I’d like to personally blame Netflix for having a lot of the shows I did not want to watch but clicked on and watched anyways and sold my soul in doing so.

And for having the other shows that Netflix didn’t.

And Tumblr for planting the shows into my subconscious and making my mind tell me to watch them

You all can go fuck yourselves. 

Thank you. 


You guys are going to love this one.


This site consists of a compilation of only Putlocker streaming links. They have a lot of shows, new ones & old ones.

They fix broken links (not right away, but they do).

It’s divided into shows and they are listed by season, so it’s a masterpost of sorts.


It’s not super fast. It takes like 15-20 minutes for a link to be posted for a new episode after it ends on TV so if you want it yesterday, it’s not gonna happen.

brickylonne asked:

Hi ! I don't know when you post it but I saw your post tagged "streamallthis" and I need to ask you (i'm nooot panicking !!) if its working for you ? They changed the format of the video or something . I can't watch my shoooows ( i'm panicking a lot !) I don't know if you still use it if its work for you ?

Hi! Yeah, I still use it, just can’t use Opera for some reason so I play it mostly on Firefox now.