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Grimmy doesn’t remember all their names. George is not impressed.

(Requested by my dear friend,Grimmygang.)

stsstuff reblogged your post: see, heres what i dont get about false rape…

Are you denying that false rape allegations ever happen? Because that makes you look ignorant and like youre in deep…

looks like the post was deleted, buuut here’s what i’d written:

I didn’t once say they never happen. They don’t happen nearly as often as people like you seem to think (and most of the studies I’ve read have suggested that most “false allegations” occur when a rape did happen and the wrong person was accused, which is important to take into account)…but sure, they happen.

In fact, my OP was founded on the assumption that they do. And now you’re derailing. Because you’re obnoxious.

Every single post shitsstuff has ever made regarding "feminism", ever

stsstuff: I’m not saying that all feminists are men hating nazis… but all feminists are men hating nazis, and I have cherry-picked certain posts which proves that I’m right, even though I’m using examples of women who don’t know what feminism really is, instead of posts that show what actually is feminism (i.e. men and woman should be treated as equals).

stsstuff reblogged your post: Forgetting for a second that false rape charges…

Way to read between the lines there, champ. I wasn’t saying all mentally disturbed people commit rape. I only said…

Yeah, I really don’t give a shit about what you’re saying here. Even if you weren’t horribly ableist, you completely lost me when you said that education doesn’t stop rape when there are studies that show YES, EDUCATION DOES INDEED BRING DOWN SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE RATES. You also lost me when you said that people know that rape is wrong, because you clearly either haven’t been paying attention to anything ever or you live in an alternate demension where people actually know rape is bad. Also, “read between the lines”? You’re literally trying to tell me that the main reason rape happens is because of mental illness. I don’t have to look for some deeper meaning behind your words when the premise of them is horrible and ignorant as fuck.

Bye bye you ableist piece of shit.

I’m done with this guy I hate letting him have the last word but I’m not gonna argue with some fuckin twat over the internet during my christmas break i have hot chocolate to drink