GORUCK Game Changer: Cinch Strap and MOLLE Adapter System

Recently GORUCK released a whole bunch of new products and packages of their products. The one that really stood out for me was the Cinch Strap and Molle Adapter System. With the GORUCK line it seems a common problem people come across is a solid solution to attaching items (especially larger ones) to the PALS webbing.

Carabiners are a typical solution, but due to their shape they either are routed to one point and therefore have quite a bit of movement or are wrapped across two rows of the webbing, which then restricts their use somewhat. Neither of these solutions is necessarily bad, and I’m sure a number of people will continue to use carabiners or similar products/solutions. But this new product presents a simple, robust and almost literally bombproof solution which reflects the nature of GORUCK packs.

The two MOLLE Adaptors create a line of vertical webbing which, together with the cinching straps create an easy way to tie down stacks of bricks, sleeping mats and a whole host of other items. At $15 (£8.91) for the set this is an inexpensive way to add a whole lot more functionality to the GORUCK packs.

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