Synthetic marijuana sending dozens to ERs in NJ

(APP) What’s being sold as synthetic marijuana has sent about 30 people to emergency rooms around New Jersey, including one person in Monmouth County, health authorities said.

The New Jersey Poison Information and Education System has issued an alert to warn people about the dangerous, man-made drug and anything going by the street names “spice” or “K2.”

Dr. Steven Marcus, the executive director and medical director of the poison information system, said the reactions have puzzled medical professionals because they have included both extreme agitation and the extreme opposite — coma.

Talking about the name of the street upon which I lived in France:

Me: So, in France, my street name was “La Rue de la-”

Student (interrupts): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! la rue, as in THE STREET! I thought you meant like, you know … your “street name” … I just thought, wow, I guess Abby was living like: the THUG LIFE in France!

Me (finally gets the mix-up) - *laughs uncontrollably*

Edward Hardwicke and Jeremy Brett (photo by Jim Knusch) Encounter with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by Jim Knusch In August of 1991 my girlfriend and travel companion, and I, were traveling abroad. Our itinerary for this particular trip was first a week in and around London, then on to a few other European locales. As a favor to some friends who were publishing a magazine named Scarlet Street, I agreed to get a few interviews. First up–the very afternoon of the day we arrived in London–were Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson themselves. Jeremy Brett…

(I thought some of you Granada Holmes marathoners would like a link to this 1991 interview- interesting stuff)