First Adventure

The Vixens started out at the dock; they met Elaine Irontooth, who was trying to convince Barstomun Strongbeard to take her to the Tower of Waiting. She wanted to search for her girlfriend, who went there to search for treasure and hadn’t come back for five days. Barstomun wouldn’t take her because he’d heard rumors of disappearances and hauntings. The Vixens agreed to help Elaine find her girlfriend; Elaine promised them 100 gp each if her girlfriend was retrieved alive.

The Vixens and Elaine took a rowboat to an island in the middle of the river, where the Tower of Waiting was built and fell to ruin. They discovered a trapdoor, which they went through. They encountered two skeletons and two decrepit skeletons, which they defeated. Afterward, they took a short rest, explored and took healing surges. They discovered crates filled with rotting supplies, barrels of wine and a pack that belonged to someone of noble heritage. It contained unusable, rotted clothing items as well as a jade brooch and pouch of money.

After taking their rest, the Vixens and Elaine listened at the door in the corner and checked for traps. Discovering nothing, they decided to go through the door, and at that point, the session ended.