Egyptian women step further in the protests against the Islamic State (IS) posting pictures online pooping and menstruating on the black ISIS flag

Arab nations did not print the photo because the flag states “there is no God but Allah.” Elmahdy did not explain why she took the photo, but she protests Islamic laws, and IS implements strict Sharia Law. Women must wear full veils and not leave the house without a male relative. The jihadists have even forced shopkeepers to fully veil all mannequins. In Raqqa, Syria, an Islamic State stronghold, a crowd stoned two women to death for allegedly committing adultery.

The majority of Muslims do not agree with IS. Several prominent Muslim leaders and scholars have condemned the terrorist group. 

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Cambodian garment workers are demanding a double in their monthly minimum wage to $160 US. The current government is also feeling the heat as the opposition party has supported the strikers. After yesterday’s arrests, police opened fire with live ammunition on strikers blocking a highway south of Phnom Penh.

The local human rights group LICADHO also said in a statement that at least four civilians were shot dead and 21 injured in what it described as “the worst state violence against civilians to hit Cambodia in 15 years….No efforts have been made to prevent death and serious injury.”

Photos from the South China Morning Post.
Reporting from Al-Jazeera.