isitjuicy asked:

1, 12 and 30 please!

Thank you Mr. Todd! :-)

1. Which National Park would you live in, given the choice? Oooooh, it would have to be Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, I think. To be near the sea would be like suddenly happening upon a bottle of the elixir of life! I know it’s Britain and we’re never that far from the ocean, but for me, it would be fabulous. I love Fishguard, Strumble Head, Porthgain and St. David’s, and the coast has some lovely islands too: Skomer, Skokholm, Ramsay and Caldey. Also lots of prehistoric remains. When can I move in?

Here’s Porthgain :-)


12. If you had to cross the Channel during hurricane force winds would you rather be on a ferry or a plane? Errrrr, a BIG boat with lots of ballast I think. Hmmm, just dig in on board until a safe port is open.

30. Would you rather take the sleeper train to Inverness, the overnight ferry to Santander or a late-night flight to Istanbul? Easy! The sleeper to Inverness. And from there, I’d toss a coin to decide whether to head North, or West. :-) The Western and Northern Isles tug at my thoughts most days, and I can still visit them for holidays when I’m living in the Pembs. National Park!