Canadian university costs to rise 13 per cent over 4 years: report

Students will need deeper pockets to study at Canadian universities over the next four years with annual fees projected to rise 13 per cent on average to $7,755, having almost tripled over the past 20 years, according to a new report released Wednesday.

Students in Ontario can expect to shell out $9,483 on average in tuition and other compulsory fees in 2017-18. Fees in the province have nearly quadrupled over the last two decades, said the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The high cost of getting a degree is an “enormous financial stress” for students and their families, said Erika Shaker, director of the left-leaning think-tank’s education project.

"All the evidence both in Canada and the U.S. does indicate that financial stressers on students are even more pronounced than stressing about academic performance," she said.

But if high-school graduates don’t like the idea of subsisting on a diet of Kraft Dinner and ramen noodles, they may want to head to Newfoundland and Labrador, which is getting top marks for its low fees that are projected to reach $2,888 in 2017-18. They’ve increased by 35 per cent over two decades.

Provincial funding for universities is inadequate, the report said. Universities are seeing it decline as a share of their operating revenue, while tuition fees are going up.

Several provinces are trying to “mitigate the optics” of ever-higher tuition fees with such policies as capping increases to the cost of living, it said.

Ontario offers to refund up to $1,780 in tuition fees to students. But it doesn’t directly reduce tuition and doesn’t apply to all undergrads, such as part-time students, the report noted.

Funding gap puts more costs on students

The funding gap is driving universities to download more costs on students by charging additional compulsory fees on top of tuition that are subject to few, if any, restrictions, the report said. Those fees — such as athletic fees and student association fees — amounted to $817 on average last year, with Alberta having the highest and Newfoundland the lowest.

"Universities are having to get a little bit more creative about how they’re increasing their revenues and taking them out of students," said Shaker.

"What we are seeing are some institutions actually implement new fees entirely: fees to graduate, for example, or facilities fees."

It makes it very difficult for students to predict how much they’ll have to pay in the coming year, said Jessica McCormick, national chairwoman of the Canadian Federation of Students.

"It also means that it’s difficult for students to save up to cover the cost of tuition fees," she said.

"Students are working throughout the summer and during the year, in either part-time or sometimes full-time jobs, and they are still required to take out loans to be able to cover all of those costs."

Shaker said government efforts to clamp down on tuition hikes don’t seem to be working.

'Vastly different' tuition by province

The average fee is blowing through the caps because there are a number of programs that don’t have to observe them.

Students are also expected to pay “vastly different” tuition based on where they live and where they want to study, which undermines the universality of post-secondary education, she said.

Some provinces — such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan and Ontario — have two-tier fee structure, providing more financial breaks to in-province students than those from outside the province, she said.

However, Newfoundland’s approach to making university education affordable seems to be working, said Shaker. It has one of the lowest tuition fees in the country, having rolled it back by 25 per cent a decade ago and capped them. The province is even slated to eliminate the provincial portion of student loans and replace them with needs-based grants by 2015.

It realized long ago that investing in post-secondary education would help combat poverty, which benefits the province, she said. Others need to realize that there are “enormous returns” to having affordable post-secondary education.

"The public investment in post-secondary education is sadly declining … the individual contribution is increasing," Shaker said.

"That’s a significant concern for families who are already dealing with stagnant incomes, who are already dealing with high levels of household debt."

My turn...

My turn…

After all of this time, it’s my turn.

I have my first appointment with Juli’s psychologist for my own evaluation tomorrow. I’m actually excited. It’s now my turn to get some answers.

Answers as to what I have been feeling. Answers as to what my learning disability is. Answers as to how strong my ADD is.

Answers as to what is going on with me…

I have been having a lot of trouble lately with…

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just my thoughts in a less complex form then in my head
  • i really do feel alone.. i have friends, family, and an amazing girlfriend but..idk i think i need to accomplish one of my bigger goals to feel better, so i don’t seem so worthless. 
  • you don’t know me as well as you think not to notice what makes me mad, considering you keep doing it. it only sucks cause if i did something about it i would be the bad guy?? c’mon seriously i don’t need that

Went to Evelyn and Sean’s house warming last night. Over all it was really fun, I missed Travis pretty bad because seeing everyone that knew him before they knew me made it hit me harder that he is over in the middle east. Had one of the most awkward wives I have ever had the displeasure of meeting crash the party. She was Evelyn’s “neighbor,” when in reality the house was up the street and nearly 6 addresses over. Yes, a neighbor but not right next to her like the way she portayed to those at the party.

At first it was like, oh great, well I’m glad her neighbors are really friendly then low and behold this girl started getting incredibly inappropriate, I asked a few questions regarding who she is, her background, her husband, if she had any children etc. She was from Colorado, 20, has a husband who’s MOS is supply, has a 9 month old child, and they are all up the street in the house because her husband “doesn’t drink.” She was flirting and touchy with every single guy at the party, and each time she wouldn’t receive the attention (I’m sure she normally gets by doing this) she would hop and move on to the next guy.

It even went as far as her walking up to one of our friends Nuwassa, who’s married, and Marci (the wife) was at the party and said, “Who are the single guys at this party?” (tells her to chill the hell out) and then she says, “Well, hey I don’t want you to take this the wrong way or anything but you are a really attractive black man. I just thought I would let you know.” Then she was eyeing Sean and wouldn’t leave this poor guy named Jordan alone. And Jordan is such a great guy. He’s married to a girl in Florida, and supported her move back to Florida to finish up her schooling while he does his duty out on CP. This girl was throwing herself at this poor guy and he every single time would move away or be completely non-responsive even with the extreme amount of alcohol he had consumed. It was so refreshing to see that.

I was afraid of drama escalating at the party, it was eventual that one wife was going to snap on this girl so I played buddy buddy and was like “We should totally kick it later down the road what’s your address again?” She tells me, I look at Marci and tell her “Problem is soon to be solved I shall return!” And run off. I was like bounding between cars it was fucking hilarious, on top of that I was in Trav’s flannel camo pajamas HAHAHA! I get to the house, ring the doorbell, and it goes from there.

That poor guy. He was seriously such a nice guy and I can’t believe he has to deal with that girl. He said that, “There has been trouble in paradise for awhile now. I have heard rumors, just never was able to hear it during her inappropriate actions. I haven’t been able to see it first hand either.” I told him that it is all one sided and that the guys at the party have been very considerate about her marital status and haven’t been condoning or encouraging any of her actions. He was very respectful, and appreciative of that information. He even shook my hand! We devised a plan for me to return to the party and him to come over in 5-10 minutes so it’s not obvious that I got him to come over. And sure enough when he did get there she was all over Jordan again and Jordan was trying his hardest not to embarrass her but trying to get her to back off when they were playing beer pong. 

Steve introduced himself to everyone at the party and as far as the whole “Oh he doesn’t drink that’s why he isn’t here right now” is concerned, complete bullshit because he kicked back a couple of beers. He was able to observe her behavior without her being aware of his presence and I can say one thing with 100% no doubt he was NOT happy with how she was acting. Everything was done perfectly, when he finally started to walk towards her the look on her face was “OH SHIT I JUST GOT CAUGHT” she was trying to act all lovey dovey and we could all tell she was scared shitless of how long he had been there. After about 10 more minutes he whisked her away, problem solved. Too funny, Marci, Evelyn, Sean, Don, and Jordan were like holy fuck you’re like 007 Aisha over here hahaha

The only thing I didn’t like to much about that night is the fact that Evelyn and Marci bombarded me on the stairs. We were all laughing about the wife situation and talking about Military/Law Enforcement/CIA/FBI stuff and Evelyn smacked my forearm where the bruising is at and I yelped which made her pull up my shirt and see the bruising and scratches. She knew Travis was really difficult the night of Kelsey’s party but the bruising set her off. She was not happy, and I have to admit I don’t feel safe at time when I’m around him. Especially when he drinks. This time away will definitely give me time to reflect on things that need to change, and the steps to that change, or I will have to walk away. I hate that, and it hurts. Because I do love him. So much, but when problems are addressed it can’t be fixed for a few days to a few weeks and then go right back to old things. I have never wanted to hit Evelyn so badly in my life with some of the things she was saying. I was shaking so hard and she definitely exercised my power of self control.

Anyway, the whole theory of “The more I drink the more cups I sink” still stands. I was kicking royal ass at beer pong. It was so much fun. There was Grey Goose, Crown, Kraken, and this liquor called Kinky. We played mixed drink/liquor pong and I kicked off the drinking session with a big ass can of OE, which made the guys look at me like are you fucking serious!? I hope to God I can go to parties like that at least a couple times a month. Over all it was a blast. Evelyn fell asleep around 1:30, Rheil, Don, and Jordan stayed up till around 5:45 and we were bullshitting and watching some crazy ass old 90’s movies and sipping on some shit and eating pizza roles. I wish he could have gone, it was definitely a nice time. We went and got McDonald’s in the morning, then Evelyn and I passed the hell out after we stuffed our faces. I’m about to start studying again, and hopefully make a big enough dent to secure the fact that I’m not to far behind even though I really am.

I’ve been able to talk to Travis through Voxer at least. I’m so grateful for that because I’ve been a ball of nerves every time I think about him being over there. I already sent off a letter and the care package should be coming his way relatively soon as well. The one thing I have to admit that really bothers me and bothers me even more because he knows it bothers me, is the fact that he openly posts his address on his wall and I have girls I’ve never met before telling him they will send a package to him or girls I have met and do not like. Like Chyanne for instance. I’m being selfish probably but I think it should be the family, his guy friends, and the wife sending packages that’s about it. Shannon is the only exception to that rule because she basically is family even though I have had my wtf moments with her. He knows it bothers me, we have been over this on the last deployment. I just don’t want to cause more stress on him by re-stating it to him. I swear sometimes he just does thing purposely that bother me to get a reaction out of me. 

As far as health concerns go, got some pretty bad joint pains after 2 am this morning didn’t go away till I noticed they were gone waking up around 10. I think the tumor is growing back in my breast. And my back is still giving me issues along with my knee. OoO la la!!!!

I was at school Thursday and somebody brought in four kittens. It was a great day that day, everybody was soooooo excited to have animals there! I tell you all, animals are de-stressers. Schools should have a rule to actually let students BRING pets in the school.

btw ladies i went to the doctor about the excessive bleeding and irregular periods and just straight out was like ‘doctors have told me since i was 14 to just go on the pill but this time i want you to actually find out what’s wrong’ and the doctor was awesome! she referred me to get a blood test (which is gonna test for diabetes and shit too yay) and ultra sound. my blood pressure was really high but what ya gonna do… i’m a stresser

team-fieryspirit said:

Sen lived long enough to become the villain (ineedareasontofearthiscutie)

If you asked anyone who knew the venusaur ten years ago they would have said she had been one of the friendlier and genuinely nice people you could have met. Sure, maybe she had been an idealist and a little naive about the world and how cruel it could be but she was a good kid. A really sweet bulbasaur and all of that had been true, ten years ago that is.

Now she was abnormally large and terrifyingly strong. Venusaur’s were known to be bulky but at this point nobody was sure if there was even away to take down the multi ton force of nature the grass type had become. Her final evolution had been premature with a violently traumatic event acting as the stresser. Nobody was really sure about the details but they really didn’t matter when there was a giant unstoppable venusaur making her way across the the continent and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. The only thing to do was was evacuate any settlements in her path and hope to stay ahead of her rampage.

In the beginning the guilds and guards and other faction of the world put together attack squads, armies if you would, of fire and ice types, flyers and psychics, all types that would stop any other grass/poison pokemon in their tracks, but nothing could take this behemoth down. Any damage sustained would disappear in a wash of light and Sen would rage on, mowing down those who stood in her way. There was no reason or direction to her destructive tendencies, she would demolish everything in her path before disappearing back into the fog.

Then it became a game of chance. Where would she appear next nobody but the most experienced Future Sighter’s could tell and then one could only pray that the sun would not be shining on that day.


Sen used Frenzy Plant!