Day 006 - ‘DWYCK’ by Gangstarr. “Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is”. I love this line. The wonderful man (Kallon) sitting across from me at breakfast this morning is the one who introduced it to me a few months ago. We were discussing Mike Chronic’s ‘Deez Nuts’ Portraits, a series of comic strips from Charlie Brown that place hiphop quotes in the speaking bubbles. He talked about how important this line was to hiphop even though it seems juvenile.

Rap Genius states it best:
"Possibly the most enigmatic line in the history of Hip Hop.

Guru calls into question the visceral nature of the human condition. If something was “popular” at one point in history, who is to say that at any one given point it becomes unpopular?

Guru wants to prevent his listeners from quantifying themselves down to likes and dislikes. We are a complex people and to treat ourselves as otherwise is to ignore essential truths. As simply as it can be put: maintain an open mind and ‘do you’ for the benefit it for the youth. Ya dig?

Maybe the cat was just thirsty…”