Divinity Personified - I am The Creator and All that is True

A person once joined me on my bench in the park. The stranger asked me why I was never seen playing with my friends in the park like all the other kids.

"Don’t you get lonely?", asked the foreign being.

“I keep myself entertained. You don’t know how many people live up here”, I answered, pointing to my head.

I could see the stranger’s inner demon and angel battling perched on his shoulders. To strangle the kid or not to strangle it? He’s just a child. Just another irritating frustrating little pest.

The stranger’s inner monologue tremendously amused me. As a child, my view was unobstructed and untainted. It was truly hilarious how the so called elders underestimated the strength of the mind which equated to higher than that of a paint brush or pen for their creation was limited to the flimsy page. Age only diminished one’s intelligence. Knowledge dragging the brain away from The Truth.

With admirable patience and a forced smile the foreigner replied “Yes honey, but those aren’t real. They don’t really exist in this world. They’re simply figments of your imagination.”

“You see the mind… it’s a portal to an alternate parallel world. In their world, my ignorant clueless toys believe they’re real as well. My dreams form their memories. We live where reality is relative. If you never woke up, what separates dream from reality?” I paused to let this sink in.

“Don’t you ever wonder? You might be a figment of someone’s imagination too. Frightening, isn’t it? Thinking you might not be real. Here one minute…banished in another. Simply because you’re no longer thought of. It’s really just that easy. The second the mind believes you’re dead, you’re just gone.”

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, the stranger walked away with a mere role of his eyes.

The stranger probably doesn’t even remember me anymore and if so, maybe it was you. Well then, I hope you know you didn’t exist until this moment and neither did this conversation. I only made the effort of wishing for you and look just how wonderfully you came true. Enough even to fool yourself of your own existence…you all shall truly continue to regale me till the end of my eternity.

- God

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