Thank you all, really!! 

This is… actually quite late, haha, but yes, 70+ followers wowie I never thought I’d get this far //huffs gratefully

And since a lot of you came after the Striley picture I decided to celebrate it with some DirkJade because yes good never enough DirkJade yup. ((Based off this post in the DirkJade tag huffhuff

((I’m also going to try and tag my art as much as I can from now on, so the tag I’m using is Miki is an artist * ^*a I’ll be uploading some more art in a little bit but yeah! I hope you darlings have a nice day!! ; 7;)/ !!!!!!!


((thank you for the prompt. i don’t mind being asked for second chapters at all!! i don’t often write multi-chaptered fics but when i do they’re lots of fun. uvu))

chapter 1 // chapter 2

The room was dark, swollen, and brooding like a hazy storm cloud. Karkat basked in it, a smile on his mouth despite the emptiness he felt inside his chest, sitting there like a lump of gravy. He was smiling because he knew that if he didn’t, he would crumble down and sob.

His laptop sent jarring light filtering through the room as he opened it, double clicking the pesterchum icon. Sluggishly, his slender grey fingers tapped the keys. He hadn’t felt hurt when Jade had pushed him away, mumbling apologies as she bolted out the door. He hadn’t felt sad when he saw the angry tears in her eyes, directed both at him and at herself. Only exhaustion overwhelmed him now.

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TG: the queen of canada likes our blog

TG: well shit

TG: we are really moving up in life now harley


GG: oh my! we thank you so very much!!! canada has always seemed like it would be a wonderful place to vacation sometime. eh dave? :)


TG: hell no do you know how cold canada is

TG: i already suffered through the experience of snow for you once harley it would be down right cruel to ask me to do it again


death-rides-a-pale-horse said:

*5 year old DirkJade child, in the doorway of their bedroom* "m-mommy? Daddy? the storms getting really loud and scary. can you come tell me the storm story again? Chase the evil thunder trolls away?"

wait is dave now dirkjade kid im so confused

my mind is full of fuck but.

thats cute yo :O


jade strider is a long suffering wifey lemme tell u a thing.

dirk you cant complain about getting cockblocked by baby dave or whoever that is

you sleep with a fucking smuppet

im pretty much MATHS% sure that is affecting your sex life far more deeply than your son.