] and started to embrace by nature.

According to pioneering Angkor scholar Maurice Glaize, Ta Prohm was singled out because it was “one of the most imposing [temples] and the one which had best merged with the jungle, but not yet to the point of becoming a part of it”[1].

Looking around Ta Prohm, the trees seem hungrily eating the stuctures, but the effect was surpassingly splendid that awed me to silence (I covered my mouth and said to myself “Wow, this is amazing!).

If you can remember the movie “Tomb Raider”, those scenes were filmed from here.

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