Drawing the line: I took this picture on the Q-train approaching Beverly Road about three weeks ago. It’s been a long peregrination. No doubt, I will keep working but I’m putting an end to this phase of time and project, that I’ve called Dear New Yorker. This picture is one of a couple new frames from my last batch of film processed by an endearing friend, mentor and artist Chuck Kelton. I’ve begun editing for a maquette for my first physical book in the works! Keep you posted- UP & UP  >   J  M  L

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“I’m not originally from Minnesota, I moved up here from Missouri. What helped me move up here was my mother felt like she could see me grow somewhere else, so she sent me up here to live with relatives. And every now and then I go back to Missouri to visit my friends and stuff, and they’re just all still in the same place…I’ve come a long way to where I am now, and honestly, if I were to remain static or comfortable in life, I would’ve never got here…I work for Wells Fargo as a Treasury Manager…I came up here in August of ’13, and I was working at Walmart as my first job.”

“So you feel like a change of scenery helped you?”

“Yes, and not just a change of scenery, but an entire change of mindset as well.”

“What do you think is different about your mindset now that you’re here?”

“Well, I’m away from negative influences, that’s for one…”