reasons not to start a conversation with me: i’m the worst

i feel sometimes like i’m not allowed to talk about/vent about having to look after my grandmother here

you know asians are not naturally smarter. we don’t naturally get better grades or naturally become doctors, lawyers, investment bankers. what we do have are toxic parents who think negative reinforcement is the way to go in life, who never feel satisfied with results and continue to raise expectations, who feels the need to tear you down at every turn because it’s their preferred method of motivation.

so if anyone prefers this particular lifestyle, please let me know so we can trade places.

hypermod said:

why dont you just change your updating cycle?

Because I’m a stubborn old mule who is too set in their ways. 

Plus if I slowed down my schedule, AKS would take that much longer to reach the end of the story. 

Aaand I like the fast-paced nature for this specific story. I don’t think it would work quite as well if I slowed it down- people would forget what happens between updates and it would be harder to do a story based so heavily on user input if people aren’t paying attention.

So nope, I’m sticking to my thirce-a-week unless something forces me to do otherwise! 

All this talk about Scottish independence is getting me really riled up bc if I was Scottish I’d vote yes bc I really get why you’d want to but I’m not so kinda need Scotland to stay with us so we can eventually get rid of the scumbag tories. Really do not like the sound of having a right wing government for pretty much forever. I’m just pissed off with the way this country is being run in general and it’s worrying to think about its/our future at this point.

anonymous said:

Because of you I've been super into Cage the Elephant lately and I wanted to know your top 5 songs or artists at the moment? xx

Omfg I love questions about music. Ok I’m gonna give you some of my favourite songs from 5 of my favourite artist’s atm

Basic Instinct - The Acid

The Suburbs, Deep Blue, and Neighbourhood #1 - Arcade Fire

Ingenue - Atoms for Peace (thanks dan)

Artisont’s Lullabye - Hozier

Drain the Blood, Don’t Haunt This Place - The Rural Alberta Advantage

ok that’s already more than 5 songs, but i’m gonna suggest twenty one pilots, milky chances, the brobecks and radiohead for more amazing artists

Mixing up 'affirmation' and 'negation'


Why Is It So Cold In Here? // ft. Harley

"No, seriously," Ely chuckled, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion, "It’s like the ass crack of Santa in here, how are you still alive?" Ely cuddled closer to Harley, throwing a blanket on them both, making sure it’s tucked neatly under their feet, and leaning back to the comfy couch,  he kissed the top of his friend’s head, "You okay? Do you need another blanket?" he asked, smiling down at Harley who resembled a koala, cuddling into him like he was a tree, "Because I think I do." he joked, enjoying the warmth of the coffee and Harley’s body clinging to his.