Wearing both of my evilsupplyco buttons today!

Top - Papaya

Bolero - Derek Star (thrifted)

Pants - Vanilla Star (Ross)

Socks - Dollar Tree

Shoes - American Eagle (thrifted)

Necklace - Walmart

Bracelets - gifts from chaos13lives

Earrings - Hobby Lobby (about a zillion years ago)

Lip - Rimmel Red Diva liner as lipstick with CG Lipslicks in Hipster over top

Buttons - Evil Supply Co. for the witch and the raven, all others from Walmart’s Halloween clearance last year (or maybe Target…can’t remember exactly)

OOTD: Stripes and pearls 🎀

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Garnet necklace

There is an actual funny backstory how I got this necklace:

When I was only four years old my father renovated and I helped him out as much as four-year-olds do. My father planned on filling all the gaps between the rooms with silicon. I searched through all the gaps in case there were any lost bits of Lego or alike. In the gap in front of the bathroom I found several bobby pins, thick layers of dust and this necklace. My father never saw it before but assumed it belonged to my mother, but this was not the case. It apparently was a necklace of my great-grandmother and when I turned 10 I was old enough to wear it (without my parents fearing that I might damage it.). It was my favorite necklace ever since because it started off being magic when I was a child.
As a four-years-old child I pretended or hoped that it was a magical necklace and posessed with the spirit of my great-grandmother. It still sparkles like frozen blood today, if you hold it against the sun.