bro isnt being ironic, he has a 100% serious love of puppets and shitty swords and dumb pointy anime shades. dave assumes its all a big ironic joke hes not in on and plays along, bro thinks they just share interests

if dave ever found out his bro is just a nerd and bro found out dave is just a hipster, itd be heartbreaking on all sides

reblob if u cried

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==> Bro: Ask Jake to fuck your hot butt hard.

What kind of bullshit command is this?

Ask? Ask? In what ass-backwards universe does Bro Strider humble himself to ask the island-dwelling socially stunted jungle child Jake English if he would like the exclusive privilege of defiling his plush rump? In what doomed and desolate timeline does Bro Strider prostrate himself to present the timeless gift of liberating a hopeless nerd of his otherwise eternally consigned V-card?

To ask permission implies a possibility of refusal. Requests come from the feeble lips of irresolute men whose worlds are shaped by factors exclusive of their own effort and wrought iron willpower.

Striders don’t make requests.

Striders make demands.

sometimes i draw things and they come out so far from my normal style that i wonder if somebody snuck in my room while i was in the bathroom and changed my lineart.


this morning i heard some very interesting speculah re: aradiacestor

in brief, is aradiacestor’s training/brainwashing to become “the handmaid”/”the demoness” something exclusive to her? OR, more likely, is that a role that falls onto the shoulders of the ancestor/guardian of the time player in every post-scratch session?


in the kids’ reset universe, will post-scratch!dave be the one experincing scratch’s lovely parenting skills?

i thought it was an interesting theory. anyway, here is a picture of dave bleeding and tied to a chair. wow, that is a…a lot of blood.

what is a background

im drawign dumb shippy fanart. i have become ym own worst enemy

the main reason i like this couple SO MUCH is because i see it as bro pining for jake and knowing that jake isnt gay/will never feel the same way about him and jake is totally oblivious and its heartbreaking and i love that but there is only so much sadstuck i can take before i flip out and have to draw ridiculous ooc fluff i am sORRY


did some quick doodles of predictions of reset mom and bro’s sburb titles. void/heart duo because im p. sure this is fanon by now to match jane and jakes life/hope

thief of void doesnt make much sense syntactically but i feel like ‘thief’ is the only fitting title for her?? maybe sylph. w/e i just wanted to draw her hot bod

heart is a really fitting title for someone who programs an ai well enough that it has (or claims to have) feelings!! ‘prince’ because that outfit was fun to draw (also “dickprince”)

i feel like these ideas would have been handled way better by someone who actually knows how to draw

knight of time more like dumb costume of bad hat hair

the mighty strider family locks can withstand the barrage of months of intense adventuring in the land of heat and clockwork but not thirty seconds under a hood

on a scale of 1 to existential crisis how is dave going to handle it when guardianswap happens and he discovers that bro is just an unironically nerdy kid

TG?: hahaha how do you even like something “ironically”
TG?: thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard
TG?: thats not even what irony means dipshit


ok i know this is anime as shit but bear with me you guys because i absolutely


tiny little robot people

the idea of bros autoresponder being an eight-inch-tall replica of himself is the cutest shit to me and i am sorry

this is about the worst thing ive ever done for this fandom and id like to apologise right now


TG: so at what point in the future am i supposed to look forward to you whipping up this titanic hankerin for my knob
AT: uH,
TG: be honest with me
TG: cause im busy
TG: and i want to know exactly when i got to clear some space in my calendar for when some fuckwit blunders out of a magical phone booth and makes a ballad-inspiring play for my throbbing beef truncheon
TG: no man
TG: look
TG: i just need to know when to be there
TG: when the stars come into alignment and your flux capacitor lets you finally sate your meteoric greed for crotch-dachshund
TG: i wouldnt want to miss it and cause a paradox or something
TG: itd suck if the universe blew up on account of you missing your window of opportunity to help yourself to a pubescent boy’s naked spam porpoise

dave strider is basically the kid i wanted to be growing up. scratch that, he is the kid I WANT to be. his pesterlogs are some of the funniest parts of homestuck, and the fact that, despite his behaviour, he feels kind of insecure, feeling like he can’t live up to his brother, to john - it’s cliche, i guess, but it makes him human, moreso than the other kids i think. oh yeah and also baby dave is basically the cutest fuckin shit ever and makes my heart melt.

i drew this picture at 3 in the morning and the last thing i remember is thinking YEP, THAT’S GOOD. i don’t know what the fuck i was thinking???

(i may or may not completely give up on this challenge less than a week in?? WHO KNOWS)


> Terezi: Examine douthchebag.

The youngster receives striking new eyewear. Quite a handsome set. Perhaps it is customary for this species after emerging from the trials in the brooding caverns?

Or just MAYBE, this is some sort of coolkid you are dealing with here.

It seems the child’s lusus was slain in the collision. He will grow up an orphan, just like you.

This adult alien male appears to be taking on the role of his custodian, instead of killing the boy outright. What a fascinating culture.

The fellow retrieves the lusus carcass. This appears to be a gentleman who knows better than to let good pony meat go to waste.

have i mentioned how much i love baby dave yet? yes? ok.

i also have this weird kind of obsession with brotherhood and older brother figures. not necessarily in a sexual way - there’s just something really fascinating and awesome about brotherly camaraderie. it probably has something to do with the fact that i never had any older siblings and i never had a male friend until i was a teenager so it’s something exotic to me. ~*~this has been your tl;dr dgaf of the day~*~

i think i have settled into this new pseudo-pencils and watercolours style. i still have yet to figure out how hands work.