NSF by day, Sub Boy by night.

Boy was ordered to meet Sir at void deck in his running shorts with his soft smooth soldier penis clearly in sight.

As Boy did not fully exposed his penis in clear sight, he was publicly humiliated and ordered to strip off his running shorts at the HDB stairway under the bright lights so that his smooth ass and smooth boy penis is completely exposed to any passer-bys in the vicinity.

just watched an AMAZING comics documentary on netflix called “Stripped”. i cant reccomend it enough!! 8^)) if you are interested in the evolving art form/industry of comics, def check it out. also if you are a big webcomics fan, prepare to see a LOT of familiar faces! i was slapping my computer screen in excitement every time a comic/artist i knew popped up. also, i heard bill wattersons voice for the first time on this documentary. AAAAA im still calming down from it haha