27th August 2014

York St Laurence this morning. A very nice eight that need moving to Suffolk. Good method to Middleton’s variation with a good mix of music spread throughout the composition. On to Strenshall. Another cracking ring and another good peal rung. Many thanks Barrie and nice to ring a peal with Andrew at last.


Yorkshire Association

York, North Yorkshire

St. Lawrence

Wednesday 27 August 2014 in 2h 36m (7-3-24 in A)

5056 Mashonoland Surprise Major

Composed: Johnson’s Variation

1   Emma L. Coles

2   Andrew R. Aspland

3   Janine H. Jones

4   C. Barrie Dove (c)

5   Colin Aked

6   George M. Salter

7   Colin F. Salter

8   David G. Salter

Yorkshire Association

Strensall, North Yorkshire

St. Mary the Virgin

Wednesday 27 August 2014 in 2h 17m (3-3-20 in D)

5040 Surprise Minor

Seven Methods, One extent each of : Ipswich, Stamford, Bourne, Wells, Westminster, Primrose, Norwich.

1   C. Barrie Dove (c)

2   George M. Salter

3   Colin Aked

4   Colin f. Salter

5   David G. Salter

6   Andrew R. Aspland

4 — 100th different tower for a peal.