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How to Lose Weight – 5 Key Strategies to Start Losing Weight Today!

Here are five strategies you can start using today to promote long term weight loss:

1. Don’t cut calories too low – Drastic calorie restriction can slow your metabolism.

2. Eat a well balanced breakfast everyday.

3. Strength train to build muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

4. Eat regular meals and snacks – Do not go more than 3-4 hours between meals/snacks.

5. Include healthy fats in moderation to promote a feeling of fullness.

See more at: http://www.lisanelsonrd.com/how-to-lose-weight-5-key-strategies-to-start-losing-weight-today/#sthash.38gIhbPI.dpuf

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Momma, how can I motivate myself to do work?

Click! Click! Nessa here! 

Motivating yourself to work can be tough, but Nessa knows of some ways to get yourself to do whatever must be done~ 

First try replacing words in your thought from “should, could’ve, etc.” to “Will” Go from phrases like “I should have done my biology homework” to ” I will do my biology homework”

Then try to stick to that thought!! Get up, find your work. Even if you do just that, that’s great progress!

Next sit yourself down, and plan out your time for work, do work for 20 minutes, and take 5 minute breaks in between the periods of work. Every third break should be 20 minutes. That way, you can regain focus, and remember what you worked on better.

Feel free to reply to this with your own strategies Sea-babies~

Reach out is a fantastic mental health advocacy organisation. You can find them on twitter @ReachOut_AUS and Facebook. Run by the Inspire foundation they are a wealth of information and resources on mental health and well-being, and I definitely recommend checking them out!

Yesterday on twitter I saw THIS POST by ReachOut on tips to help you get through exams. As someone who sets really high expectations for myself, with perfectionistic tenancies (although I’m working on the 80/20 rule with my psychologist) I tend to get really stressed around exam times.

Over the years I’ve learned study techniques that work for me (doing a Masters in Education by research will help with that) and I’ve developed strategies to deal with anxiety and stress.

So here is my ‘summary’ (in cute cartoon form) of ReachOut’s fabulous post.

Day 288 - Psych Tip - Deep Breathing

This is the sort of thing which sounds really lame. When a psychologist tells you to breathe you think, “Seriously? Is this information really worth $185 per damn hour?” But actually this is very useful and very important. You know when you get so wound up about something that you just can’t calm down? You’re actually too stressed to deal with the reason you’re so stressed because your brain and your heart are having a race? You can fix that by breathing. Oh yes.

It’s literally just a matter of taking your breaths very deeply and very slowly. Breathe in deeply through the nose, hold it in for as long as you can, and breathe out slowly through the mouth. This actually takes more concentration than you expect. As a life-long asthmatic I’m always greedy for that next dose of sweet sweet life so it’s hard for me to actually regulate the speed! Breathing is usually such an unconscious activity that making yourself to do it a certain way takes a certain amount of focus. So it takes your mind off the other stuff a little and helps you focus on literally “What am I doing right now?” A few minutes of quiet time.

My favourite feature is that breathing like this physically forces you to relax. The heart and lungs are so closely related that by regulating your breathing you also regulate your heart rate. When you’re super stressed your brain pretty much goes into fight or flight mode. It’s a nifty thing the human brain has just always done, since the early days. Your heart rate increases so that you will have the energy to either battle the sabre-toothed cats or escape them. These days, the physiological response to stress is the same but since the causes of stress are not usually sabre-tooths, that response is not always appropriate. So by practicing deep breathing for a few minutes, you can slow your heart rate down to the point where you can start thinking logically again, and actually address your problems appropriately.

My second favourite thing is that you can (and should) practice deep breathing at any time. Do it for a few minutes before something stressful, like a driving lesson, a test, a meeting or whatever, and you’re giving yourself the benefit of a calm start. Do it throughout the day for a calmness top up at traffic lights, between classes, just for fun. I have found that this really helps me maintain a lower level of stress throughout the day, and less stress means of course less stress-picking!

things i'm trying to do to maintain this week:
  • find motivation in another area of my life (like running) and setting challenges or targets i can meet
  • not doing any work after work/during work to help manage the anxiety - that it’s possible to stop or pause for a moment without everything collapsing/without me collapsing
  • taking time for myself by myself. as of late i’ve found it increasingly difficult to be alone even though i’m naturally introverted 
  • start cooking good home food again and not just things to eat for eatings sake
  • find a way to be intellectually stimulated, realising this life style is not intellectually unsustainable - i’ve begun to research and compile a reading list on a particular area i’ve been meaning to delve deeper into (the architecture of race in cities/race, space and place and it’s constructions in London)
  • stop/resist having meaningless sex with people i don’t want to/people with whom it is just sex
  • let the dark thing do what it needs to do
  • refrain from alcohol or large consumption of it 
  • give myself the room to dream/think of what next in a way that takes courage and risk, but is a feasible plan
  • sleep, dance, celebrate myself even though i’m finding it impossible to feel anything (joy or sadness or anything on that spectrum, although i felt and experienced anger yesterday)
  • read, read, read
  • and write when i can. 

Strategies For Regaining Political Relevance In Nigeria

Journalists may be your worst nightmare but their weapons aimed and fashioned against you will not prosper if the reading citizens are on your side, and are aware that all you have experienced since leaving office are the handiwork of your enemies from the other region, religion or ethnic group. So, come to the social media, which is now the beer parlour of all reading citizens, and face your predators. Yes, create Facebook and Twitter accounts and befriend them, all of them, trolls both northern and southern, Muslim and Christian, patronising and belligerent, sound and silly, young and old…


Luckygirl and her minions

Ang dami ko talaga tawa sa luckygirl na to hahaha!

Anyway I wont elaborate much basta for me may Celebrity Worship Syndrome sya. tska ang goal niya lang sa buhay ay maiangat si Janine sa limelight. and kever naman tlaga siya kay Elmo. (if youd notice her tweets)

so if you’re plan is really to suspend her accnt don’t tweet it and ask your followers instead magtext brigade kayo and magset kau ng date kng san sabay2x kayo mag report spam or block sa kanya. In that way she wouldnt know kng sino2x ang nagbrigada pra ipabagsak sya. Hahahaha

But really, she wouldnt be pestering you if you just ignore her. instead focus on JuliElmoes’ talents purihin cla sa acting nila or sa individual achievements nila. make fanarts or FFs if you miss them. Stop bickering with lucky girl or point out Janine’s flaws and what nots. REMEMBER WE NEED TO BE MATURE IF THEY CANT. hayaan niyo sya o sila maipush ang gsto nila. Ang maasar TALO.

Tska Hello?! Hindi niyo ba naiisip na kaya ganyan.siya nakikisawsaw o kaya ginagamit nila pics ni Julie as DP because they are insecure sa atin. JuliElmoes is a force they want to become kaya nila hinahatak tayo pababa.

So instead on wasting time sa pagkikipagbangayan sa kanya at ang mga minions niya, do productive things, attend workshops or summer classes, go outing, meet and greet with other faneys and do somw garage sale or whatever. at least dun may kabuluhan pa ang buhay niyo at hndi kayo matulad kay Luckygirl na may CWS.

yun lang!

Day 194 - Shameless Self Publicity

I wanted to talk more about this the other day but it’s awkward being glued to a computer screen on Christmas Day with family wanting your full attention. I finished my Comprehensive Guide to Conquering Picking last week and just want to give it a bit of a publicity boost. This is the only bit of self-indulgent spam I’ll post, I promise!

So, this Comprehensive Guide is what I’ve produced from six months of researching and resisting dermatillomania. It’s a massive list of tricks, resources, and good habits which have helped others (including myself) to reduce their picking, even if only for a short time. Just by writing it I was reminded of some obvious strategies, and introduced to some more outlandish ideas I’d never have thought of myself, and there’s no way I was going to keep it all to myself!

Every day someone hears the word “dermatillomania” for the first time and reaches out for advice. Hopefully, by spreading around a guide of this kind it will not only help the derma veterans devise a battle plan but also give newcomers hope that things can get better.

I’ll stop spruiking now, only to say that I’m happy to receive any comments or critiques, and especially any other anti-derma ideas I can include in a second edition!

Performance Anxiety

I’m still only in high school but I’m a horrible test taker. I can do fine on quizzes and all the other homework but tests I do not do well on. I really want to get to go to medical school but I’m afraid my bad scores on standardized testing are not going to allow me to even get accepted. Help! Ps. Keep up the awesome blog

Thanks! We hope the blog is helpful for all aspiring docs—it’s a long road and no one should have to go it alone. 

Seems like to me if you are doing fine on the quizzes and homework and are understanding the material well, maybe you have psyched yourself out when it comes to taking tests. It’s a fairly common thing (I had a friend in middle school who was absolutely brilliant. He could do calculus when the rest of us in 7th grade were learning algebra I, but he just couldn’t take tests well) and I think it’s something you can overcome. First you have to identify what the problem is. Do tests make you super nervous and scatter-brained? Do you feel anxious? Are you unable to focus? Or do you just second guess yourself a lot? 

If it’s the first two, then maybe you have a form of test anxiety, and there are many resources (working with a counselor, learning mindfulness and meditation techniques, etc.) you can use to circumvent that fight-or-flight response and find a sense of calm while test-taking. An inability to focus can stem from many things (anxiety, chronic stress, lack of sleep, etc.) but for some it’s a legitimate biological disorder with no known external causes and should be addressed with your doctor. If you find yourself second-guessing yourself often, then it’s most likely a matter of self-confidence and learning how to trust yourself. Speaking from my own experiences with low self-esteem, the best way to remedy this in an academic context would be practice. I can’t even count how many practice MCATs I took, and I made sure to take them in a setting that simulated how my actual test day would go (woke up at 7am, sat at the kitchen table, put my dad’s noise-cancelling gun-range headphones on and set timers for each section etc.) Take practice exams until you feel comfortable with the material and take as many as you can. After awhile, you get a feel for how the tests are written and become more comfortable with phrasing, and you start to feel more secure about things because you’ve got your test day routine down. I truly believe you can “learn” most standardized tests, given enough time and resources. Since you are still in high school, you could look into test preparation programs (many schools hold mini-programs for free and some offer scholarships or grants to help defer the costs). Some of my friends went to summer camps for the SAT and ACT. It wasn’t something that was financially feasible for my family, but if I could have afforded it, I would have taken advantage of it. They seemed to have benefited from it, but I find that test-prep program results depend strongly on the quality of the program and the learning-style of the individual participating in it. If anything though, I doubt it would hurt and often in these programs they teach you test-taking strategies, which may help you feel more confident when taking these standardized exams. You can also find many of these strategies online and in test prep books, which are a lot cheaper than the tutored courses. It really just depends on how you learn best.

The good news is that you have several years before you even have to worry about picking up a MCAT prep book, and in the meantime, you can work on improving your test-taking abilities and test-taking confidence. Keep in mind that you are more than a score and that the MCAT only serves as one component of your application. I would like to leave you with the wise words of a MCAT tutor YouTube video I once saw: “Stop being terrified of the MCAT. The MCAT exists to HELP you. You’ve survived those classes. You’ve done all the legwork, and now it’s simply time to prove it. The MCAT is the only way medical schools have to objectively quantify your knowledge because all colleges have different class and grading standards. Think of your MCAT score as an enhancement to your application, especially if you’re not coming from a prestigious undergraduate college.” So there you have it. Make standardized tests your friend and make them work for you. 

Good luck and best wishes!

By: Love-madness-hope-infinite-joy

Day 293 - Picking Safely

Every now and then I try and throw a new string of keywords at Google and see if I can learn something about dermatillomania I don’t already know. Sometimes it works, although less and less lately as I’ve become a real derma-nerd over the last year or so. Just now I found a really nifty thing I thought I should share: Guidelines on the Safe and Hygienic Practice of Skin Penetration.

This was published a few years ago by the South Australian Department of Health. It seems my countrymen are on the case! Now, this pamphlet is mostly aimed towards professionals like tattoo artists and cosmetic therapists, and mostly towards preventing cross-contamination between clients. But I’ve had a quick read and there are a lot of very important points that dermatillomaniacs should keep in mind, particularly to do with basic hygiene and preventing infection. In particular, the section on Risk Minimisation was an important reminder of the vulnerability of exposed wounds.

Here’s the thing: if you continue to pick, there are still things you can do to minimise the damage or potential damage that you cause. Dermatillomania sucks, but picking while keeping your skin, your tools, and your environment clean is LOADS healthier than picking with dirty, jagged fingernails, or a single sewing pin which is never sterilised and is left on a dusty windowsill for days at a time, not washing your skin after picking or protecting the wounds with disinfectants or bandaids. Yeah, it sounds gross when it’s all written out like that, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what I did for years at a time, and I bet it all sounds pretty familiar to a lot of you guys too. I wonder if I had practiced cleaner picking habits perhaps I wouldn’t have had so many little infected follicles, so many wounds, and so many scars.

Please pick safely, guys. Take care of yourselves.