Sebastian Stan in The Architect (2006)

When the sun goes down and the lights burn out
Then it’s time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
'Cause its time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are… tonight

cvclops asked:

Headcanon where post WS Bucky won't talk to anyone, not even Steve. Won't say a word. He just sits silently. But one day Clint has his dog, and all of a sudden the silence is broken by Bucky whispering to the dog, inaudible. Then an apology. Another. Soon, Bucky is sobbing, arms wrapped around the dog, apologizing over and over. Because he feels like this dog is the only one who will accept him anymore. The only one who won't judge him for what he's done. The only one who could still love him.

you read it right. we are doing a tumblr awards for you surrounded around the winter soldier

there are a few rules
  • agent thirteen (best URL)
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other info
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  • will end 28 september 
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good luck

cvclops asked:

I've been thinking a lot about post WS Bucky, and how when he recovers and eventually moves in with Steve, he'll have trouble falling asleep laying down, in a bed, when he's spent the past 70 years in and out of standing frozen stasis. I wonder how many nights he wakes up gasping, sweating through his clothes, yet somehow unable to shake the cold from his bones. I wonder how many blankets Steve brings him to stave this feeling. And I bet Steve understands. I bet he still deals with it, himself.

Hey, thanks for leaving yet another haunting headcanon in my inbox, especially considering that horrible thing I did to your last one.  ^^;;;

I feel like some of this has been covered in my fridge comic, but I’m a big sucker for Winter Soldier sleep issues and Steve also dealing with stuff, so here goes — a quick drabble.


Bucky didn’t know how to sleep.  At all.  He could doze off a bit — 10, 15 minutes, maybe 30 if he’s lucky, but anything longer he’s jolted awake, panicked and in pain, as if he’d just received an electric shock.  The file on the Winter Soldier has very specific documentation on why — sleep led to dreams led to confusion and disobedience, so the Winter Soldier was kept either on ice or awake.  Measures were taken to guarantee that.  It’s rare he was needed for more than a day or two anyway.

Knowing that didn’t help the sleep issue.

At first Bucky didn’t want to worry Steve.  Sure, Steve read the same file as he did, so when he first returned, Steve insisted on keeping Bucky company at night, sitting by his bedside as he dozed and jolted awake in a cold sweat, over and over and over.  Every 30 minutes like clockwork.  But that meant Steve didn’t sleep, either, and that was more important.  So by the third night Bucky started pretending to sleep.  He’d close his eyes, slow his breathing and heart rate, thoroughly relaxed his muscles, and then start counting the seconds in his head.  Three hours is ten thousand eight hundred, six hours is twenty-one thousand six hundred.  Sometimes he counted in Russian.  Other times, French.  On rare occasions, Chinese or Korean.  It meant he actually got less sleep, but it meant Steve got more, so Bucky called it a win.

Steve confronted him about it a week later, when they were making dinner.  “Bucky, you haven’t been sleeping.”

"What do you mean?  I’ve been sleeping like a babe the whole week."  Bucky tried to keep his tone neutral as he sliced the carrots into thin slivers.

"Your arm — it makes a lower-pitched noise when you’re actually asleep."  Steve stated matter-of-factly.  Bucky silently cursed that super-soldier enhanced hearing.  Then Steve did that thing where he looked down and smiled.  "I prefer if you didn’t pretend with me, Buck."

Maybe it was Steve’s disappointed and resigned smile, maybe it was because Bucky hadn’t slept a wink in a week, but he blew up at Steve.  His left hand darted out and pushed Steve against the refrigerator.  “Look, Steve, stop it.  Don’t stay up with me.  Just accept that they broke that part of me and let me figure it out.”  Bucky felt angry, but he wasn’t sure who the anger was directed towards.  Not Steve.  Never Steve.  He forced his heart rate and breathing to slow, then, more calmly, “You still need to take down more HYDRA bases and save the planet from aliens, and you can’t do that on 2 hours of sleep, super serum or no.”  Somewhere in the process his knife got embedded in a cabinet door. 

Steve just stare at him, then past him and out the window.

"Bucky, if I slept in my own bed I’d sleep even less."  Steve said, quietly.  "I close my eyes and all I can think about is the look on your face as you fell.  My brain runs through all the ways I could have saved you, all the decisions I could have made differently."  Steve smiled. "Last night I came up with the two thousand thirty-first while I waited for your arm to calm down."

"Wait, you… you were faking it too?"  Bucky didn’t know what was worse — that all his effort had gone to waste, or that he didn’t figure it out.  The old Bucky would have figured it out.  He wasn’t ready to be here with Steve.  He needed to re-calibrate…   Steve grabbed him before he could turn and run, and pulled Bucky in, tight.

"BUCKY," Steve whispered, voice tight with urgency.  "Stay.  Don’t leave me again."  Bucky looked at Steve, not quite registering his words.  "But when I’m around, you…." 

"I sleep *better." Steve said firmly.  "When you’re here.  When you’re not pretending."

Bucky put his head down on Steve’s shoulder, all tension gone and feeling just so tired.  “Steve.  You shouldn’t… I don’t…I still can’t…”

"It’s all right, Bucky."  Steve held him close.  "We have a better chance of figuring it out together."  And Bucky believed him.



ETA: hey this went past 50 notes, so I’ve added it to my Captain America Stuff master post.

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cvclops asked:

Steve and Bucky eating at a fancy restaurant after the events of WS. Steve wearing his button-down/khakis grandpa outfit, and Bucky wearing a wife-beater tank, his metal arm covered by Steve’s brown leather jacket, only the hand revealed so as to not disturb the diners. Bucky would be kind of abashed, and looking at the menu, but Steve would be proudly staring at the man he loves completely unashamed, because they can finally be together again. Thought I'd give you a happier one. :)

ohymg od thank you <33333333333333

cvclops asked:

Headcanon where post WS Bucky won't talk to anyone, not even Steve. Won't say a word. He just sits silently. But one day Clint has his dog, and all of a sudden the silence is broken by Bucky whispering to the dog, inaudible. Then an apology. Another. Soon, Bucky is sobbing, arms wrapped around the dog, apologizing over and over. Because he feels like this dog is the only one who will accept him anymore. The only one who won't judge him for what he's done. The only one who could still love him.

Hey, stuckycharms, thanks for sending me a headcanon. (I really like getting these in my inbox!)  Unfortunately, I am *so* not a dog person.  Cats, I understand — they’re like roommates — you take care of the food, they do their business, and sometimes you hang out.  With dogs, I’m like “who are you, what do you want, why do you keep looking at me.”

So this is like the antithesis of what you asked for, but I didn’t want your message to linger in my inbox just because I don’t understand dogs.  I present: a quick 20 minute doodle of Winter Soldier Bucky with cat:

Decided to make up a limited palette for it, which was fun.  The cat’s doing that cat thing where she’s picked the most comfortable yet awkward place to sleep (maybe his arm gives off heat or something — great time to bring back my "Bucky actually runs warmer than Steve" headcanon.)  And for WS Bucky, it’s just nice to have a creature around who isn’t scared of him (Clint) or excessively worried about him (Steve) or trying too hard to talk to him (Sam) or trying too hard to give him space (Nat), and just … is.

cvclops asked:

well, then in that case, i am super excited to be a part of it. you know what i was thinking about earlier today? how cool would a young justice movie be, like live action? i think marvel/dc need to consider giving their younger teams a chance, since it'll be relatable to so many people. i don't know, i think that'd be awesome. it's nice to meet you, bethany! :)

It would be amazing, and like… I think that the Young Justice team offers some real chance at some diversity in the film industry, in terms of story yes, but also IN TERMS OF THE KINDS OF YOUNG ACTORS WHO GET CASTED. If they’d actually cast the properly. It REALLY FRUSTRATES ME when I’m trying to fancast them because it’s really hard to find people who are appropriate who are actually known actors (that I can find pictures of) and what that tells me is that actors who would be appropriate for the roles are not being given adequate opportunity to be well-known enough for me to know who they are.

I’m not a trans person and so I can’t speak for those people and I’m not sure about people who say that M’gann’s issue is a metaphor for trans people, though I can certainly see how someone who had trouble identifying with their assigned at birth identity in any way might relate to her story a lot.

Then you have Artemis who is mixed race and who has a really emotionally (and in some ways physically, though he was teaching her to fight for herself) abusive father. People fancast her as white all the time, and it drives me insane. I have seen a number of Asian actresses with blonde hair, and while I’m not sure that any of them are Vietnamese it’s still a lot better than the hundreds of times I’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence and Alona Tal.

And I’m not really sure about the historicity of all of this, but I read somewhere once that Dick had some Roma background in his family. Like not that he is necessarily half-Roma or anything like that (though I think that maybe at his inception this was in fact the case) but that it was there. Again, I’m not Roma so I can’t speak for anyone, but I’m not sure how much the whole circus aspect of his background might be that there was a racial stereotype being played into there and how much of it would be that his having that background would have increased the likelihood that this would be the case. Anyway, I think that DC forgot about this for the most part a long time ago, from what I know, but I do think that it was at one point a thing and I’m just saying. Also, apart from Asa Butterfield and like Matt Bomer and a couple of others, it’s hard to think of actors who fit the fair-skinned, dark-haired, blue-eyed male category (which surprises me, but maybe I’m just not turning over the right rocks). And it’s especially hard to find one that would fit the rest of Dick’s athletic, acrobatic physical description either as a small, limber child or the more lean-buff, big adult he becomes.

And then Wally. I know that again people tend to roll their eyes (understandably so) at the idea that there’s a type of white male there’s not enough of in the film industry, but I challenge you to find a really ginger teenage male actor. I mean, I say challenge, but if you can find me one then I’d really like to know. Again, I’m just babbling from my own observations and not from any stance of authority, but it really does seem to be there there is a conspicuous absence of red-haired men. And even the ones we have tend to end up having their hair dyed blonde or darker for the roles they take on. There’s probably some kind of historical or even present prejudice at play there, but seriously I just want an appropriate casting choice for Wally. Wally is a redhead and yet I cannot find a redhead of his age and build to cast as him AT ALL and I’ve tried off and on for years. The only red-haired young men I find at all tend to be in the sort of alternative, high fashion world as models, and their general presentation doesn’t tend to work as a visual representation of Wally for that reason. And again, it seems like you can only be a non-brunet male under really specific circumstances. I mean, Steve Rogers is blond because that’s a very specific, conscious choice in terms of the spirit of his character. And I can think of a few others, but despite my above-mentioned issue finding a good choice for Dick, it seems like that MOST white male actors who find success are dark-haired. I mean, Barry Allen, Wally’s uncle, seems to be typically depicted as blond-ish in the comics and cartoons, but even though I think he’s an excellent casting choice aesthetically in every other way, he’s been adaptation-dyed into a rather dark brunet in the form of Grant Gustin in the Arrow-verse.

Again, I think that maybe DC just favors kind of unusual-color-combination characters (they have a TREMENDOUS number of red-haired characters if you’ve ever noticed, male and female, even though red hair is NOT that genetically common) but Conner might be the EASIEST to cast, but Superboy also falls in the dark hair/blue eyed/white male category that seems weirdly hard to find matches for.

And Kaldur, again, there are black young men in movies sometimes but I would just love to see him actually on live action film. Because If eel like that his type of solemn, cerebral, and yet active character type is not something that gets headlined a lot because of like… tokenism or the fetishization of a particular type of black person to complement the other white characters. (Again, I’m white, and I don’t mean to talk over anybody and I’m sorry if this is inappropriate to say. I do try to be careful.)

And RAQUEL. She kind of is weirdly slotted in in the cartoon, and I am excited to see how much if any more I get to see of her in the tie-in comic, but I looked her up on Wikipedia the other day to learn more about her. And it turns out that she had the distinction of being like I think the first African American female superhero character or something like that? And also there is the fact that I think she was the first teen mother depicted in comics to choose to keep her baby (Stephanie Brown had a teen pregnancy but gave up her child for adoption). And I’m not sure how much of that would necessarily make it into a film adaptation, but just what I read about her seemed like she really was the type of person to take charge in her own life and I would like to see more of her. From what I understand, even though she had the ‘sidekick’ role and Icon the superhero/Justice League member role at first, she was the one who was the driving force behind them becoming such.

And finally I guess I’ll limit my discussion to the original team, so I have Zatanna and Roy left. Again, as much as I think Colton Haynes needs like… an attitude makeover or seven even from what I’ve heard without looking into it very deeply, I’ve seen him on Arrow and I think from my understanding of the character that this is a good depiction of Roy Harper for the purposes of that universe. But again, because DC loves red hair, we have another adaptation dye job. And Zatanna, I’m not really sure what her background is supposed to be, though again we have dark hair/blue eyes, but her dad’s name is Giovanni, and I’ve tried to find out if ‘Zatara’ is a real surname but I haven’t turned up much. So anyway, my assumption is that again among the characters she might be easier-cast among known or semi-known actresses, but still I kind of assumed that she might be Italian.

Anyway, if they ever did do it, like I said I think that if they would not cast white-as-default or close-enough or whatever to the best of their ability, it would be a really interesting, diverse group of superheroes. But in the meantime I just frown and headscratch at my extremely and frustratingly incomplete fancast.

I’m publishing this just in case someone has some suggests for me because I really like fancasting. I have a few names but I won’t mention them here so I can maybe make a post later but ugh they’re SO HARD because Hollywood is so homogenous.

Get to know me

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Name: Summer
Birthday: August 29th 1997
Favourite color: green or sky blue
Lucky numbers: 7, 11 and 22
Height: 5’3
Talents: Uhhhmm im pretty fast learner i guess?
Last dream you remember: oh uhh this one was super weird and basically the jist of it was that i was on a deserted island and sebastian stan was there protecting this sacred cave and when i tried to go near it he started shooting red lazers out of his eyes and trying to kill me and the other people i was on the island with…..idk it was so fucked up
Can you juggle: yes, im not very good at it but i can do it a little bit
Art/sports/both: both
Do you like writing: umm idk maybe sometimes
Do you like dancingYES
Do you like singing: i wouldnt consider myself very good but yes i like to because it makes me happy.

Dream vacation: uhmm ooo i dont know maybe ireland to go see all the old castles or italy
Dream gal person: chris evans or sebastian stan *sigh* my heart hurts
Dream wedding: a cute small little wedding …i dont want to explain much more cuz you guys will all think im a huge dork soo yea..
Dream pet: a dragon
Dream job:i really have no idea..maybe a therapist, physical therapist or have my own bakery :3
Favourite song: oh..i honestly dont changes like every other day hehe
Favourite album: i dont think i have onee
Last song you heard on the radio: i dont know it was some weird fucken song that my brother was listening to in the car…
Least favourite song: idk, there is probably a lot
Least favourite album: I dont have one..
Least favourite artist: There is prob a lot but if i had to choose one based on music and the way they act/treat people i would say justin bieber

Guys/girls/both: Guys.
Hair colour: any.. it doesnt really matter to me :}
Eye colour: any colour :33
Humorous/serious: if i had to choose one i would say humorous more than serious. (but knows how to be serious when he needs to be)
Taller/shorter: Taller
Biggest turn-off: Shallow, bossy, arrogant, mean
Biggest turn-on: Empathetic, kind, funny, deep thinker, and a huge dork :]

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Name: Beth
Birthday: August 17th 1993
Favourite color: Neon Green
Lucky numbers: 7
Height: 5”4
Talents: Failing at life
Last dream you remember: I was on the run from this weird organisation, and then I was hiding in a house and it was Chris Evans’ and so I jumped out of window and then he followed me.
Can you juggle: Nope
Art/sports/both: Art
Do you like writing: No
Do you like dancingYes
Do you like singing: Yes

Dream vacation: New Zealand
Dream gal person: Chris Evans
Dream wedding: I don’t really want a wedding
Dream pet: Newfoundland
Dream job: UX Designer
Favourite song: Right now Happy Little Pill 
Favourite album: Currently The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1
Last song you heard on the radio: I can’t remember, it was two days ago
Least favourite song: Too many
Least favourite album: I don’t have one
Least favourite artist: Justin Bieber 

Guys/girls/both: Guys
Hair colour: Either
Eye colour: Any
Humorous/serious: Humorous
Taller/shorter: Taller
Biggest turn-off: Arrogant, stuck up, can’t laugh at themselves, 
Biggest turn-on: Smile, humour, patient, spontaneous

cvclops asked:

Well that Whispers video of yours officially ruined me. Especially "this one comes and this one goes." How dare you, sir! My eyes are sweating profusely.

oH YM GOD I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE aND I’M SORRY THAT IT ruined you. x) this lyric just fits the game so i had to you use it. i wAS SOBBING WHILE MAKING it. 

stuckycharms replied to your post: dreamers-wonderland said:Have you…

is it only on DVD in Europe? Because I live in the US and it’s barely in theaters. It is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. And it’s a graphic novel. With two parts. So where Snowpiercer ends, the second one picks up. Can’t wait to read both.

I think there are already DVD in Europe! I’m in Hong Kong, um Asia actually, the film is showing in December, 2013 around the world except North America already, without the Weinstein issues…so it was first cinema then DVD. I still haven’t read the second part! I didn’t know there’s one! Thanks for telling me

stuckycharms replied to your post “YOOOO OMG I saw snowpiercer a couple weeks ago and I’m still like wtf. I walked into that movie like fuck yeah chris evans is gonna be so cute this is gonna be great and then it bitch slapped me with its dystopian society and all this fucked up shit and I came out of that movie like holy shit I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT”

snowpiercer support group network 2014; who’s in? i’d join in a fucking heartbeat

i’m making a network for it

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Joel or Ellie? :)

Y THIS oh okay. I choose Ellie, she is such a badass babe girl and I love her a lot. ;u;

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