The Camilla d'Errico plate, cup & saucer and teapot set is now available for purchase from Strychnin Gallery.

Each piece is a limited edition of 10 only produced by The New English. Prices are available upon request.  

Follow the link for the preview of all the artist’s pieces, including Ray Caesar, Chris Mars, Nathan Jurevicious, Camilla d'Errico, Lola, Mimi, Jason Jacenko and more.


Tonight I went to the opening of The Mad Potter’s Tea Party, a show by The New English and Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.  

The New English is a new, contemporary, ceramics company that works in fine bone china, in classic shapes, but with a contemporary twist to the designs. I must say, the quality was all there.  

And the artists in the show were second to none. Of course Camilla had a few pieces, but also David Stoupakis, Lola, Chris Mars, Ray Caesar, Nathan Jurevicious, and many more.

Every piece was stunning - some gilded with silver, gold, or platinum. There were vases, tea pots, cups, saucers, dinner plates … all are limited edition, some were even one of a kinds. Talking to the owner of The New English, they’ve got big plans for the future, plans that Camilla will be a part of!

And the place was packed!! Non stop people from 7 pm until at least 10:00 pm (sorry, had to leave, as I have to get up at 5 am for my flight tomorrow morning).  Hugely successful show!

Not to spoil it for everyone else, I’m sending my “Camilla” pottery pics to her for the “official blog”.

i miss the times when going online meant i actually had people to talk to. people to brainstorm fic with. people to chat with while writing fic. idek. just. people to talk to when bored. now if i’m online it just makes me feel even more isolated. like, i’m right here and still no one talks to me, and it’s somehow worse than being offline when no one really can talk to me anyway. 

idek. maybe i’m just tired. mehhhh.

//So I’m leaving in a few days for a week-long trip to France, and instead of doing as many drafts as I can on my main before my hiatus starts I wrote this as-yet untitled first chapter of a two-parter from the Scotch and Strychnine AU! It contains vague references to drugging and murder/death, and some less vague mentions of liquor, obviously.

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