The Treadmill

Suddenly, this sunday night a rare question pops into my mind. I was thinking how strange it is, that everyone works five days a week. You work so you can earn money to feed yourself and to spend on other things. That’s just how it is. But what if nobody had to work, what would everybody do all day ? If you think about, it’s pretty insane how much time you spend your life working. 

Let’s take an average workday at the office. You have a 9-to-5 job. Everyday you’re exhausted of the work you do, so in the afternoon you don’t do much. Everyday is a copy of the day before. The weekends are your only day offs, which means that those two days are the only days that you can do what you want to do. That’s absurd, right ?!

It’s kinda like a treadmill. You are constantly running, running for the money you need. When you get the money, you repeat the process and it all stops when you retire. Nobody likes it, yet we all do it. Centuries ago we decided to invent money. I think nowadays, money is working against us. It’s self-destruction. 

All this brings me to the ‘purpose’ of life. Working. Is thát what you have to do most of your time, is that the ‘purpose’ ? Sometimes, I wonder how the world would look like without money. Would we still work crazy like this ?


anonymous asked:

heres ur compliment • rad blog dude heres your sttory • so i was born early and my mom didnt know i was going to be born so she tried to kill me :// now she buys me chocolate on a sunday instead of going to church #familyproblems and heres ur question • are you bisexual bc i live for ur blog and youre postinf a lot about bi and i support you but im just askin k bye

okay first of all THANK YOU FOR PUTTING SOMETHING IN MY ASK and thanks for the compliment and story! <3

And uhm, I actually have like no idea what sexuality I have, I’m still wondering a bit.. (I’m guessing I’m bisexual, but I don’t want to put a label on myself or something just yet.) Anyway, the main reason why I post a lot about bisexuality etc is because I support it ^^