A hasty sketch of various Strange Tree characters doing headstands. From top left: Arthur the kitty (not TECHNICALLY a Tree, but at least part of the company’s extended family); the Slippery Giraffe; the Mysterious Elephant; Robert the Robot; the Reverend with his banjo in the trunk (from Elephant); Cora Crippen post-dismemberment; the Narrator; the three Crippens in an inverted Triple Head-Stack; King Phycus; the Snack Jerk; Jennifer Derbyshire; the ghost of Cristoff; Kevin the Whale; Alvin (?) (but if this isn’t the Tumbler I don’t know who it is); Otto Crippen; the Hot Dog; Gloucester (from Phycus); the Pirate Ladies.

I have no idea why it was imperative to draw them all standing on their heads.

This weekend I finished the poster for the upcoming Strange Tree’s staging of The Dead Prince. Since I don’t have time what with having a day job now to screen print posters, and the Trees don’t have a budget to afford to get someone else to print them, we’re doing commercial 4-color printing this time. Which afforded me the opportunity to at least use a lot more colors than I would for a screen printed version.

Anyway, watercolors! Also I actually attempted to make the characters look like the actors playing them. I’m a pretty crap portraitist, but I came sort of close, sort of.