I was trying for “cute witch” but I think I ended up a bit closer to “schoolgirl”.  It wasn’t badly icy when I wore this outfit, but I figured better safe than sorry.  If I fall down on the ice and there’s no one around to help me, it’s pretty unlikely that I’m getting back up any time soon.

[One image of a young woman (me) with short brown-purple-blue hair that is pulled into low pigtails.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a black vest (there’s just a peek of my white shirt at the collar) that has a blue, purple, and green floral print scarf tied under the collar.  On the bottom, I’m wearing a white-and-blue checked circle skirt.  Under that, I have on green-and-black striped tights and black snowboots.  Over the outfit, I’m wearing a dark green parka.  I also have on silver stud earrings that look like quote marks, and dark green lipstick.  As always, I am wearing my black, rectangular glasses.]