How To Properly Do A Wear Test On Your New Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Featuring: JenkemMag

Jenkemmag shows the hypebeast that sneakers are only sneakers and meant for wearing. After Jenkem saw that the Yeezy 350 Boost was one of the most sought after releases of the weekend and after seeing how one pair of shoes basically broke the internet they went out and copped a pair and completely destroyed them. According to Jenkemmag they made this just for the hypebeast they said: 

“…And to make Hypebeasts who are putting them in gold cases feel just a little bit more stupid. So do all of us a favor and send this on to your friend that cares just a little too much about his “dope sneaker collection.”

Click the play button below to watch the full destruction of some of your grails. (HYPEBEAST DISCRETION IS ADVISED)

Sources: Jenkemmag / LastSuspect


Best Nike And Adidas Sneakers Worn At The Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

Here we bring you some fresh sneakers that are currently being worn at the Paris Fashion week, ranging from Nike to Adidas as well as high end kicks (not shown above). In the first picture we see again one of the best sneakers from Adidas that is yet to drop in my opinion, that white upper with that crazy snake skin pattern and that icy/translucent/white sole are straight fire and honestly can’t wait to see them hit the shelves. 

Images Via: Highsnobiety

Finding Your Own Style

Every man has his own unique tastes and style. In today’s day and age, we are bombarded with so many marketing messages telling us what to wear and how to be “cool,” but ultimately it comes down to finding something that fits your personality and makes you feel comfortable and confident. This is how you find your own style.

The first thing to understand is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to style. What works for someone else may not work well for you. We think there are several basic questions you should ask yourself when it comes to finding your own style.

What’s Appropriate for Your Environment?

Where you live and how you live your life should have an effect on how you pick a style that suits your lifestyle.

Let’s say you live in the Midwest where the summers are mild and the winters are freezing. Whether you’re dressing professional for your job or casual for a night out, the climate may dictate some choices. In the summers, your outfits may consist of lighter fabrics and comfortable cuts. In the winters, you’ll want to layer up with thicker fabrics and outfits that will make you look good while staying nice and warm.

Perhaps you live in the South or on the East Coast, where the summers are extra muggy; you’ll want to dress accordingly. Ideally, you want to strike the right balance between something that looks fashionable and fits your personality with something that will be comfortable and breathable when the heat and humidity are at their worst.

Whether you live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, the balmy Florida Coast or the dry Southwest, each environment can help dictate what kind of clothing you need to wear for comfort. Then, you’ll want to find styles, colors, patterns and fabrics within those options that best fit your personality and provide that extra bit of flair.

Of course, style extends beyond just your clothing. How you furnish your home and work space should be a natural extension of your personality. There is an endless array of modern men’s products to consider as ways to enhance your overall style choices.

How Can You Enhance Your Best Physical Characteristics? 

Men come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. You are a one-of-a-kind combination of your physical attributes, and though there are some things you can control (your weight or even your tan), you have to work with the features you were born with. Ultimately, there are certain colors, patterns and combinations that will complement your particular characteristics.

Someone who is really tall and lean may want clothes that don’t make him look overly lanky. He may opt for an outfit that adds a little thickness to his body to downplay his height and enhance his girth. Heavy fabrics, horizontal lines, bold patterns and contrasting colors may provide the right fit, feel and outward appearance.

On the other hand, take someone who is short and a bit overweight. He will want to appear a little taller and better proportioned while highlighting his best physical features. Darker colors, vertical lines and cuts that unify his body vertically may mask his imperfections while providing a more comfortable fit.

When you find clothing that highlights your best traits and masks some things you are more self-conscious about, it’s amazing what kind of confidence you can exude. Having a style that suits you will help you feel good about yourself and allow others to see you looking your best.

What Are You Looking to Achieve with Your Style Choices?

Above all else, you have to look within yourself and determine what you want to accomplish when searching for your perfect style. How do you want others to perceive you? How do you want to feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? 

Intelligent? Creative? Fun? Professional?

How you dress obviously can impact these feelings and perceptions, and thankfully there is an endless array of items to enhance your style—clothing, shoes, accessories, colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from and find what feels right for you. If you are seriously concerned about what others think, bring your friends along with you when you shop to provide their feedback and opinions. Sometimes what you see when you look in the mirror isn’t how they see you. 

Ultimately, you can wear whatever you want and whenever you want to wear it. That’s the great thing about style. It’s up to you and there is no perfect science to finding a personal style that suits you. This article outlines a few general rules of thumb that can be applied, but in the end, you need to find something that makes you feel good and hopefully look good, as well.