My Personal Journey with Sugar

Today I have been invited to share my personal #strikesugar story with all of you on the Eat Clean Diet Facebook Page as well as one of my most famous sugar-free recipes! 

Look out for my full story for how I recovered from my eating disorder and achieved my dream physique 

whilst eating foods that I love in Oxygen Magazine’s Special Issue of Off The Couch on newsstands this month!

Eliminating sugar from my life has been the single most profound choice toward achieving the physique I have always wanted and harmonizing my mind and spirit.

During my battle with anorexia and throughout my years of healing (especially during slip ups) I would succumb to my sugar addiction to fill emotional voids, which hindered and prolonged my healing and recovery.

I heard once, that sugar is the ‘gateway drug’ and that is exactly what it was for me but rather than a gateway leading to other drugs, it was a gateway to further addiction.

When I made the conscious choice to cut sugar completely out of my life, everything changed: I noticed mental clarity, an increased ability to process stress, improved memory, ability to recall dreams, an surge in energy and vitality and a deeply rooted sense of balance, which was screamingly evident in my yoga practice.

The only problem was that my sugar cravings would still persist, especially during times of emotional upheaval or stress. Plus, who wants to live a life avoiding all things sweet and delicious. In our culture and in this society, we celebrate with food

It was the Eat Clean Diet and Tosca’s beautiful recipes that inspired me to take my favourite meals and desserts and recreate them in a clean and healthy way.

The message that I share with my clients on my blog and website is that you do not have to stop enjoying your favourite meals or desserts, just recreate them using the Eat Clean Diet approved sweeteners and ingredients and watch your portions. 

I have created hundreds of delicious clean recipes, which have helped me achieve my lean physique and maintain it without feeling deprived.

One of my go to binge foods was Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches. Wow. I must have eaten enough to feed a small city. The results? Mood-swings, more cravings, fatigue, digestive issues, fat, cellulite and a myriad of other issues. 

Now, when I feel a sweet craving coming on, I identify if there are any emotions behind it or if I am just in the mood for something sweet. If it is just a little taste of something sweet, I opt for one of my favourite teas such as pumpkin chai. Once a week, I enjoy one of my clean treats such as Zain’s Classic Raw Ice Cream Sandwich which is FAR more satisfying that any sugar-laden, processed dessert, plus I know I won’t wake up with a sugar hangover or be weary of mood swings and energy drain.

Thank you Tosca and the Eat Clean Diet for encouraging all of us to #strikesugar thus keeping our immunities strong and our bodies disease-free.

I am so excited to share my story in Oxygen’s special October issue of Off The Couch, and feel free to visit my blog and website for tons of delicious clean recipes, articles and tips on how to get lean and stay there!

Fit tip…
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Workout too early?
Need more protein?
Wanna get away from artificial sweeteners or energy drinks?

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#strikesugar and replace with Squash. It’s the perfect time of year! To use it as a sugar alternative bake it until soft and then scoop the squash flesh out, place in a food processor with cinnamon, nutmeg (for sweet leave spices out for savory) and whip it into a purée. Usually you use a cup of baked squash (or pumpkin) in a recipe. Play with your baking recipes to get the portion right. If you use this you can leave sugar out all together! (Taken with Instagram)