worm&wound Watch Straps

Getting the most out of your favorite watch can be as simple as fitting it with a new strap. Aftermarket straps can really breathe new life into a watch, easily changing its style to match the occasion or adding extra comfort for your wrist. The watch fanatics at worm&wound are introducing new Olive, Russet, and Chestnut colorways to their watch strap collection. All straps are made in America from premium Horween leather and add an extra touch of premium, handcrafted style to any timepiece.

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No matter how often we’re snapping pictures with our camera phones, we’ll never fall out of love with capturing beautiful photography using a professional camera. This sequin camera strap we created with Olympus is a total snap, and makes capturing your art an even more stylish endeavor. Jump in on this easy embellishment and get inspired to go out and make magic! 

To create: Measure the length of your camera strap. For a two-color design (we used a teal and gunmetal), measure out half of the camera strap length for each sequin trim, then cut with scissors. Apply fabric glue to the surface of the strap then carefully place the sequin trim. P.S.- to keep the edges clean, tuck in a 1/4” of the trim at the ends. Repeat until the entire strap is embellished.