“When has been the most difficult time in your life up until now?”
“When I was in my last year of high school I got rid of my phone. I must have been strange at that time. I wasn’t suffering from depression by I was depressed. I got rid of my phone, I didn’t watch TV, and I cut myself off from all media and forms of communication. I didn’t meet my friends either. I just slept at school and went straight home. I didn’t care about anything, and after a few months my friends screamed at me to come out. So, I got a new phone, hung out with my friends. and finally started to think about university. However, once the time came I realized I didn’t have anything prepared and got really stressed as the rejection letters came one by one.”
“Why did you start feeling depressed in the first place?”
“If I think about it…there was nothing I wanted to do. I think I was always tormented by the vague thoughts about my uncertain future. Now I have things I want to do, so I’m okay.”

“지금까지 살면서 언제 가장 힘들었나요?”
“고3때 핸드폰을 없앴어요. 제가 그때는 이상했었나 봐요. 우울증까지는 아닌데 우울했었어요. 핸드폰도 없애고 티비도 안보고 모든 미디어와 소통을 다 단절했어요. 친구들이랑도 안 놀고 학교에서도 잠만 자고 바로 집에 왔었어요. 아무 상관 없이 그렇게 몇 달을 있는데 친구들이 나오라고 난리쳤어요. 그래서 다시 핸드폰 만들고 활동하게 됐고 겨우 대학도 생각하고 그랬어요. 그런데 막상 대학을 가려니 저는 아무 준비도 안 되어 있고 대학도 하나씩 하나씩 떨어지니까 그런 것들이 스트레스가 크게 왔어요.” 
"그때 우울증이 왜 생겼었던 거 같나요?"
“생각해보면…하고 싶은 게 없어서 였던 거 같아요. 불확실한 미래에 대한 막연한 생각들이 절 괴롭혔던 것 같아요. 지금은 하고싶은 게 생겨서 좋아요.”

I want my blog to make you all happy. I want to you to scroll through your dash and see a post of mine or something I reblogged and laugh. I want my blog to brighten your day. I want all of you to feel a sense of relief from stress and feel as though you can tell or ask me anything and I won’t judge you. Make my blog your happy place and don’t ever feel like a bother telling me or asking me anything. I love to talk and answer questions. 

In the aftermath, Pentecost took a moment just to breathe. He wasn’t feeling up to this. Truth was, he wasn’t feeling up to much of anything. But the kaiju weren’t interested in how he was feeling. The human race wasn’t interested in how he was feeling. He had a job to do, a sworn duty to perform. He would rest when they nailed his coffin lid, and not before.

Page 165 of the Pacific Rim novelization

Stacker Pentecost deals with the aftermath of Mako almost destroying the Shatterdome with Gipsy Danger’s cannon