I’m going to go into the special STPEC office that I have the key for and lock myself inside and do work.  Things I have to do to motivate myself to get shit done, aka locking myself into a room halfway across campus.

Check out these 1-credit STPEC offerings!
  • STPEC 291R: Activist Brown-Bag Lunch Series, 1-credit, Pass/Fail, #51023
    Attend talks by local activists and explore opportunities for activism in the Valley, all while eating your lunch!
    A student-organized course, STPEC 291R will meet select Wednesdays, 11:15am-1:15pm. We will have 4 talks by local activists discussing labor, anti-war, homelessness, mass incarceration, LGBT rights, and more — with lots of time for questions and answers.
    We will also meet two other Wednesdays to discuss the talks and a few short readings. A modest final paper will be required.
  • STPEC 291Q: Science for the People, April 11-13, 1-credit, Pass/Fail, #51022
    Students will participate in a weekend conference to be held at UMass April 11-13, 2014. The conference will examine the history of the science-activist
    organization Science for the People and its relevance issues we face today, including climate change, GMOs, the militarization of scientific research, and the scientific construction of race and gender. In addition to attending all conference activities on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning, students will contribute to on-line discussions on Moodle.
Rather than being neutral, all knowledge is socially constructed, value-laden, and biased and reflects and serves the interest of the culture that produced it, in this case the dominant culture.
—  Theoretical Frameworks for Understanding Women’s Lives