stray dog


Okay, so this baby girl showed up at my friends house and hung around for a while, so we put some food and water out for her but she wouldn’t eat unless it was from my hand. I could tell she was a stray because she has matted and dirty fur, and she was wandering around in the freezing cold and drizzle. I sat out there for 45 min just petting her and trying to warm her, and she’s so sweet and gentle! She would keep trying to lick my face and hands as I was snuggling her and she would wag her tail whenever I would talk to her. I’m trying to get my mom to let me keep her, at least until we can find a home for her, but it’s not looking good. I know it’s not likely but if you live in the central Texas area, this sweet girl could really use a good home or foster home if I can’t convince my mom to let her stay for a while. It’s supposed to be really cold this week and I’m really worried about her so if you could signal boost this, that would be great! She’s sweet as can be and other than needing a bath and a hair cut to get rid of the matts, she’s healthy and a beautiful little lady!


here’s my first short ‘Stray Dog’ on vimeo cos vimeo is real nice. enjoy