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I'm just curious, how is it that you might not be able to get an active duty LT slot? Is it because of your MOS? Are they cutting back on officers? I would assume going through ROTC guarantees that, but I don't know so that's why I'm asking.

The Army ROTC accessions process is tricky. The idea is that cadets get to pick their desired duty assignment (active duty, reserve, or national guard), as well as branch (similar to an MOS for enlisted). After being evaluated, you are put into the accessions process (which is basically a big lottery where the ultra competitive shoot for the highly coveted active  duty slots) where you are stacked against every other cadet commissioning that year. 

You can do things to increase your chances if you are borderline of the cutoff for active duty (I estimated I would be around #3000 out of ~5700 cadets commissioning this year) by doing things that add to your contract (8 years base, +3 years for every service obligation you add on).

The absolute worst part of this whole process is that I won’t know anything about my career until November. I’m really hoping for an active duty EOD job, which means I would have to go to ordnance basic officer’s leader school when I commission, followed by the nearly 9 month EOD school, but the pessimist/realist in me realize that is just a pipe dream.

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That’s awesome! If I’m not mistaken, assembly is the next thing close to machine binary, right?

It is. It’s supremely detail oriented. You get to manipulate individual registers and all sorts of things you never ever think about. It kind of makes sense after a while, but it looks like complete rubbish even if you know other languages really well. Ha. It’s interesting, but man, will it get complicated super fast. I mean it took me over 120 lines to add 5 numbers from stdin together and print out the result.

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Thank you for making the tumblr backup! However, I didn't realize that selecting "video" would take a while and might end up with a really large backup archive. So I apologize if my process is using a lot of load on your servers :/

Hey, glad you enjoy it! Don’t worry, selecting video does eat up a few extra (hundred) megabytes but nothing the server can’t handle. The only reason it’s left unchecked by default is that for some reason it slows down the download of everything. The server can do 100mbit/s (I’ve watched it), but right now it’s barely doing 1mbit/s. I still don’t know why…

But, not to worry! They’ll all complete eventually. I wouldn’t offer video archiving if I didn’t want it used :P

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Ah, I'm excited to hear you're going to EDC! I'm glad you'll get to experience it there in London!

Well I’m not going yet, tickets go on sale in 3 hours and 37 minutes :p Unfortunately I’ll be at work so I’m relying on family members to get them for me and not screw it up :p