anonymous said:

Even 30 is way too young. Roy's about 30 and he's just a Colonel. She's had to work her way up without the help of being an alchemist first (which makes you a major automatically). Plus, she's the eldest child of the Armstrong family, even older than Strongine, Amue, and Alex. Alex's probably around 30 since he fought in the Ishvalan war. Then there's her talk with Raven. She's young enough to have babies but old enough to mention her biological time clock is ticking. So around 40 is about right

Olivier is older than Alex, who is at least thirty, aND older than two more sisters. So she’s probably around 37-38 at least.

A lot of these things slipped my mind a while ago, so I do appreciate the reminders

All of this being said, 38-39 seems a reasonable age to me