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*bo was crossing the street to a place called 'Oh Deer Dinner' to find something he needed to do something, but as he walked though the doors, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, but couldn't tell what it was*

“Something feels wrong… something feels very wrong…” *He mumbled to himself as he stepped into the place.*

Tarot is one of the best bands happening in Australia right now. They released three EPs in 2014, and this CD collects all of them with two new tracks: ‘The Warrior’s Spell’ and ‘Street Lamps Calling’. Prime heavy psych traipses into haunting soft psych folk passages anchored in darkness by ominous organ drone, and launches into the glory and triumph of guitar overdose. Another quality release on Tasmania’s Heavy Chains.

Order here.

I just started working at this skateboard/ street wear brand shop called Zumiez! Even though the job is demanding I love my managers, they really like when I sell things, & encourage me to be a better employee. On the plus side I get to interact with customers at my job, & do demanding work while still having fun

Law Review publishes entire issue dedicated to Breaking Bad (WSJ)
The chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin is the star of the current issue of the New Mexico Law Review, which published a special edition dedicated to Breaking Bad. The law review features eight articles related to the acclaimed AMC drama: