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Why should cats be kept indoors? Isn’t it better for them to run around if you have the space for it?

Cats do not belong outdoors (unless they are supervised and/or kept on a leash). They are non-native species with a VERY negative impact on native wildlife ecosystems. Keeping domestic cats outdoors is wrong, not only they can act as vectors of diseases for both animals and humans but they are more prone to accidents and exposed to deadly illnesses from other stray cats. Their life span is usually shorter than those kept indoors.
Take stray/feral cats, for example, they lead a very short (1-3 years) and bleak life. They are plagued with parasitism, viral diseases, bacterial infections; most of them are chronically malnourished, they get hit by cars, suffer attacks by dogs and other animals, and many of them suffer from the incomprehensible cruelty of humans, I’ve seen stray cats that have been shot, poisoned, caught and tortured, or set on fire simply because they roamed on people’s gardens and yards. What kind of owner would be so irresponsible to let this happen to their cat? Indoor cats can live a long (12-17 years) and happy life, without the devastating effects on Wildlife.:)

(Haha, terrible picture, Azeraphale was the only cat willing to be photographed, and he was behind a fence)

Here’s your feel good post of the day. I live in a small town. If you live in a city, you’re probably nodding and saying ‘ah, yes, so 50,000 people’. No. Not that at all. I don’t think you even know what ‘small’ means. We don’t have more than three restaurants at any time of the year. We don’t have a movie theater. We don’t have an animal shelter.

Anyway, it’s a small town with lots of cats. Why? I don’t know. It just does. And I feed them. The community takes care of them. Even if they don’t like humans enough to be adopted, people set out cans of cat food for them. Some even give me food to give them, if they don’t do it themselves. Some of the cats live in an out-of-use basement (the owner doesn’t mind). They all have names, though some of us disagree on what those names are (His name is Luft, not Bandit, I will fight you).

In a way, they’re not strays at all. They’re community cats. And even if not all the town likes them- some people just aren’t cat people- we all know they mean something.

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