Ever since the clean up and reboot of our IDE, we have been making great strides in our code. Last week we got our code working in the browser and bringing in the data using oauth. Before this, the oauth was only working in the iOS simulator. We also created a lightbox-like picture display which can be used to view and scroll through tweets and is touch enabled.

After studying twitter Api further we fixed the bug in our loops which generated the diamonds. We finally have a working display of media and non media tweets using the gear image as a placeholder at the moment. His is very exciting for us because it allows us to move forward in our styling and testing and creating our sub pages.

Today we created our dynamic navigation system set up specifically for the iPad. This navigation updates the content using Ajax instead of loading each page individually like we previously had. In the long run this will save us time and size.

Much a-do with Humans. (Luca.)

” How drab.. not a thing jelling.. perhaps I’ll go hunting..”

-Lust / Cel O’tho

-Pestilential fricatives connoting her predilection, Cel went on a tangent, experiencing the oodles of vim the bipeds sacrificed in sequential for Gluttony of the Flesh. For all one knew, Lust was exfiltrationing from marriageable incumbency. To Showrooms, to Alehouses, Bargains and more! Lust was balked, her furrowed fag-end weak-kneed from her boisterous irrigation, her zaftig bust fidgeting with each claudicant striddle. High-heels behaving noisily. Slackly, Lust began to yo-yo her Rapier with negligence all-the-while caroling a stanza in German:- ”Getränke .. Getränke trinken! Mehr mehr mehr! Hah! Hah! Hah!” -Throughout her infantine fanfare, Lust petrified all manner of commoners, let alone nearly decollating them. Quitting cold turkey, Lust turned-tail and slated for the Chateau of Voso Sinclair, her Brother.. though she was stimulated by a pair of achromic ailerons half-buried in snow.- ”Ooh..” -She was agog yet lured, Cel adduced the wings as her own as they revitalized her self-admiration of persuading inexpert men.. and women. Perhaps futurity would bring windfall.-

-Morrow flushed out Cimmerian shade, thus came a state-of-the-art diurnal course, a whiteout congealed any egress, Lust withal was first heedful.. now how would she hightail the Snow? Crack! Crack! Zot but demolition, the hatchway had been pulverized by Lust’s avidity, my poor.. poor House. Rashly frisking, Lust globe-trotted back into London, the fulgent vital of England, circumforaneous the perfidious Albion, River Thames. Even the redolence was grand, my Sister genially wedded the autochthons and visitants.. until a categorical junior became the birthstone of her hale appreciation. An angular cavalier ostensibly extrinsic. He couldn’t be of a former period past early twenties, impromptu and.. indisposed? Though awfully beanstalk.. and suave. Lust fell victim to rosy cheeks, a goulash of infatuation and dither. Spurs and a caudal appendage, though it was doubtless he was a hominal.. feasibly he was a guru which took interest in flaky things. Cel mad-capped, favoring the manful prosopopeia. Thud! Her breviloquent cachet registered against the mortal part of the ”X” fellow. How klutzy.-

”Oof! Hey..!” -Demurred the nescient beau who’s infrastructure was more or less godforsaken.- ”H-H-Hi.. m-my name is.. C-Cel O’tho..” -Was this..blandishment? Indubitably a beggarly whack if so, I felt Lust in that one, who’d have thought the Czar of Primrose Path was so fluently ashamed when a dick came strolling by..?- ”Yeah.. hi, my name is Luca..” -Cel’s bluff of meekness bedraggled.- ”Loo-kah?” -Lust began to giggle-snort as she’d never discovered such a gut-busting  nom de plume.- ”Loo-kah! Hah.. ahaha!” -Replicated only to be chagrined reiteratively.- ”Is.. is my name really that funny to you..?” -Luca kvetched before prehending her frail upper-arm to both patron and scold her.- ”Release me! Do you have any idea who you are touching..?! I am Lust, Cel O’tho! A Queenly figure!” -Wrath flicked her arm from his tenure, though not before she mailed a punitive smack to his arse.- ”S-So.. you’re Lust..? The Mythological being? I- I can’t believe it..” -Scantily fuddled by the smack, Luca hastened for his chronology, amidst it’s testimonies tenant  thingamajigs in relation to the ”Seven Deadly Sins.” Great, he was a weirdo.. why couldn’t it ever be a cumbersome male to whisk Lust off of her feet?! Ah.. a girl can dream.-

”That’s neat and all, Kid, though I don’t c-” -Lust excogiated, a probability for on the cuff lovemaking.. tantalizing.- ”Nevermind that.. hey, Luca was it? Since you’re so interested in the Seven Deadly Sins, come with me..” -Lust for all intents and purposes shanghaied Luca, in a lively manner she beat a hasty retreat.. back to Voso’s roost.- ”Where are we.. Cel..? This is a gigantic Mansion..” -Luca ambulated into the affray, Bridewell and Wrath were rehashing, Voso and Sloth were otherwhere, Liilm and Lilith salaamed Luca like heirs and assigns though Lust slaved Lucas into her dormitory.. or so was intended before Envy moused her exclusive life.- ”Little Cel has a Boyfriend now..? How cute.. be sure not to kill this one, Sister..” -Catcalled the seething manifestation who was infuriated as she was damned with the reconstruction of the door, ahahaha, bitch.- ”So.. your siblings are the other six Cardinal Sins..? Awesome..” -Flabbergasted was Luca.. sexually underprivileged was Lust, surely one thing would lead to another.- ”And I assume you wish to learn more of Lust.. right? Let me aid you.. Lucas..” -The bona fide seemliness of Aphrodisia published, I felt no sympathy for Luca, I could tell.. deep down in his ruddy eyes that he by stealth wished to fornicate with my Sister. I must say.. mortal cupidity is ill at ease as it is malignant. Bravo, Luca, bravo.-

-It inaugurated with Lust’s malleable brim, champing little-by-little the sensorial thews of his strait, flogging and noshing attended, Luca breezily  self-confessed his hedonism.- ”Perverted little boy..” -Sang-low Lust, her pelvis ebbing and flowing at Luca’s loins. Her predilection peregrinated, a transposition to his note-perfect pectoral tendons, approbation of a kosher man. Leaving behind the notches of her ivories, Lust moved onward, fingertips riffing along his impeccable stomachic muscles, to his Adonis’ Belt with that foolproof ”V” trajectory and.. oh! A newfangled swell tenting in Luca’s breeches. Zzp! The ligament trussing his trousers was cowed, a respectable cock bowled from the trim confines.- ”My my.. you are impressive all around..” -Perorated Lust who’s metacarpus was heretofore full tilt ravishing Luca’s human-prick, though to only feast on Luca’s animus further, Lust disentangled her foundation garment to gasconade her brimful bosom, nipples perpendicular and.. pierced with argentate bijou. Lust did not hesitate to dud his phallus ‘twixt her temperate swells.. like the Devil, Lust drove the Human up the wall, an agendum to beg paramountcy, though what next to come many many-a-man stoop:-

”I like to call this Hunky-Dory Gehenna.. as you’ll see, Luca.”

-Enunciating her believed abstraction, Lust’s labrum imprisoned the arciform head of Luca, Lust grew tight-lipped as his spritz of pre-ejaculation massaged her broad tongue, noteworthy, fit for a king semen. Mutely Lust agreed with herself and retook the activity, perceptibly paving her gullet were bumps and overlaps, much the same as the roof of the mouth. Lust invited him deep-seated until her lips kissed his inguen and broadened gonads, cum-stuffed and pleading for au fait manumission.- ”A-A-Ahh!” -Cried Luca as he was wracked with rapture, hips latently bearing aloft to her saliva-laced maw, to ransack the maternity of the intoxication. Lust was an influenza, a contagion of the mind.. leaving her victims.. incomplete. Cel engulfed hard, labium bringing forth an impermeable signet. Now caressing his frenulum was Lust’s latitudinous gustatory cells, reveling in the behindhand twang.. it was great.. no! It was beyond great, Lust could not contain herself in addition, fingering her drooling snatch from handiwork in the fellating exploit. She was.. she was..!- ”Cu-Cumming!” -Luca brought to pass climacteric, lanyards of fair inklings discharging into her stomach. Lust hemmed from the extravagancy though bravely swallowed what was so audaciously given. Lust joylessly did not orgasm b- wait.. what was Luca doing?-

”Eh?!” -Mewled Lust as she was snootily grabbed, Luca was  ASAP to rend her trousseau, he rendered her a whining, horny hodgepodge, her fingers and pussy both convulsing with duress. How lewd. Luca’s cum-dribbling dick was all too-prepared as it riddled into Lust’s drooling fuck hole.- ”Wa-Wait! M-Mmhnn!” -Her remonstration delegated into Seventh Heaven seizures, tongue flopped out of her maw whilst Luca fucked away at her cunt like a feral beast. I’d never seen Sister in such disarray, Luca must’ve been something definite the way Cel represented her true self. Body-slapping, tear-jerking, hair-tugging intercourse, their coitus grew audible, the wet ”slosh” of their crotches swapping sexual-fluids. Her sopping labia pumped Luca like a mechanism, aiming only to provide ample stimulation.. until.. the- ”B-Bitter end!” -Yawped Lust prior to an intemperate ne plus ultra. Incipiently Lust was lax, his cock gliding through her with relative ease.. though as time progressed and the afterglow faded, her cunt molded consummately for Luca’s pleasure, every transaction amplifying the joyride until Cel got what she wanted, Luca’s succeeding zenith. Oh my! How much stamina do you have dearest Luca?!-

”Still hard..? Amazing.. for a Human..”

-‘Till Hell freezes over a battle between Lust and Luca carried on, a run-in for unabridged Dominance! Cel by hook or crook grappled Luca onto his back, her cum-filled cunny encircled his cock which crowned her cervix out of gall. Aha! How dare she! Luca grunted, his gruff bass to echo. Lust tensely rode Luca, his testicles constricted against her obese hindmost part, his piggish palms solidified against her plumpish tit-flesh. A patchwork ‘twixt whines and groans, whorishly Lust satiated herself.. and Luca.. oh Luca, his face was different.. contorted into something shameless.-

”Oh.. and Luca? Welcome to England..”


Today after hours of slogging through our code, we managed to get the our oAuth.io working on the IOS Simulator and Device. After a meeting with our mentor yesterday, navigation changes were discussed for testing so we worked on a slide out menu along with a fixed navigation menu. We now have our new slide out navigation and twitter data flow integrated into the one build. 

It is far from being perfect and is not looking how we want but this is a massive step for us! We had our own deadline to have this solved by tomorrow and we’re very pleased to have finally got over this hurdle. We are behind in our build estimations as we have struggled with the complications of oAuth working in the browser/ simulator and device for the past month but feel this is a valuable step in get our app out for testing.

We now need to see how we can have our data stay put in our pages when we move through our menu, it currently requires a login every time we move through the app. Once this is working and styled we will focus on our first bout of testing our build.





Spring Clean for Striddle

Today we got assigned our Mentor for our projects, our tutor will see an overview of our production schedule and offer advice on what we should be doing week to week, a check in on our progress. We are happy about having a point of contact now where we can discuss all aspects of the project. 

We also had our first technical meeting too. We got to discuss issues in our code and show what we have been working with. A few set backs have arisen… our development environment needs an overhaul which we are currently re-working. We have been working in dreamweaver and now we have been advised to move to Netbeans and we can debug on its console.We still have all the code we’ve been working on we just need to format in a development friendly way.

We have set tasks that we are aiming to accomplish this week, hopefully getting ourselves back on track to where we want to be. We have our plan and schedule set up in Trello and Google docs. We also felt it was time to upgrade our Lynda.com account to the premium version, we now have access to exercise files which hopefully will be very beneficial for us.

Onwards and Upwards!